>A flare! A flare!

>And a bad one, at that. Started last night and I spent the whole night awake and in pain, and then most of the day trying to sleep through it. A bit better now, but it was pretty bad for awhile. I’m wondering if stopping the Zanaflex is what brought it on. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary recently.

Tonight I watched Ugly Betty, Grey’s, and LOST. Is tv getting stupider, or is it just me? I love Torchwood, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Gallactica, but almost everything else seems more like just noise. Silly, dragging-on-forever plots that I just want to be OVER. I need some good books. Time to check out the library on-line again. I love that I can order books from all over Massachusetts, and then just pick them up at the local library, which is right up the street from me. Any body have any good books to recommend?

I’ve been having fun with Firefox lately. Downloaded some more extensions, and a gooGreen theme, which is just white with some leaves on the right. There are a couple of nice extensions I just got that are really lovely. One is Scribefire, which is a blogging extension so you can easily blog without having to go to your blog first. The other is Scrapbook, where you can save web pages to read later, without losing them in the bookmarks folder. I really like this, along with Evernote, which allows you to save bits and pieces of any page with one click.

I couldn’t enjoy my computer without Firefox, I don’t think. If for any reason I am forced to use IE for something, I am lost without my extensions. Top/bottom of page arrows, shortcuts, right-click enhancements. I do love my Firefox.

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