I admit, the picture is pretty cool. It split right along the yellow line. What????

But I just watched the Nova about the quake. Seeing pictures like this one, watching the clips on YouTube, were one thing. But seeing an hour of devastation…it’s just horrific, and very frightening.It is unimaginable what the Japanese people have gone, and are still going through. There are thousands of people with no food or water.

I live on an earthquake fault here in New England, and have experienced more than one mild one in two different places I’ve lived. If one plate shifts, will another, and then another? If Yellowstone erupts from plate movement, then what? When you really let yourself think it through, it is quite terrifying. But nothing anyone can do except be as prepared as is possible.

I put this in the folder called “Things Not To Ponder Too Much Or You’ll Give Yourself Nightmares”. It’s pretty big folder.

On the illness front, I’ve had quite a lot of good days where I got a lot done, interspersed with quite a lot of pain days where I did nothing. And so it goes. I forget her name, but you know who used to say that. Don’t you?

>Puzzled Jean is Puzzled

Just read an article in the local rag about a high school teacher who was told to resign or be fired after she posted a picture on Facebook showing her holding a glass of wine and a mug of beer; another who unflatteringly described some students and teachers; and a college professor who vented about work and was suspended. The part that puzzles me is this: If those weirdos from down south can demonstrate at funerals in the name of free speech, what can’t these teachers post their thoughts and pictures on Facebook? Free speech applies to all of us, doesn’t it? Anyone?

>What a day.

>There are films of the earthquake and tsumani all over, and it’s truly sad and horrible. So much loss and devastation. Here’s how to help:


I thought I’d post a little humor here, because it’s a little hard to cope with such a really awful event. Laughter helps me deal with things, I hope it helps you just a bit, too. Here goes:


>Mother Nature Does Performance Art


On the illness front, I’ve had a very good few days, in spite of lots of leg pain. I’ve rearranged some things, sorted out some things, cleared up some things, had the maintenance guy come and fix the leak in my sink, finished the third book of the trilogy my friend John loaned me, reorganized files on my laptop, and got up at 9am four days in a row. Four. Days. In. A. Row. I am so tired it isn’t funny, cause I’ve been getting no more than three or four hours sleep each night. Getting up at nine doesn’t mean I can get to sleep any earlier. Is that fair, I ask you? No. No it isn’t. But it’s been a great few days anyway. I’m happy.

>Hello, hello

I am having another good day. Yay, me. Not too much pain, energy, mental energy, it’s all good. Also, it’s in the 60’s today. Spring is springing, the grass is rizing, soon there will be flowers. Spring. Trying to get things done a little at a time. The best part of fuzzy brain is that you don’t care about things getting done. The worst part of not having fuzzy brain is when you do care, but pain keeps you from getting them done. So today is all-around good. No fuzzies, little pain. Hooray.

I am still trying to figure out the bed thing. Maybe I should just chuck it all and buy a new mattress. Yes, money is growing on those trees right across the street, folks. Of course it is. But it’s okay. As my friend Tess always says, I WILL get if figured out. She has a lot of faith in me, it seems. LOL

Windows are open, hearing outside sounds. Not too much traffic, so it’s just pleasant. It always takes time to adjust to having the windows open after a long winter. Usually the traffic is more, people have their car radios blasting, the fire station down the street is busy sending out trucks here and there. Noise, noise, noise. By the time winter rolls around again, I barely notice it. Except when I’m on the phone and have to wait for the sirens to get far enough away that I can hear the person I’m talking to.

I am happy today. I heard from my friend in Finland after a few weeks of silence, I feel good, I am getting things done. It’s a good day. Oh, except my sink has a major leak and I cannot run water or it just comes out underneath. It started when I used the dishwasher, and only then, but before I called about that, the whole thing just went haywire. Calling tomorrow. Wish they’d give me a new frig, too, and a new carpet, or even better, a wood floor. I don’t like carpeting. No. I don’t. Off to do something or other. It’s SPRING!!!!

EDIT to add this, cause it’s just cute: