>Having trouble getting started today. After several nights of great sleep on the new couch, I jinxed myself yesterday by talking about it, and could not get to sleep last night. I finally got about three hours worth, I think. So here I sit, waiting for something to kick in.

It was 90 yesterday. 90 degrees farenheit. Went to bed with windows wide open, wind blowing in, lovely. Woke up frozen. Frost tonight says the weather. I love New England.

I finally got the living room sorted out. Looks like a real living room now. Very nice. I even got some of the bedroom in better shape. The rest of the futon is due tomorrow, so I’m soon to be back sleeping in the bedroom.

I’m still to tired to think. Later


>Well, it turns out people with fibro should not attempt to sleep on a futon mattress on the floor. Ouch! So I transferred my not-so-little self to the new sofa. After unsuccessfully arranging myself and pillows and blankets one way, got up and tried a different way. Relative success, although I did wake up with my neck in an awkward position. I’ll feel that later. Oh, and did I mention that the entire night Gertrude was talking to me? “Meow?” in your ear all night is not conducive to sleep, either. I did finally zonk out, only to wake up right before the 8 o’clock horn blasts from the firehouse to the sound of Gertrude making strange noises in her sleep. I think she has bad dreams, poor baby. Then the cell went off. Since it was across the room and I was tired, I opted not to get up and turn off the alarm. Turns out the cell alarm beeps every five minutes for half an hour. So then I gave up and got up. Tonight should be interesting.

>The Futon Frame

>is lovely, but it arrived with one pull-up shelf on the arm broken, no directions, and most of the hardware missing. So putting it together is on hold, but the old bed is GONE HOORAY and I will be sleeping on the futon on the floor til the bits and pieces arrive. My friends spent the entire day clearing out the bedroom and the packing for the futon and the sofa, and rearranging my computer/office setup. Then we went to dinner. A good day over all. I have really, really good friends.

>The futon frame

>So today my new futon frame arrived. Just the frame, I have a mattress. My friends are still coming tomorrow, so they will put it together for me. I just have to figure out how to get rid of the bed. I am on a roll decluttering in the bedroom. It’s actually fun. Might as well get all this done while the fibro allows. It’s a beautiful day, too, so that’s even better.

>Woo Hoo

It came. My new couch. My friend was here and we put it together ourselves. It was easy. I still need my other friends to come Thursday to take away the two huge boxes and lay the area rug, if it’s not too done in by Gertrude’s little claws. I heard from both DDs and played pc games with my friend before she left to cook dinner for her DH. It was a very good birthday.


I love that word. I had a good one. Saturday, that is. I was invited to a friend’s for a birthday dinner. First we spent the afternoon in the yard as they cleaned out the flower beds and such. I helped plant some tulips from a pot of them that was going past it’s prime. It spattered rain here and there, birds sung, breeze blew, dirt smelled wonderful, grass was spongy. Then we played a computer game, had my favorite dinner ever, steak on the grill cooked by John, had a lovely chat, played another game, and home. It was a lovely, lovely day.

Today is my actual birthday, and my present from me to me is the couch that is scheduled to be delivered today. It’s from my favorite store, Overstock.com. I’ve got the living room all ready for it, and my friends offered to come over Thursday and put it together if need be. It comes in three boxes so it will fit through doors. I am excited. I haven’t had a sofa in ten or eleven years. I will be able to lie down in the living room and watch tv instead of having to go into the bedroom when I am too fatigued to sit up. Yay, and hooray.

Gertrude doesn’t know what to think. The living room doesn’t look at all like she’s used to it looking, and the bedroom is overrun with clutter at the moment. She’s very, very cautious when she comes out from under the bed where she lives. Poor girl. She’ll get over it, without shredding the couch, I hope.

>Title? What title?

>I must have been tired, cause I slept til 1pm from about midnight. My cell alarm for lunch woke me up. LOL I am tired, and achy and foggy, but I have a goal, which is get ready for new couch, the one scheduled to come on Monday. So I have incentive to do things in spite of how I feel. That’s a very good thing, because usually, I tend to slug when I don’t feel that great. It’s already looking better in here. I have a plan now, and can visualize how I want things to be, which part of my brain had burned out several years ago. It has sprung from the ashes, like the Phoenix. I am really excited about getting the couch. If I can just figure out how to keep Gertrude from shredding it, which except for declawing, I can’t think how. I don’t believe in declawing, so could someone maybe knit me a chain mail couch cover? It could work, right? LOL

>More sleep

>I had a good night thanks to the atavan, and an even better day. Walking is still difficult, but I had some energy and actually got some things done. Cleared a space on the cart for the microwave and found places for the groceries that were on it. Cleaned up the kitchen. Moved the table over (with help) and cleared up the clutter, Moved the hall table to the bedroom so when the couch I ordered from Overstock comes, they can get it in here. It comes in three boxes so it will fit through the door, but it still need the room in the hallway. Can’t wait for it to get here. Then today, having another bout of fiscal irresponsibility, I ordered a futon frame for the bedroom. I have a futon mattress on my bed, but my bed is o.l.d. and not very comfortable and takes up too much room in the small bedroom. So it is going and the futon is coming in. I will have room for my ellipse and maybe my desk, too. I am determined to declutter this disaster and am doing what I can, when I can. Later tonight, walking will again be ‘interesting’ I think, but it was worth it.

My homemaker came today and did a great job cleaning, and carried out all the detritus from decluttering without complaint. She is a good homemaker. A good day all around. And LOST tonight.


>I did. The Atavan worked very well. I slept for about fifteen hours I think, only waking up once in a lot of pain and right back to sleep. The next night I was taking allergy pills and was still pretty tired, so slept pretty well again. Very not-functional, though. Lots of pain and brain-fog. Walking is difficult and painful, too. Then last night, the bugaboo was back. I’ve been up all night. Still barely functional and in pain. Not sleeping keeps your body from healing all the little tears and things that happen during your day. Your body normally heals during sleep. Sleep. I remember sleep. I slept a couple of nights in a row. Yay, me.

I am going to go lie down now,because sitting up is too hard.

>It’s been quite a week

>I’ve lost track of the days, but since early this week, I have had a total of about 2-3 consecutive hours of sleep. I was up for forty hours, slept a short time, tossed and dozed a short time, and have been awake since 4:30 am yesterday morning. It’s 3pm now. I am so tired I am loopy, but I am wide awake. I’ve tried sleeping. I’ve tried Benadryl. I’ve tried Zanaflex, the one that’s almost guaranteed to knock me out. Nothing. Not sleeping is making me anxious. Anxiety is keeping me awake. Not sleeping is causing more pain and restless legs. Pain and restless legs are keeping me from sleeping. I am fine with it, which is even weirder. I mean I am more functional than a lot of days when I have slept. I do love my chronic, debilitating, make you crazy illnesses. Tonight I am taking an Atavan. It is an anxiety pill so I hope it works. I originally was prescribed it as a sleep aid, and for the first month of taking it, I went to sleep shortly after my head hit the pillow. Then nothing. No effect at all. I’ve taken it off and on since, but it doesn’t work well anymore. So now it’s been maybe ten months or more since I’ve taken it. Maybe my adaptation to it has worn off. Otherwise, I am going to hit myself over the head with something heavy once I get into bed.