Well, well, well

I am having an amazing day. I have actually moved (small) furniture, among other things. ????? It’s mostly true that I cannot do things most of the time, but sometimes I think I just don’t care enough to push myself when I’m not having a really good day. Those days when I maybe could, but eh! Who cares? you know. Just need a reason to push myself to do things and I usually don’t. Someone was coming today, and I didn’t want it to be the cluttered mess it was, so I did stuff to at least make it look more like someone lives here who cares. If you know what I mean.

We are getting mostly rain, but found this on Tumblr, and it made me laugh. Laughing is always a good thing.

canadian police chase from a change your tires ad

Random Thoughts And All

Went to dermatologist, don’t have skin cancer after all. Yay. Nurse Practitioner was mistaken, I am happy to say.

racismI am very, very troubled by the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson. I listened to the statement last night, and I was struck by the fact that twelve shots were fired into a boy who had stolen cigarillos. Some of those were fired while he was bent over and far away from the shooter. This isn’t worth further examination? Is this not excessive force? I think if Michael Brown was white, things would have gone very differently. This is America, after all, where we only pretend to not be racist.

EVILThe other thing that really bothers me is Google. I love Google. I use a lot of their products. I have, use, and love their Nexus 7. But they seem to have abandoned their motto of ‘Do No Evil’. I just read yesterday that they have had a game on Google Play for some time that allows the player to kill naked gay men who are ‘attacking’ the player. Seriously, Google? If that’s not evil, tell me what is? This is appalling.

Then there’s the immigration thing. The reaction disturbs me, but is not really unexpected. What can you do? Not much, apparently, about any of it. Too bad.

On a better note, it’s going to snow tomorrow. I like snow. And rain. Not like Buffalo, but reasonable amounts of either. I kept thinking, upon seeing the pictures from Buffalo, ‘aren’t those roofs going to collapse?’, and some did. Dig out your car first? NO! Clean off your roof, people. Use your brains. It was pretty, though.

Update: From the National Bar Association re Ferguson Grand Jury decision:


What A Day!

Brain fog so bad I not only didn’t put the grocery check in the purse for my homemaker, I forgot to write the check in the first place.  Luckily she had enough cash to pay for the groceries.  She was going to the drugstore as well, hence the cash.  My friend Tess and I went to the drugstore this afternoon instead.  LOL  Lovely, cold and breezy day.  Good to get out.  Am having the worst allergy day in ages and ages.  Going out didn’t help.  Allergy season is forever, it seems.  Thank you climate change. 

Edit: Stupid video didn’t work, so I removed it. Sorry about that.

What ho?

Had a couple of good, getting-things-done days, then a couple of ow, ow, ow pain days. Better this afternoon. Actually cooked dinner. Pork chop with cider sauce. Oh, so easy. Baked sweet potato, applesauce. Yum. No green veg. Oh, well. Didn’t go with the color scheme.

>FinlandCame across an article about Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (disorder, human variation, whatever), which I didn’t know was a thing but is what I have. There are articles about how to correct it, all of which things I have done and none of which worked, so I am going to give one of the things one more try, and if it doesn’t work yet again, I am just going to relax and accept that I sleep from 4am to 10am or so. Get over it, world. I already have most people trained to the fact that I am NOT a morning person, so don’t try to make an appointment for me then, or call me, either. It’s myself I need to work on. I always feel guilty for getting up so late, and it’s worse now that it gets dark so early. I could live in Finland, next door to my friend, and get about as much daylight as I’m getting here now.

Some people think this is a disorder, and some think it’s just a variation of regular human circadian rhythms. Someone suggested we start our own town, with business hours starting at ten am. Sounds good to me, and we would have to also outlaw Daylight Saving Time, which I hate, hate, hate.

People are so different individually, and yet we are all of us expected to conform to some ‘norm’ in whatever behaviour is in question. If we learn differently that the ‘norm’ we have ADD and must be drugged for it. If we love people of our own gender, we are ‘deviant’ and must be punished and ostracized and even killed for it. If we learn better by doing it rather than reading about it, that causes its own problems. We are forced to ‘fit in’ by some nameless majority who get to set the rules for all of us, not just themselves and those like them. Screw that! Take your rules and your written-in-stones and… okay, I won’t say what they can do with them. I am a family friendly blogger (I think).

My youngest daughter, who is quite brilliant /we all are, actually. ;)/ had a terrible time with school. She used to say that they wanted her to just sit still for long periods of time, and she needed to move. They wanted her to do hours of dull and very mind-numbingly boring homework, when she knew the subjects and didn’t need the rote learning and whatever else was forced on her. I wished I was rich enough to send her to Montessori, but that was waaay beyond our budget. I wish I was a smarter parent and understood what the issues were and had the wherewithal to do something about them, instead of just going with the current mindset promoted by the schools. She suffered a lot because of me as well as because of the schools.

I would bet that most ‘troublemakers’ in school have similar issues. Either sitting for long periods is impossible, or they are very smart and get bored to death. When I was in school in Colorado, lo these many years ago before the dinosaurs, I was given extra work when I was done before everyone else. I could read faster than anyone in class, so was given extra books to read. Once we moved to Massachusetts, it seemed my kids only got the ‘you have to do things this way or else’ type of education. If you don’t learn that way, if you don’t work that way, you don’t fit in and are punished for it. I really hope we wake up some day to the wealth of resources and brilliance that are there in people who do not just ‘fit in’.

We were supposed to have high winds tonight, as well as the rain we’ve been getting, but so far there doesn’t seem to be any wind at all. I love weather. It’s so unpredictable, in spite of all the technology. Too much predictability is just boring, which is why living in New England is so great. There are even sayings about it. If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute. I like that one, because it is so true. Even though I am not ‘from’ here originally, I definitely belong in New England. It’s a good thing.

I am waiting with great trepidation to find out what the outcome is in Ferguson. They police are armed and ready to put down a revolt by the revolutionaries who are trying to take over the country….I mean by the people who are angry and protesting the lack of any kind of punishment for murder-by-police. Who are exercising their constitutional right to protest, but are being treated as terrorists. It really does make me ashamed of my country, and disgusted by those in power locally. Give small-minded people a little power, and they lose all perspective. It’s just wrong, and I have no idea what to do about it, which just leaves me feeling helpless. Guess I’m done here, readers.

The Sun

rayswhen you need it. This video is mesmerizing. The Sun

I am not very communicative lately. Dealing with constant pain is very wearing. I managed to get out briefly yesterday with a friend, though. It was a gorgeous day that took three extra-strength Excedrins and two cups of coffee to get outside to enjoy. My fingers hurt. Bah! Also, humbug!

Send me cheery stuff, people. I need some cheer. Please. My email is in the upper right. 🙂


vote02I didn’t vote. Yes, I am a horrible human being. I just could not manage to get there. I should have planned ahead and asked for a ballot to me sent to me. I’ve done that before. But planning ahead is not my thing. Living in the moment, coping with the pain. Which the ibuprofen seems to have given up on helping with. Yay.

I was really pleased that Scott Brown was defeated in NH. He was talking to people on the sidewalk here in Mass when he ran for office here last time. I was walking down the sidewalk (better days), He turned and looked at me, but apparently I wasn’t up to scratch, because he looked at me and deliberately turned his back to me. Sorry, Mr. Snob. Never voting for you for anything. You want to represent me, at least have the courtesy to acknowledge my presence. A nod, a quick hi’, something. But no.

I was very not happy that Martha Coakley lost to Charlie Baker. We’re Massachusetts. We’re supposed to have a brain. But, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain, right?

Anybody out there have any ideas for dealing with pain that does NOT involve ibuprofen or Tylenol or Aleve? I would like to be able to function now and then.

There’s a program called Second Opinion that I’ve seen sometimes. One ep they discussed allocation of resources, and how doctors decide who to give their resources and attention to, beyond the ‘here, have a pill and go away’ stuff. Since I am not Jane Goodall , Sophia Loren, or Mrs. Gotrocks, (Important, beautiful, young, rich. Those are the criteria, it seems.) I am in the latter category. ‘Take three aspirins and never call me again.’ So nobody really tries to help with pain management. I am not worth the effort. Like I’m not worth giving a polite nod to on the street.

So that’s my whine for today. Aren’t you glad you checked in?