>Bliss oh bliss!

>Yesterday I went to Brookstone with my friend Tess. We tried out the massage chairs, which we had done briefly before. I was in mine for about 20 minutes or so, because the salesman came over and was showing me all the features. Oh, oh, oh, did I want to buy that chair. It was only 2500 dollars. Yes, twenty-five hundred dollars. But when I got out of that chair, I felt amazing. My muscles were loose, my neck, which had been hurting for some time and which could not turn right or left without pain, was limber and pain-free. My right arm, which has a touch of bursitis, which limits it’s movement, moved freely in all directions. My legs did not hurt. I am almost always in pain and my muscles are tight and difficult to work. Gone, all gone. More than twenty-four hours later, I am still feeling great. Oh, I want that chair. It’s a miracle worker, and would maybe make fibro that much easier to live with. But lord, that is a lot of money. But I want that chair. Really, I do. Christmas is coming. Does some anonymous reader want to give me a really great present? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Oh, well. *smile*

It’s a beautiful, warm, balmy, rainy day, as it was yesterday. Windows open all night. I love this weather.

>I cooked. Yay, me.

>I bought a rotisserie chicken the other day, and I used some of it to make chicken and dumplings today, the easy version. Came out very tasty, so I was pleased. I also froze some of the chicken for another time. I’ve been having my SlimScript drink every day again, and I can really tell the difference. I have more energy and enthusiasm when I drink it regularly. It has 20 grams of protein and vitamins. So cooking is not out of the realm of possibility some day. It’s a good thing.

Another mild day with windows open. I am liking this. It’s been a great autumn so far. Lots of rain, which I love.

>It’s a good thing

>Had a pretty good day yesterday. Got some tidying up done Thursday, and then yesterday my friend Tess came over and we went to Joanne’s. I got some more yarn, and I actually started to crochet something. Not sure what it’s going to be yet, but it’s good to be making something again. I’ve been wanting to for quite some time, but just hadn’t gotten it together enough to get started. I also got some gimp. I know, gimp is so junior high, but I saw a pbs show the other day where they were using it, then in Joanne’s there was a package with some cool colors, so I got it. LOL Regression, it’s a good thing.

Last night, my friend Beth came over and brought Chinese food. We had a nice meal and a nicer chat. She is having kind of a hard time lately, and has isolated herself, which I know all about, believe me. So I offered to be her cheering-up connection, and promised to call her. And I will. I miss her in my life. She doesn’t live too far away, but her life is soooo busy, and the isolating thing just cuts her off from her friends. So I can be a good thing. It’s good to not always be the needy one.

Before she came over, I had started with some pain, which only got worse, and by the time I went to bed, I was having some serious pain. I spent most of today in bed, trying to sleep through it, and feel somewhat better now. I’m glad it didn’t turn into a full-blown flare. I want to enjoy my life, and pain kind of gets in the way when it’s really bad.

It is still lovely, lovely weather. Still grey and rainy and mild, windows open for a few days and nights now. I like this kind of weather. My Aerogarden is doing very well, and will need some cutting back pretty soon. It’s nice to have some fresh green things growing. I do like herbs, so I’m looking forward to using them soon.

My shoulder is hurting quite a bit still, and typing seems to make it worse, so I am done for now. Happy life, everyone.

>The other guy

>Here is a quote from another blog someone pointed me to. It is exactly what I wish I was articulate enough to have said. Here’s the blog, then the quote:


“Your side was abominable. Your side was hateful. Your side race-baited. Your side gay-baited. Your side lied like we’ve never seen in recent presidential campaign history. Your side used a tax-cheat who would do better under Obama’s tax proposal to be your everyman on the issue of taxes. Your side, in a veiled effort at race-baiting, said Obama doesn’t put his country first. Your side had the audacity to call Obama a socialist. Your side suggested he was a Muslim. Your side suggested he was a terrorist. Your side suggested he was Osama bin Laden.

Spare me the crap about how both sides do it. You people are a disgrace, you’ve been a disgrace for eight long years, and all your hate and lying and venom and vitriol finally bit you in your collective fat ass.”

>Yes we can


It occurred to me today: once again I can be proud of my country. For a long time, I have been ashamed and often found myself saying “This is not the country I grew up in. This is not my America.” Torture, Katrina, spying on our own citizens, pre-emptive wars. I was unhappy with my country. Now I can feel proud again. I have not felt hopeful in such a long time, it is good to feel good about the United States again. Yes we can, America. Yes we can.

>Woo Hoo!!!!!!


OBAMA WINS!!!!!  Is this the coolest day ever or what?  I am not black, but I am so pleased and happy that we finally, finally have broken through the racial barrier and voted for a man of color.  I was happy when Clinton won, but I am ecstatic tonight.  America is finally coming into it’s own.  Well done, America!!

>A good day.

>After sleeping til 3pm yesterday, and staying awake (involuntarily) til around six am today, I got up at 11. I even got dressed, then went out with my friend Tess. We got a coollata and then went to her house and played on the computer. It was a gorgeous, no-coat-needed kind of day. I am hoping to sleep tonight and have another daytime life tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes.

Am checking news every now and then, but really it’s all speculation at this point. Am really looking forward to seeing who wins, even if it’s not my guy. It will tell us a bit about what to expect in the future, I think. I am hoping for not the same old same old. It’s exciting to be alive during such an important decision for the world. I really wanted to vote to feel that I am part of history. That I took part in an historical vote. It was a good day.

>Well, barf!

>Now that I changed my blog’s look, I can’t figure out how to change it back.
Also, I am feeling a bit peeved. I do read another blog by someone with a chronic, debilitating illness and someone else commented negatively on it. Everyone is different. Illness does not affect everyone exactly the same way. Some people can function better, some not so much. Those of us who do function better do not need to be judgmental of those of us who do not. We would all be working and getting on in life if we were able. No one chooses to struggle, it just happens. I’d go back and do my job in an instant if I was able. I’d cook every day, and do my own vacuuming and laundry and shopping if I could. It’s no fun having strangers come into your home and wash your undies and clean your toilet. It’s not easy to shop second hand. I am a visual person, and I can eat very well if I can see what’s in the store and be reminded of it. Making lists is another story. I can never think of what to eat. I’d be the other me so fast it would make your head swim if I could. But I can’t. Apparently I never will, either. This isn’t something that goes away. It’s not fatal, but boy it sure does change your life forever. It’s painful, and exhausting, and frustrating, and sad, and difficult, and isolating. So you can still work. Well more power to you. But don’t judge those of us who can’t. It is hard enough without being judged for things over which you have little or no control. So just shut up, Martha.