>After that last entry, I had one good day in a row. A day where I felt normal. Got a lot done, too. But then couldn’t sleep so next day not so good. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a ‘normal’ feeling day. I enjoyed it. Today is lovely. Cool, breezy, lovely. So what am I doing? Sitting here messing about on the laptop. Oh, well.

>My Weekend

>Two hellish days of pain, and a sleep-all-day recovery day. Much better now. Wish I knew what brings those on. I was watching a movie Saturday night when my shoulders started hurting. Woke up Sunday with PAIN. Total body, back-spasming, aching, piercing, shooting pain. Not pleasant. Lasted through yesterday afternoon, eased up, and this evening is finally gone. So far.

When it’s that bad, I just want to give up, thinking that I’ve lost control of my life, can’t take care of myself anymore, can’t get myself together, negative, negative thinking. But then it goes, and I have a renewed since of ‘well, maybe this time I can get myself under control. Manage my life, figure out how to avoid the pain’. We’ll see how that goes.


>It’s that uncomfortable summer weather that I don’t love. Hot and sticky. But after two days with the a/c running, I needed some outside air last night, so up went the windows and off went the a/c. It’s supposed to cool off a bit later, so I’m toughing it out until then.

Been hearing about the Republicans breaking ranks with Moron Man, and wonder what will come out of it. Who can know the best course of action, but it does seem that the one we’re taking is not working. A person who gets an idea in their head, like the pres., and then can’t see anything else, also like the pres., is dangerous. You have to be open to other options, step back and study the effect of what you’re doing now, and be willing to change the plan if need be. I really hope the next person who buys his/her way into office will at least have that quality about him/her.

Slightly disillusioned about my country? You could say so. I’m distressed about the way things are, with money the only consideration in most things, although that is not true for everyone, thank goodness. But I think of a man I encountered who thought the solution to the oil problem was for the third world to stop having children and needing food, so that he could keep operating his SUV cheaply and guilt-free.

But the sun is shining, and fluffy white clouds are racing across the blue sky. From the south, unfortunately, but still. Once they start coming from the north, you know things are getting better, weather-wise. It’s summer.

>Just Curious

>Recently I watched a show that talked about the age of this planet. It is much older than previously thought. The narrator mentioned how the earth has recycled itself many times over, and stated that for most of its’ history, there was no life. Then life happened, and ultimately evolved into us and all the other species and forms in existence now. What I want to know is, how can it be stated as fact that there was no life previously? How can we know that life didn’t exist many times and become extinct and all traces plowed back into the magma through plate tectonics? I love science.

>What I did today

>A brief respite from the air-conditioner, but tomorrow 93 is forecast. Oh, well. I finally set up the new table and put the need-to-be-sorted paperwork on it. All seven tons. What is it about paper? It seems to reproduce itself when you’re not looking. I plan to discard everything I possibly can. Maybe I can scan stuff to the pc instead of keeping the piece of paper. I also ran some pc scans. How fun. NOT! But it’s done, and no viruses and not too much spyware to delete.

Looking forward to seeing the new doctor next month. Maybe she can give me something that will work, since generic zoloft doesn’t seem to do much. Maybe she’ll have learned about fibro in med school. All my other doctors were older, and got out of school before fibro was a diagnosis. I’m getting less and less mobile as time goes on, and I don’t want to wind up like some people in the fibro group, who spend most of their time in bed and/or need wheelchairs or scooters to get around. So I’m hopeful.

It’s really a lovely day, and no thunderstorms in sight. Would have been nice to get out somewhere, but Tess was up most of the night and was napping today. LOL Been there, done that.

Called Lisa but got her voicemail. Hope she is okay. I still am outraged that they sent her home less than 48 hours after major abdominal surgery. I am NEVER moving to Florida. What a joke for healthcare they have there. Maybe they figure most people are old there, so if they die, it was to be expected anyway. I don’t know, but I am really upset about this. She lives ALONE. And they knew this when they sent her home. Unbelievable.