I Figured It Out

tw216I hope. When you download FF, do the ‘custom’ download, and uncheck ‘use Firefox Maintenance’. Then when it’s downloaded, make sure in the ‘options’ advanced’ ‘update’ tab, check ‘never check for updates’ and UNcheck ‘use a background service’. I have restarted several times, and it hasn’t tried to download 30. Woo Hoo! Seriously. I could not arrange my icons, change my themes, find half of what I was looking for. Who thought it needed to be messed with? It was fine, thank you. Fix any security issues, great, but leave the rest alone, Firefox. Please.


aeb8I finally, finally found something that actually worked for getting back to FF 28. It updated back to 30. Tried again, made sure to check ‘never check for updates’ in the settings. It updated to 30. Seriously, Firefox? What is up with that? I have been fanatical about Firefox for a long time, because EXTENSIONS. But you cannot jerk around with me against my will and expect me to stay loyal. I am checking out alternatives. Chrome now has some of the extensions I use most, and they work as well, so I may just give up and go for it. I do sometimes worry about Google’s ‘let us into every aspect of your online life without really telling you what’s going on’ policy, so I’m pretty sure there’s a google clone out there that avoids that. Like there is Duck Duck Go instead of google search. DDG does not track your every move like google does.

I know, who cares about privacy. If you don’t have anything to hide, why does it matter? Because it’s one of your basic human rights, and once it’s gone, have fun getting it back, people. Just because google (or the NSA) may only be using your info to get even richer (‘keep you safe’), does not mean that someone with poor ethics won’t get hold of your info and use it for nefarious (good word, right?) ends. I think it was Franklin who said, “If you give up your freedom to be safe, you will have neither freedom nor safety.” Same goes for privacy, I think.

Well bah, humbug, Firefox.

No? Really?

No one out there knows about the Firefox thing? Well, darn.

I have decided that I am going to ask my friend for explicit details about the anniversary party. I have issues, you know, so I really want to know what is the plan for getting me there and back, where am I going to stay, who is going to be there (I don’t do well with crowds or lots of people I don’t know. It’s stressful, and then I suffer later.) What should I wear? What is her plan for me? She always has a plan. Organization is her middle name, I swear. She thinks of everything. When she came to my house for a funeral of a loved one, she brought dinner. Dinner that she cooked right there, and she even brought the salt and pepper. Just in case. Wow, I wish I was half that organized, or able to think/plan ahead. Or that thoughtful.

It has been gorgeous, gorgeous weather. It’s been a good year so far, weather-wise. We’ve not been too hot, nor had any severe weather, winter was winter, not some pale imitation. Like snow, you know. I like snow. Winters with little to no snow don’t count, in my book. Some years have been like that. Last year, for example. When I first moved here fourteen years ago, we had big storms, with blowing snow and huge drifts, and it was winter. Then it sort of tapered off. This year was better, but nothing like before. Then, some years, I’ve had to have the a/c on in May. For days at a time. Haven’t needed it yet this year. Makes me happy. I may have mentioned ten or twenty times that I do not like hot and sticky. Not at all.

I got a new Roku. My old one would not connect anymore, no matter what I tried. I like the new one. Nicer, easier, etc. It comes with earbuds. Earbuds for your tv. Great idea. One would think they would plan for you sitting on the couch, though. The earbuds are only long enough to sit maybe three feet from the tv. Useless? I think so. But a nice idea. Anyway, I can watch Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and all those weird stations that Roku provides. I was missing that. I can also find stations and such on my Nexus 7. There’s an app for that. Watching things on a Kindle Fire is doable, but not as relaxing as watching on the tv. Remember it was bigger, bigger, bigger for awhile. 60″ plasma tvs. Oh, yeah. Now it’s smaller, smaller, smaller. Look, this screen fits on my thumbnail. I can watch tv on it. Riiiiight. I do not understand this at all. I really cannot watch regular tv anymore. I am so over commercials. Do you realize that 20 minutes of every hour you spend watching tv is someone trying to sell you something. One third of every hour. One third of every half-hour sitcom. I get we are the consumer nation, but it gets so old having ads everywhere, all the time. Makes me not want to buy anything. Oh, reverse psychology. It’s working on me. Not as they intended, I don’t think, though.

I am tired and achy and going to couch now. I love my Kindle Keyboard. Really, it’s the perfect thing for lazing on the couch. Easy to hold, easy to read things on. I love it. Off to do that lazing thing now.

2013-12-12 00.12.54Gertrude lazing on the couch with me this winter.


Does anybody know how to mess with Firefox, in a ‘fix it the way I want it, darn it!’ kind of way? I inadvertently let it install 29, which I am trying, trying, trying to get used to, but which I absolutely hate. So I tried to go back to 27, which I like. I have the exe file for 27. I tried several times, but every time, it just reinstalls 29, or now, 30. I have googled, but nothing I’ve found helps. I love Firefox, because I love my extensions, but they are seriously driving me away. It isn’t bad enough to have new versions every 20 seconds, but then the new versions are horrible. What was wrong with the way it looked and worked? Nothing. I am so frustrated. It won’t even let me arrange my icons the way I want. Well, it does, but then when I restart next time, they are back to the way they started out. Same with themes. I delete them, they reappear. I loved Firefox because I could make it work for me in the way I needed and wanted it to work. Now, not so much. I tried to express my opinion, when there was a place to do that awhile back, but it just deleted it. Is there anyone out there who knows how I can get 27 back? Thanks.

The IT ClubYes. It didn’t help.


Received an invite to my friends Beth and John’s anniversary celebration. They are my best and oldest friends. Doesn’t that sound like they must be ancient. My oldest friends. Why do we say that? They are the friends who have been in my life longer than any other friends I am in constant contact with is waaaay too long, I guess. Anyway, it’s in August, and I of course said yes I’ll come, but how can I know that until the actual day it’s happening? Chronic illness=not planning ahead. Oh, well.

I am sitting here drinking an entire bottle of chardonnay. Not that much, really. Four glasses is all that is. Anyway, I was feeling lonely and crappy and I am not able to sleep again, so why not? Up all night last night, which is happening again much too often. I was doing so well.

I have been reading craft blogs. Oh, I want to make things. I just have to do it, is all. Relatively happily buzzing Jean is done. A-little-Tipsy-houseland-13712597-750-600

Infographic about Fibro

Sent to me by Skylar Jameson (or Skylar Jameyson, it’s spelled both ways in the email) who asked me to post it. It seems harmless enough, I couldn’t find anything bad by googling, so here it is. I don’t have all these symptoms, thank goodness. Mine are mainly pain, fatigue, sleep and cognitive disorders. I did register all eighteen tender points when I was first diagnosed. There was a lot of ‘Ow! Ow! Ow1’ going on, for which the doctor apologized every single time. That was funny. It does puzzle me that if there is something wrong with me, why isn’t it wrong with me all the time? Why do I have days (not often, it’s true, but still…) when I feel nearly normal, and can do normal person things? My arm is broken today, it’s not broken tomorrow, then it’s broken again next week? How does this work, people? Anyway, here’s the graphic:

Source: MBA-Healthcare-Management.com

Slinky, anyone?

Saw this on Crazy Russian Hacker’s Slo Mo Lab. I love CRH. Comments said they stole it from SloMoGuys, checked them out, too. I put CRH first, cause the other one kind of gives it away in the intro. But, if you expand the comments after PredatorRex10 on the second one, it explains the science. Science is so cool.

I love science

Came across this on another blog:


The video in the post is just great. How can you not love science, when this happens? Made me laugh.

Health update, sort of. My life has turned upside down. Instead of many, many, many (a lot more manys) not good days, with the very rare relatively good day, I have been having the exact opposite for a week or so. Many good days interspersed with a not good day or two here and there. Like yesterday and today. Bah! I cannot tell you how many things I have got done. Well, I could, but you would be bored to tears, but I did them! I have gotten more done this past week than in the past several years put together, including moving light furniture by myself. What?

What has changed? I added magnesium citrate, which isn’t the kind I was taking before, alpha-lipoic acid, and the butter coffee. I did mention the butter coffee, didn’t I? Is it one of these? Is it any two? Is it all three? I have no clue, but I am not complaining, just reveling in being able to mostly get things done. So in addition to the three things I mentioned, I am taking a magnesium/zinc/calcium pill, a calcium pill, 4000 IUs of D3, and just added a B-12. Sounds like a lot of pills, especially when you add in the scrips, but really not that bad. I am lucky to usually get in two ‘meals’ a day, and just divide them between. I am trying to eat more often, since nurse said my metabolism was virtually non-existent since being bedridden and/or housebound most of last year. Movement matters, people. When you can, do. Trust me on this. RunningIantoRunning Ianto is running.