We’re having a heat wave. Oh, joy. It’s barely noon, and it’s in the 90’s. Fortunately, I have central air.

Have been feeling crap, went to doctor, got an antibiotic for a tooth/ear? thing, and slowly feeling better. Slowly. I think it’s leftover from the tooth infection from March. Seven days of antibiotics is never enough. I actually had to convince the doctor to give me these, and ten days worth. Doctors! They can be difficult. You have to stand up for yourself with them.

Need a shot of energy, but it’s not happening so far. So many things I want to do, so few things actually get done. I remember energy, and pain-free me, and getting things done. I’d like that me back, please.

Split up my huge spider plant, now I have two big pieces and no pots to put them in. Oh, well. They just keep on reproducing all the time, so I think I can toss these and not feel too bad about it. My little Christmas cactus that just sat there for years has gone crazy since I repotted and moved it. It seems happy now. Happy cactus. Why is it called cactus, since it isn’t one. I had one that a neighbor gave me years ago, and one year it bloomed for six months straight. I hadn’t moved it or repotted it or anything, it just went bananas that year. I like plants. I miss my garden a lot sometimes. Digging in the dirt is fun.

Been reading tons of fan fiction. I have tons of books to read, too, but none of them appeal right now. Everything I do in life seems to be based on my mood at the time. I wish I was one of those people who did things because they need to be done, but I’m more ‘do it when the mood hits me’. And I actually have energy. That’s a big thing, too, Not as tired as I was this time last week, so progress is being made.

I put some little bowls with baking soda and orange essential oils around the house, because being shut up it gets this weird odor. It’s from the rug, which was old old old when I moved in eighteen years ago, and they won’t replace it while I live here. Maybe carpet cleaners would help? I want to have the organizer back, too. I used to be so good at organizing, but illness seems to have robbed me of that skill, or else it’s just living in this tiny little prison box that’s sapped my ability to think of ways of doing things. I don’t know. Bringing in fresh eyes is a good thing, and she’s not out of my price range, so long as I’m careful with my money for the month. Done rambling for today. Stay cool, people.