Too Little, Too Late

Which is the story of my life  Anyway, there’s a book on Bookbub today, “The Social Anxiety Workbook for Work, Public & Social Life”, which would possible have been a great help to me years ago, but it’s kind of unnecessary now, not because I am better at things, because I’m not, but because I’m rarely in any kind of social situation where I have to interact with anyone.  Oh, well. I still have a minor freak-out every time, though.  What did I say that I shouldn’t have said, what did I do that I shouldn’t have done?  That kind of thing, then I stress about it for awhile.  I usually never find out if I said/did anything I shoudn’t because I never see most people again.  My friends have known me for a long time, some for a very long time, so they are used to me.  Both my homemakers are pretty new, and I try not to talk to much when they’re here, just in case.  Life is fun.

Not sure how I feel yet today, after the walking yesterday, a bit achy is all so far, but I’m always a bit achy. Usually the serious pain comes a couple days after whatever I did.  Delayed Pain Syndrome, another lovely benefit of Fibro.  Friends are coming tomorrow (Hooray) to help with some things, I forgot my homemaker comes tomorrow as well, and I have pt.  Hope I am not a mass of pain and can function for all of this.

Hoping to go out somewhere with Tess this afternoon.  Would like to go to stores and see Christmas and pretend I am part of it.  If you don’t get out much, and except for pt I haven’t been out for a few weeks, you kind of miss the whole Christmas shopping experience.

Oh, put up my little Christmas tree Tuesday.  Homemaker got it down for me and put down the branches.  I hate that job and it’s so easy.  Strange Jean is strange, I guess.  Anyway, it’s quite cheery at night with the little fiber-optic bulbs changing colors.  Here’s a pic from a few years ago, before they butchered the trees across the street.

2013-12-24 17.51.07 (3)

Fun Times With Dial-A-Ride

Had PT at 12:30. D-a-R gets me there at noon. Call for pickup at 1:30. Wait in lobby, leaning on a brick half-wall, for half an hour. Call. On the way. Wait. Lovely, lovely man from Bedard Realty whose door is right there, comes out and asks me if I want to come in and wait because it’s warmer. Okay. Brings me a chair. Brings me a pizzelle, brings me a bottle of water. Call again, on the way. Go out to wait, cause I’m restless. Wait. Give up, decide to walk home, which would be fine, except no hat or gloves, and pain. But get over halfway home when d-a-r calls. Where am I? Walking home, screw you. (Did not say that.) Couple minutes later, D-a-r pulls up and lovely, lovely man from Bedard Realty gets off and encourages me to let the van take me the rest of the way home. Then he walks back to his work and d-a-r gets me home at 2:30. Seriously. They have forgotten me completely before, when I didn’t have a cell phone to call, either, and I was left standing in the cold and snow for a couple of hours until a driver who had already passed me three times and didn’t realize I was trying to wave him down, stopped and asked why I’m still there. Called in, no one had sent a pick up ride. Did not get home til 3 hours after my appt ended. Quit going out after that til I met Tess, who drives me most places, thank you Tess. On the bright side, I think if I fill up on pain meds, (took six pills today) and am not having to horrible a day, I could walk myself to PT and back. Maybe. If I’m not to exhausted.  And I met a lovely man and had a pizzelle.  I love pizzelles. So turned out a good day after all.   🙂  BTW, they are to the right of the arched doorway.  PT is on the third floor.  This used to be a manufacturing building, and my husband worked there making compacts for Revlon for a few years after we moved to New England.  Just so  you know.  LOL




Some good environmental news for a change: Good News

Read an article about food allergies becoming more common.  Why?, they ask.  Could it be genetic modification, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, over-processing?  Food is no longer food as it once was.  Our bodies did not evolve for this.  Duh!

The whole Tumblr thing is disturbing.  Censorship because they are too lazy or incompetent to actually deal with the problems of porn-bots, and cretins posting child-pornography.  Put some effort into it, Tumblr.  Or Verizon, who own Tumblr now.  Have you ever noticed that once big corps buy some nice little site or business or app, it suddenly becomes something completely different.  Kashi is one example.  Look it up.

Spoke to PT person about added pain.  She thinks it will get better with time, it’s just that I haven’t really been using those muscles/joints that much because of the pain already there. We’ll see.  I quite like PT, and it nothing seems to hurt while I’m doing it, just a couple of days later, thank you fibromyalgia.

Guess that’s enough for now.  🙂



Someone asked on Twitter how do you get through winter that doesn’t involve wine.  I said full-spectrum lights.  Some guy in Chicago was all over my reply. Guess Chicago is pretty bleak in winter.  Actually, now that I think about it, I changed trains there once and almost froze my nose off.

Anyway, I have a compact fluorescent bulb in an overhead light in the main room, and I call it ‘turning on the sun’.  I turn it on when I get up, and off sometime in the afternoon.  It is amazing the difference it makes in how I feel.  If you don’t know, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is not just getting a bit down because it is cold and snowy.  It is a form of depression which can be pretty debilitating. Before I discovered the lights, I had a very hard time in winter.  I love winter, though.  Fireplace, blanket, curled up on the couch with tea or a Viking Thaw.  Beautiful snow falling. I hope. We’ve had rain instead lately.  It’s WINTER Mother Nature.  Get with the program.  Yes, climate change is real and is happening as we speak.  But winter.  What’s not to love?

Viking Thaw is hot chocolate with booze of your choice (I prefer Goslings Bermuda Black Rum, my friend Tess prefers Amaretto) and whipped cream.  Oh, yum. Here’s to happy winters.