>Two Things

>One: I seem to have lost my friend Jukka, and I don’t know why. This makes me sad.

Two: I lost my internet connection several days ago. After trying everything I ever heard of to fix it, I got on the phone with Comcast and a nice tech tried to help with no success. Decided to do a clean install………oooo, scary, right? Not! It was very easy, much more so than I had been led to believe by what I read. Anyway, didn’t help. Back on the phone next day with Comcast where a lovely tech named Hugo worked with me for several hours. It developed that it was not a Comcast problem but man is Hugo ever a geek so he keep on trying to figure out the problem. We tried everything, but after we figured out a driver was missing (where did it go, people? I ask you.) we tried every driver on the disc and none were correct. By then, I was telling Hugo for the third time that he really needed to get back to his job. He did not want to quit, but I insisted. I love Hugo. Yes, yes I do. Anyway, he had pointed me in the right direction and I finally found the file on the Dell site after much messing about on there. So I am back with a ‘new’ computer, and have been re-installing my security software, winamp, vlc, and my fav Firefox extensions. I am one happy lady.

4 thoughts on “>Two Things

  1. >Oh, lord, I hope I didn't get Hugo into trouble. He is the kind of tech most people can only hope to get when they call for assistance. He went above and beyond to help me fix my problem, and I therefore had an excellent customer experience with tech support, a rare thing, so I'm told. Even though we hadn't quite fixed the problem when the call ended, he had given me exactly what I needed to finish up and GET BACK ONLINE. I can only hope to get Hugo or someone like him next time I have a problem Please give him a raise or something. He is a keeper, and an asset to your company. Thank you.

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