I don’t even know. Feeling really bad for awhile, then face pain, thought it was sinus, turns out it was a tooth. Had tooth out. Also had over three weeks of antibiotics, better now. Been in kind of a funk, though. Doctors not going well, reinjured my torn rotator cuff on the right side and was in a lot of pain for a bit. Got a cortisone shot from a ‘couldn’t care less’ doctor, a friend has heart problems and I was left not knowing how he was for three days. Not fun. He’s okay so far, thank goodness. Kind of shut down from the stress, but am slightly better today. now that I found that out.

Gorgeous day. Blue sky, fluffy white clouds, 74 degrees, breezy. Wish all of summer could be this nice, but you know the hot and stickies will be here soon. Bah!

Had dinner at the new Indian restaurant up the street. Oh, my. Expensive, but so worth it. Food was really, really good. Can’t wait to eat there again. Friendly staff, cheery decor, a great new addition to downtown.

Hoping to get back to my normal self soon, but it’s not been the best month ever and I was really struggling there for a bit. Stay safe, everyone.

Vector illustration of Sad girl cartoon sitting alone


There’s a book out called The Premonition by Michael Lewis. From the blurb: “…fills in those blanks by investigating the community of researchers and scientists whose work was ignored by government directives.”

Maybe we should be putting into office actual scientists, and doctors, and accountants, and others who understand the modern world and it’s problems and have some idea of things that can be done to help/fix things, instead of politicians, who only seem to know how to get re-elected and dis their competitors.


Surprise! LOL Turns out it wasn’t a sinus infection, but a tooth. On penicillin. Having tooth out Thursday. Felt much better shortly after going on the penicillin. Guess it works better than amoxycillin.

Returning my new Moto G Power, because the camera MX does not work, and when I click the gmail icon to share something, it brings up a chat thing instead of gmail. So bye. glad I hadn’t yet switched the sim card. I must be psychic. LOL

Been beautiful days, but chilly and very, very windy. This is I think the fifth day in a row with the trees just whipping around. I like wind. Wish it was warm enough to have the windows open, but noooo. Hoping this vid isn’t too big. Be safe, people. Wear you mask.


As I’m sure you know by now. 🙂

Weird mix of leaves and blossoms. Blossoms used to drop en masse, but haven’t done that in a couple of years. No idea why. Be a better pic if my windows weren’t so messed up because of broken seals. It’s a beautiful day, 67 degrees, clear blue skies, opened window. Yay.

Still feeling horrible. No energy, loads of pain. I will get better. I will.

My new water filter came, but I am not up for the attempt to attach it to the faucet. Need a good day for things like that. I think it will sit on the side of the sink by the frig, so no need to redo my counter again, thank goodness. Will be happy not to have to buy bottled water. So much plastic.

Need to water the plants, fill the pill holders, make some chicken soup. Like any of that is going to happen today. I had a shower and got dressed because it is company day, and was absolutely exhausted just having the shower.

Signed up yesterday for a free month of Hulu and a free week each of Showtime and Cinemax. Already cancelled the Showtime. The two movies that looked good, weren’t, and there was really nothing else that interested me. Have a few movies to watch on Cinemax and then it will be gone, too. Quite a few things of interest on Hulu, which I had cancelled a while back because I realized I wasn’t actually watching anything on it. If I keep it, I will pay for the ad-free version, which I had before, because I refuse to watch ads unless absolutely forced to.

Happy May, everybody. Remember May Baskets? We used to make them in school back in the dark ages. No May Poles, though. Be safe, everyone. Wear your mask.