Guess I haven’t been here for a bit. As you may know, if you read this ever, I have been struggling. Struggling to do just the normal, everyday things people do. Dishes, food, whatever. So much pain and fatigue, and I’ve realized the shorter days are already getting to me. So steps I have taken are to turn on more lights, actually flicked the kitchen light switch the other day, which I do periodically just because, and lo and behold did the lights not come on? They did. Been about two years since they’ve worked and I have three lamps in the kitchen I see by. So left the lights on for two days, but do not like having them on all night, so risked turning them off, and the past two days they have come on again. Enjoying it while it lasts. Other steps are trying and not succeeding very well to get up earlier so more daylight, and trying to stay off the couch. Monday was a gorgeous day, and my friend Tess and I took my walker for its first outing. We walked up the street to the Chinese restaurant and had lunch, then stopped in at the Meat Market, which is more a convenience store and really nice, and then home with the lunch leftovers. Then we went to the Big Apple in Wrentham, where I used my cane. Pain, pain, pain. But fun. Spectacular clear blue sky, light breeze, comfortable temps. So Tuesday was the usual recovery day, but Wednesday, yesterday, was OMG every single muscle I used with the walker, even my hands, were in so much pain. And not the pain you can set aside and ignore, but the in-your-face really uncomfortable pain. Especially my right hand really hurt. No idea why. Decided to risk my stomach and do a course of Aleve, one pill every twelve hours. Started at midnight, and am about to take the second one with lunch, cause you really need food with these. Much better today so far. I really wanted to go out more often, now that I know I can do it, but I need to work up to it. Maybe tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain.


The other step I have taken is to either cancel or just delete most of my newsletters. I am still reading The Guardian, because they have really good articles, but the New York Times I am mainly skipping, and just unsubbing from most others. People are stupid. They are acting like incredible morons right now, mainly for political gain it seems, and even suing against vaccine mandates, because seriously, who wants to protect their fellow citizens? I though we all would, but boy was I mistaken. Anyway, as I said, people are being stupid and I can’t change that and reading about them being stupid doesn’t help me in any way shape or form, so I am not doing it anymore. Mostly. 🙂

Next week I have the eye doctor and my regular doctor. Desperately need new glasses, as my eyes have gotten much worse, and the coating on my glasses lenses has broken down. That’s never happened before. Hoping my regular doctor will have some ideas of what to do for pain, but last time did not go well in that respect. We’ll see. Wish my eye doctor was a regular doctor, because he is spectacular.

It’s another lovely day, 55 degrees. November. Last year it snowed in October and then we had nothing til early this year. So far, November is more like a lovely October, so am wondering how the winter is going to go. I like snow, and we really need cold and snow cover, to benefit a lot of things in the natural world. Get with the program, Mother Nature, although I do think humanity has already screwed the pooch and it is really to late to fix anything. We were warned and chose profit over protecting ourselves, so we reap what we sow, as the saying goes. Meaning actions or inactions have consequences, and boy howdy are we having consequences, which are only going to get worse. I am such a joy, always looking on the bright side, right? No? Well, I do try, but sometimes it is just too much. Meanwhile, my lunch of scrambled eggs with Pace Medium Picante Sauce on them is getting cold. Be safe, people. Be safe.

Not my picture


Taken this morning. Window in bedroom has been open since yesterday and it is perfectly comfortable in here. NOVEMBER Mother Nature. November. Picture is kind of meh because of the broken seal on the window which means it is cloudy and streaked. The left hand window is even worse. Oh, well. Someday I will live in a nice place. I hope.

Peeved with Crapazon, as walker I ordered for DD’s partner, who recently had back surgery, is STILL not delivered. They keep asking if I want a refund. NO. Just deliver the darn thing already. Sheesh!

My friend Tess is sick, so no going out today. Hoping it is nothing serious, but she is pretty careless with masking and going places where people don’t mask or social distance. Worried about her.

Listening to my AWOL Nation station on Pandora. Good stuff there. Right now it’s playing Def Leppard Pyromania. Cool.. LOL

Here’s what November should look like in my town. This is the town park from November 2016.