>Had another good day today. Went to Walmart with Tess and got a bunch of things I’ve been needing: a new drain board, a paring knife, a catnip toy for Simon and Gertrude, and two pillows for the sofa so it is actually comfortable to sit/lie on. And they rang up at 25% less than the tag price. I love/hate Walmart. Then Coolattas and play with Tess’s puppy, who loves me. She is sooooo cute and fun. Then exhaustion, but a good day overall.

>Home-made Soup

>Yay, me. Today I made soup. My first pretty good day in awhile, so I chopped veg and added some chicken and made a nice soup. Great with Romano grated in. I put leeks, carrots, onion, garlic, parsnips, celery, rosemary and other herbs, bay leaf, and a can of chicken broth with the water. Sauteed the veg in olive oil, then added liquid and herbs. Now I have decent meals for the next day or two. Home-made. Life is good.