>My Quiet Day

>Having a quiet day reading blogs and cooking Oven Stew, which I figured out I haven’t made in about fifteen years. Time does fly, whether you’re having fun or not. I did go out today, to the post office and across the street for wine and cash. Yes, they sell cash at Tedeschi’s. No they don’t. But they do have an ATM.

Another great Galactica last night. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t followed this show. It is not only dark and intense, it is topical. Lots of comparisons to the world we have been living in for the past eight years. But Felix. Is he angry because of being put off from seeing the doctor, or is that just a last straw due to what happened in the webisodes? What if you didn’t see the webisodes? What if you didn’t know there were webisodes? Is that fair? I love a show that makes you think, though. How would you react in these or those circumstances? Why didn’t we do something about

UPDATE: I WAS having a quiet day, and then my computer went haywire. Lots of those beeps that never tell you why they are beeping or what to do about it, so hard shutdown and unplug were the order of the day. Working fine now, but this blog is a little screwed up. I was typing the first section when the beeps went off, so do I know what the problem was/is? Well, of course not. Will try to fix it, though. I am a good fixer. My point above, before I was so rudely cut off, was why didn’t we do something about what was going on during the last admin? Why did we let them get away with torture? Kara seemed to really enjoy torturing Leoben in Galactica. Why did we allow them to take away our freedoms in the name of fear? Are we really a nation of sheep, as a famous book once posited? Maybe we are. It’s a shame, really.

MORE UPDATE: I fixed it. Yay, me.

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