>Lovely Day

>Taken on Thursday

Taken Just Now 2pm April 10, 2010

It was rainy yesterday, and got really chilly last night. Finally had to close the windows and turn the heat on for about ten minutes to take the chill off before I went to bed. Gray this morning, but the sun came out and it is beautiful out now, but only 52 and windy. I’m a bit tired today, so just playing on here pretty much. Nothing exciting.

Got my phone and internet set up yesterday with Verizon. Easy and quick. I reran the speed tests, and Verizon is much slower than Comcast in all aspects, upload, download, and lag, but it’s so far not really noticeable in regular surfing. I haven’t tried watching a movie on Netflix yet, so that will be interesting.

>Two Things

>One: I seem to have lost my friend Jukka, and I don’t know why. This makes me sad.

Two: I lost my internet connection several days ago. After trying everything I ever heard of to fix it, I got on the phone with Comcast and a nice tech tried to help with no success. Decided to do a clean install………oooo, scary, right? Not! It was very easy, much more so than I had been led to believe by what I read. Anyway, didn’t help. Back on the phone next day with Comcast where a lovely tech named Hugo worked with me for several hours. It developed that it was not a Comcast problem but man is Hugo ever a geek so he keep on trying to figure out the problem. We tried everything, but after we figured out a driver was missing (where did it go, people? I ask you.) we tried every driver on the disc and none were correct. By then, I was telling Hugo for the third time that he really needed to get back to his job. He did not want to quit, but I insisted. I love Hugo. Yes, yes I do. Anyway, he had pointed me in the right direction and I finally found the file on the Dell site after much messing about on there. So I am back with a ‘new’ computer, and have been re-installing my security software, winamp, vlc, and my fav Firefox extensions. I am one happy lady.

>It Works!

>Things are so much easier when someone shows you how to do them. *smile* Thanks. I picked this first song for you, new friend. It’s from Winter Sonata, a Korean program. I used to get the Asian channel and this show was on it. Loved it. Bought the DVD set. It has subtitles, I don’t speak Korean. I barely speak English some days.


Yes, I am one. I got up at 8am. Yay, me. I was going to get myself together enough to go downstairs and get the mail I haven’t gotten since sometime last week. Instead, I made coffee and fired up the old pc. Checked out some blogs, decided to try to add the youtube side thingies that are on the Moonlit blog, tried and tried and could not succeed. Gave up. Decided to put labels on my blog posts. Just finished. Still in pajamas, still haven’t had any food, still haven’t gotten the mail. It’s like I’m glued to the computer. LOLOL Oh, well. I have fun and meet new people and see and read so many things I would never even know about without my little desktop. Today I’m googling Finland. Life is good. But if my new friend (I hope) from the Moonlit blog reads this, maybe he can tell me how to add those sidebar widgets. *smile*

>Random Thoughts

>I don’t. So I am having random thoughts about finding a baseball bat and doing some damage to the ole pc. Well, maybe not, but why doesn’t the darn thing just work like it’s supposed to?

The latest update screwed things up. After the reboot, after everything loaded and worked for about a minute…….total freeze-up. Hard shutdown, rinse, repeat. Many times. Safe mode? HAH! Useless to me. Finally got it to do a system restore and no more freeze-ups, even after it updated and rebooted again. BUT, don’t you just love But? I cannnot download anything, and while IE and Safari load, they will not connect to anything. (One more reason I love, love, love my Firefox. It works just fine.) I just keep getting errors. Googled, Windows-Helped, did everything I can think of. It can’t even do a diagnostic. I get an error message…”We’re sorry. Something is not working and we won’t fix it or even tell you what it is so YOU can fix it.’-” Helpful, Bill. Really helpful.

Okay, now that I’ve randomly pissed myself off again, I think I’ll go read some Torchwood fan fiction. That I CAN do.

>It’s feeling very autumnish. My favorite season. I am better today. Yesterday I was very, very tired and fell asleep on the couch in the afternoon. But my new homemaker came yesterday, and she is fantastic. I really like her and she does a very good job of cleaning.

Last night I had an ‘I need my tech person’ call from my friend Tess. She inadvertently downloaded a baaad fake Windows Defender look alike and it sort of high-jacked her pc. Couldn’t really help over the phone, so over to her house for awhile trying to fix it. She has AOL. NEVER use AOL. That is the true pc hijacker. It would not allow us to do anything. It just kept on popping up and getting in the way. What a nuisance that program is. Anyway, finally had her just shut it all down, disconnect from the modem and unplug. She is busy today and tomorrow, but Friday we will try to use the fix we found when we googled back here at my house. The moral is….never click on a popup unless you are absolutely positive you know what it is. It looked like Defender and she thought it was an update, so ran it. Oops.

I also am going to try using gmail to import her aol mail so she can then delete it forever…..AOL, not her mail. *grin*. I really enjoy fiddling with things on the pc and trying to fix, make it work, whatever. I like to download new things to try, too.

Did not sleep well because in spite of two ibuprofen, my legs hurt all night. Just a little fibro update here, folks.

>Almost Gone

I almost moved my blog, since I am having such issues with Blogger, but it seems to work okay in the Safari for Windows browser. Several things in Firefox have ceased to function, like editing this blog in any way or replying to comments. Animated radar on weather sites, too. Why? The little man who lives in the computer decided against having things work. It’s kind of like this:

“Yesterday it worked.

Today it is not working.

Windows is like that.”

So is Blogger.

The Haiku is from here: http://www.rickyseabra.com/windows_haiku.html

>My Quiet Day

>Having a quiet day reading blogs and cooking Oven Stew, which I figured out I haven’t made in about fifteen years. Time does fly, whether you’re having fun or not. I did go out today, to the post office and across the street for wine and cash. Yes, they sell cash at Tedeschi’s. No they don’t. But they do have an ATM.

Another great Galactica last night. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t followed this show. It is not only dark and intense, it is topical. Lots of comparisons to the world we have been living in for the past eight years. But Felix. Is he angry because of being put off from seeing the doctor, or is that just a last straw due to what happened in the webisodes? What if you didn’t see the webisodes? What if you didn’t know there were webisodes? Is that fair? I love a show that makes you think, though. How would you react in these or those circumstances? Why didn’t we do something about

UPDATE: I WAS having a quiet day, and then my computer went haywire. Lots of those beeps that never tell you why they are beeping or what to do about it, so hard shutdown and unplug were the order of the day. Working fine now, but this blog is a little screwed up. I was typing the first section when the beeps went off, so do I know what the problem was/is? Well, of course not. Will try to fix it, though. I am a good fixer. My point above, before I was so rudely cut off, was why didn’t we do something about what was going on during the last admin? Why did we let them get away with torture? Kara seemed to really enjoy torturing Leoben in Galactica. Why did we allow them to take away our freedoms in the name of fear? Are we really a nation of sheep, as a famous book once posited? Maybe we are. It’s a shame, really.

MORE UPDATE: I fixed it. Yay, me.


>It’s not too cold to snow, apparently, since we had quite a bit. Trees and power lines are coated. Very pretty.

I’m still mulling over Friday’s Battlestar Galactica. So many happenings that were completely unexpected. This show is so intense and well-written and riveting, I hate that there are only nine more episodes. I am onto the third disc of the first season from Netflix, so I get to see it all over again. Lovely.

I’ve gone through my recipe box and made a list of things I’d like to cook while I’m still well enough to do it. I planned an entire meals’ menu for next week, which would serve four, but I’ll be eating it for awhile. Or maybe freeze some of it. The lasagna I froze a few weeks ago is great. Pop it out of the container into a bowl, put a saucer on top, and nuke it for a few minutes. Dinner is served. There are still three servings in the freezer.

I’m still sleeping odd hours, but not really caring, since I don’t have any activities for awhile that require me to be up and presentable by a certain hour. Very relaxing not to feel pressured. Finding lots to read on the web, and since I like reading, I’m enjoying myself. There is so much info about so many things. Things I would never even know existed without my computer. I don’t feel isolated at all. Kind of nice. That’s it for now.


>Gertrude is sleeping in her chair and making strangely peculiar noises. Not exactly snoring, but sort of. Hard to explain. I need to get a picture of her in that chair, since she has given up her box and blanket and claimed the chair as her own.

I went outside again today, briefly. Again with the briefly. But I got some fresh air, even if I didn’t walk anywhere. It’s icy out. Going to get really, really cold in the next day or so, too. Standing outside the front door on the sidewalk is about all I can hope for.

Part of the computer is frozen AGAIN, so I will have to do a hard shutdown later. Most of what I need is working, though, so I can still use it. I am enjoying all this alone time. I go to bed when I’m tired, and get up when I get up. 3pm today. Every night I seem to stay up later. I like night. No one bothers me. Not that anyone bothers me during the day either, but the possibility is there.

Got another book to read when I do go to bed. Fiction, this time. I like to read. Yes, I do. I am happy to be feeling pretty well lately, too. Happy is good. So say we all. GALACTICA starts Friday. Wooo Hooo!

>Success on Day One

>Well, I did it. I went out. Twice! Snow is coming in very soon, so I kind of had to go to the post office again to pick up a package the mailman didn’t deliver yesterday. My ibuprofen had not kicked in yet and walking was very painful and swervy. LOL Brought the package home, rested and stretched a bit, then back out. I ordered a book from the library this morning, so I wanted to walk up and get it while the sidewalks are still negotiable. So I did. Stopped across the street on the way back for a bottle of wine and some English Muffins, then home. The picture is pretty much what I looked like on the way back from the library. Only I do NOT carry a purse. Ever. Well, almost never. If it doesn’t fit in my pockets, it doesn’t go out with me. I was very tired and still in pain, though not as bad as earlier. But I did it. I went out—–twice. I am proud of me. Tomorrow I will probably be hobbling around here holding onto walls, but today….I went out twice. This is big for me, ever since I had that really bad year a while back. I got really de-conditioned and now I have to try and re-condition me. Let’s hope.

Been finding some really good recipes on other blogs and on Tastespotting. Too bad I don’t cook much. Some of the recipes are even healthy. I keep finding more blogs on all sorts of subjects. I should add them to my blog roll here, I guess. At least they are something to read when I don’t have a book. I learn a lot, find a lot of interesting and/or helpful information, and some good ideas for the pc, or for life in general. I do wish I could write as well as some (most) of the bloggers I read, and had things to say that were even half as interesting.

Whatever the failings of computers, and the web, and the internet, it is a connection to a world most of us would never have even been aware of. People from all over the world blog. Any subject you can imagine has a site somewhere. You can find anything and everything to buy, you can even sell your own stuff. I love my computer. It is my window on the world.

>It’s Happened

>Hi. My name is Jean, and I’m a webaholic. It’s true. Since there’s no good way of getting out of the house lately, and there is so very, very little that is watchable on the telly, I have been spending more time each day on my little desktop. I am now at the point where I turn it on when I get up, eat my meals in front of it, and stay up way later than normal because I can’t convince myself to turn it off. I’ve read all my books several times each, and there’s not a lot else going on. So here I am. Now, where’s the coffee and donuts?


>I’m not making any. Getting through life one day at a time is working quite well. So no, “I’m doing this next year”, or “I’m changing this”. I’m just being. In the snow. Well, the snow is outside, and I am inside, but it’s snowing and I love snow. When I say it’s snowing, I mean it is coming down like gangbusters. Like this:

only moreso.

I am having issues with my modem the past few days. Whenever the phone rings, the modem glitches and I start losing my phone and internet connections. Tv still works fine, however, which is only to be expected, since there’s nothing on tv I want to watch. I have to keep rebooting the modem with a pin. “There’s always something” Gilda Radner.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year, and that 2009 is the best year ever until 2010 and beyond, all of which will be even better. It’s snowing.

>A flare! A flare!

>And a bad one, at that. Started last night and I spent the whole night awake and in pain, and then most of the day trying to sleep through it. A bit better now, but it was pretty bad for awhile. I’m wondering if stopping the Zanaflex is what brought it on. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary recently.

Tonight I watched Ugly Betty, Grey’s, and LOST. Is tv getting stupider, or is it just me? I love Torchwood, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Gallactica, but almost everything else seems more like just noise. Silly, dragging-on-forever plots that I just want to be OVER. I need some good books. Time to check out the library on-line again. I love that I can order books from all over Massachusetts, and then just pick them up at the local library, which is right up the street from me. Any body have any good books to recommend?

I’ve been having fun with Firefox lately. Downloaded some more extensions, and a gooGreen theme, which is just white with some leaves on the right. There are a couple of nice extensions I just got that are really lovely. One is Scribefire, which is a blogging extension so you can easily blog without having to go to your blog first. The other is Scrapbook, where you can save web pages to read later, without losing them in the bookmarks folder. I really like this, along with Evernote, which allows you to save bits and pieces of any page with one click.

I couldn’t enjoy my computer without Firefox, I don’t think. If for any reason I am forced to use IE for something, I am lost without my extensions. Top/bottom of page arrows, shortcuts, right-click enhancements. I do love my Firefox.

>January 31st

> Something strange happened to my computer last night. I went to look for a picture, and they were mostly gone. Vanished. Nowhere to be found. Then it froze up and I couldn’t get past the ‘Your Active Desktop just committed Hari Kari’ page, even after restarting a few times. Shut her down, then this am when I fired her up she worked. But pictures still missing. So reinstalled backups, but didn’t have my latest pics backed up yet. Oh, well.

Then this afternoon my friend Tess and I were playing games and one of THEM was missing. Just gone. What’s that about? I loooove technology. HA!

>Opera and Gremlins

>I downloaded Opera 9, since the McAfee Site Advisor update has an annoying glitch. But I can’t post to this blog from Opera. Why? Because the little computer gremlin doesn’t want me to, that’s why. He lives in the computer, and decides which things will/will not work, and when. Totally arbitrarily. What works today, doesn’t tomorrow. What didn’t work an hour ago now works fine. He is a capricious little devil, my gremlin. Maybe his name is Simon, too.