Fibro Article

It mentions that fibro is not considered to be a progressive disease.  While that may be true, the effects on your body are progressive.  The more pain and fatigue, the less you can do, the more out of shape your body gets which causes more pain and more fatigue. It’s a no-win situation as far as I can see.  I’ve had physical therapy, gone to a clinic for progressive exercises, done things on my own at home.  No matter what it is, I always wind up worse off, because at some point that delayed pain response kicks in and it can take months before it settles down again.  Right now, for no discernible reason, I am having seriously major fatigue, much worse than normal.  Everyday is worse that the day before, until I can barely feed myself  Why?  I will never know.

Okay, on another subject.  How the mind works is fascinating to me.  I start out thinking about one thing, and wind up with an entirely different issue.  Example.  I was thinking the other day how June used to be thunderstorm month in New England, and that seems to have changed in the past few years.  This got me thinking about growing up in Colorado, where when I was very young, we had hail storms and thunderstorms and lots of heat lightning.  This reminded me of an incident when I was small.  We lived across town from the state fair grounds.  One evening during the fair, there was suddenly a very loud whistling noise.  My father went white, and you could see him visibly trying to keep himself from panicking and taking cover. It was a firecracker that sounded so much like a bomb dropping.  We were all terrified, mostly because of his reaction, but because we kids had no idea what was happening.  This reminded me of how he used to jump at every loud noise, which led me to the sudden realization, after all these years, that my dad suffered from PTSD.  Not a happy thought, but the interesting bit is how you start here and wind up there in a matter of seconds in your brain.  Apparently a lot of people were not happy about the firework, either, and that never happened again.  Did they not think before setting off something that sounded like a bomb dropping?

Speaking of rain, it looks like it could pour any second now.  I do love rain.

My friend Tess cut my hair yesterday, and my head feels about ten pounds lighter.  It’s a good thing.  I was to the point where messing with it was too difficult due to pain and poor range of motion in my arms, so chop it off.  She did a good job, too. Who knew she was so multi-talented?  I mean she paints, and sews and decorates, and cooks and has numerous talents I can only dream of, but I never knew hair-cutting was one of them.  🙂 She even has her own scissors.  Apparently hair dressers have scissors like chefs have knives.  Who knew?

I really need to lie down now, so later, people.  Hope you all are having a great June.

“A Good Book”

“I went home to read a good book and settle in for the night.”

I see similar all the time, which makes me wonder if anyone has ever gone home to read a crap book. Or just to read a book. It’s always “a good book”. I think too much.

I am having a pretty good spell, maybe because the weather in Southeastern Mass has been absolutely fantastic. I wish all summer could be like this. I am trying to absorb it to remember when the hot and stickies get here.

Had a lovely long chat with one of my homemakers today. Her English is terrible, and while we were trying to figure something out, she kept giving me different info. It’s 100 dollars. Added to 1,000 dollars, so 1100 dollars. No, it’s 1075 dollars. You just told me it was 100 dollars. This went on for several different things. We were laughing so much. She knows what she means, it just doesn’t come out right. She’s really nice and fun and I’m glad she got assigned to me.

Pleased to be doing relatively well. Plan to enjoy it as much as possible while it lasts.

No picture, cause doing this on my phone. 😃