>For the second day in a row. I love rain. April is my birth month, so ‘April Showers’, Singing in the Rain’, and ‘Just Walking in the Rain’ are three of my favorite songs. April showers bring May flowers.

Very tired today. Gave up the Zanaflex, then not sleeping well at all, so took two Benadryl last night. Worked fine, but didn’t get quite enough sleep. After my two and half good days last week, I’ve been kind of in a slump again, with no energy to keep on with the decluttering/rearranging. But I will get there. Sooner or later. *smile*

I need to buy a couple of fans for the summer, since all three of mine died at the same time. Hmmmmm, what could have caused that? I blame Simon. He’s the official scapegoat for this household.

I am feeling much better since I got the living room in better shape. Lots of floor visible, and much less clutter. Still have ‘refining’ to do, the kitchen could use some work, and then it’s the bedroom. The bathroom is always in pretty good shape, thanks to my homemaker. The kitchen is just too small. It’s only got two small counters, and they are pretty much taken up with dishdrainer, coffee maker, and storage jars. And part of the actual moving around space is taken up by the cart with the microwave, toaster oven, and toaster. It has to be moved before I can open the dishwasher, so I try to mostly do dishes by hand. Then I have several not-so-good days in a row, and the dishes pile up. I don’t really worry too much about it, except if I’m running out of cups for my morning coffee.

Ohhh, slumping. Off to find something to eat.

>Spring Day

> It’s been a glorious spring day. A thunderstorm this morning, then around 70 degrees and sunny. Beautiful day. I found out that a friend is giving me, for my birthday, the gift of physical labor, which I do not have energy for. She and her DH will take away items I need to get rid of, help me with organization, etc. And steak. What a gift. I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends. It’s a been a good day all around.

>Oh, Happy Day

> Finally, with some help from a friend, I got the living room organized. A pile of stuff on the couch and a couple of boxes to go through, and that’s it. Hooray! What a relief. It’s amazing how much clutter can debilitate you, mentally as well as physically. So that’s two rooms done. Next I will tackle the bedroom. I am zee happy, happy lady. *smile*