>I’m not making any. Getting through life one day at a time is working quite well. So no, “I’m doing this next year”, or “I’m changing this”. I’m just being. In the snow. Well, the snow is outside, and I am inside, but it’s snowing and I love snow. When I say it’s snowing, I mean it is coming down like gangbusters. Like this:

only moreso.

I am having issues with my modem the past few days. Whenever the phone rings, the modem glitches and I start losing my phone and internet connections. Tv still works fine, however, which is only to be expected, since there’s nothing on tv I want to watch. I have to keep rebooting the modem with a pin. “There’s always something” Gilda Radner.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year, and that 2009 is the best year ever until 2010 and beyond, all of which will be even better. It’s snowing.

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