>New England

Ah, yes. New England. Yesterday it warmed up. Had the windows open all night and most of today. It was in the sixties when I went to bed last night. Supposed to be in the 20s tonight. Interesting weather we’re having? Yes, it is. But lovely. Just having the windows open this late in the season is a treat. I like all of New England’s weather, except for the stickies in the summer, and I have air-conditioning, which makes it semi-bearable. But only semi. The climate seems to be changing rather quickly, so I’m really curious to see what the winter is going to be like. I’ll keep you posted.

>Feeling better

Finally. Coincidentally, today is my friend’s birthday, and when she heard I was feeling better, she invited me over for dinner. Lovely. We had roasted chicken, stuffing, baked potato, and asparagus. Apple pie with ice cream for dessert. Tea. Played a new game on her pc while her hubbies watched football. Very nice afternoon, and so fantastic to feel relatively functional again. Hope it lasts for a while.


>In more ways than one. It’s cold outside, and it’s cold inside, and I think I have a cold. Or a really bad allergy attack going on. Whatever. I feel totally crappy for the umpteenth day in a row. Hmmm. The cup in that woman’s hand makes me think of tea. I’m going to go make myself a cup, since Simon will NOT ever do it for me. Doesn’t he get that I’m the one who feeds him and cleans out his litter box? A little reciprocation would be nice, kitty.


I think. It snowed a bit today, but didn’t stick. Turned to rain instead. I made a serious error in trying to keep out the cold. Put up mylar curtain panels in the windows, which worked beautifully keeping it warmer, but I couldn’t see out. By the second day, I was seriously depressed and non-functioning. So today I took them down (put them up Friday and it’s Tuesday.) Felt better almost immediately. Amazing. Light is important. Connection to the outdoors is important. Learn something new every day, don’t I!  That’s not my window, btw.  It’s just a picture I found.  My windows ALL face North.  No sun.

>Oh, well

Obviously no one reads this but me, but that’s okay. Today I am kind of unhappy with myself. After four days of sleeping most of the time, one day out shopping with a friend, today I had hoped to actually get something done. So here I sit at the computer. I haven’t read my email for six days, but I’m not even going there yet.

I’m just overwhelmed by the mess, I think. The house isn’t dirty, but it’s cluttered beyond my ability to cope with it. I need to move a bookshelf, but first I have to remove what’s on it, and put it where? Before I can do that, I have to fold the clothes on the chair in front of it and put them away, but there is more stuff in front of the closet door. Before I can move that, I have to……………and on and on. It’s not that I have so much more stuff, it’s just that my organization went out the window the whole first of the year when I was so ill with the fibro, and as I’ve slowly gotten better, just keeping up with the dishes and the normal tidying up is pretty much all I can manage. So things just sit where they are.

I’m not happy about it, and I know I need help, but who will help me? There really isn’t anyone, so I know I have to do it myself. I just can’t. Not now, anyway. But I will, eventually. I hope.