It’s a rainy day in the neighborhood. Have I mentioned that I love rainy days. It just very suddenly cooled down probably 15 degrees, too. I was just warm with the fan on not five minutes ago, and now I am thinking fan off, sweater. I love it.

I am having a useless kind of day, or maybe non-productive is a better term. I am tired and hurting from doing some stairs on Thursday. Interesting how pain does not appear right away when you have fibromyalgia. It can take days, and then it can last many, many more days than is reasonably reasonable. But it was worth it. It almost always is. If you’re going to have pain, it might as well be from doing something fun, right?

I am scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through Tumblr. After an initial WTF, I have learned to love Tumblr, which is amazing, so long as you are careful who you follow, and who who you follow follows. LOL I’ve been reading lots of words. It has affected my brain, apparently. Not a bad thing in my book.

Anyway, lord do people like to whinge on Tumblr. Nobody can do anything right as far as some people are concerned, and I am flabbergasted at how someone’s words can be twisted and seemingly deliberately misunderstood to give people more comfort in living with their victimhood. There are people who are trying to do the right thing, people who are trying to express themselves, and if you are on a hair-trigger to find fault with everything, then I think people will eventually just quit trying. I don’t know. It’s very frustrating. I read a thing about Benedict Cumberbatch that said he ‘literally’ equated autism with Frankenstein’s monster, and totally put down autistic people, and said they should not be encouraged to try…screw this. Going to look for the quote. Anyway, I looked it up, and it did not seem to me that he said that at all. He was trying to make a point and his words were twisted to suit the person’s own agenda, it seems. Judge for yourself when I find the darn thing and put it here:

“I think it’s a really dangerous thing to toy with that,” he says while promoting “The Imitation Game” at the Toronto Film Festival. “People talk about me doing that quite a lot and that being a good thing for people who are on the spectrum, which is great. But I don’t go into a job going, ‘Is this autism? Is this Asperger’s? Is this some other form of slight learning difficulty or disability?’ I’m very wary of that, because I’ve met people with those conditions. It’s a real struggle all the time. Then these people pop up in my work and they’re sort of brilliant, and they on some levels almost offer false hope for the people who are going through the reality of it.”

He says specifically of Holmes and Turing on the autism spectrum: “Though Sherlock is an immediate comparison, they’re so different. Sherlock is a sociopathic show-off, and Alan was anything but that. I don’t think he was on the spectrum. I think a lot of people are very lazy with that.”

Apparently the Frankenstein thing is elsewhere and you’re going to have to google it yourself if you’re interested, but anyway, here’s what someone posted:

“Benedict Cumberbatch literally compared autistic kids to Frankenstein’s monster and said that we shouldn’t give autistic people ‘false hope’ by showing them in a positive light

please stop supporting him”

That is NOT what he said.

Here’s another example of ‘can’t do anything right’:

“the reason the “It Gets Better” campaign got so much traction was because it removed non-queer people from any responsibility to actually change things, and instead, let them just encourage queer and trans kids to deal with the oppression till they happened to find a group of people who were like them so they could be less alone” Really? That’s what you think?

Also, I am upset because I thought “Kingsmen” was going to be cute and funny, and apparently it is not, and it’s another movie I won’t watch because I am so over sad and miserable, and have had it up to here with character deaths. So screw you, Hollywood, or whoever else is making this crap.

Oooo, thunder!!!!

Okay, enough ranting for today, I think. Rain. Woo Hoo!

Having a Good Day

SPvioletsbflyIt’s a lovely day. Not too warm, so not sticky. I hate sticky. Had fun with my homemaker, talking gardening, among other things. Got to go out yesterday, dentist, then lunch and herb place, which was really great. They have goats and poultry and lovely grounds and a stand of bamboo and lots of bamboo things and info and it was just really nice to rub herb leaves for the scents, and I miss my garden something fierce. My money used to go on books and plants as my main expenditures. When I had money, and a place to keep lots of books and a garden.

This was on Tumblr today, and unfortunately for all of us, it is so true:

the 1950s


I am feeling wordy today. Every comment I’ve made on Tumblr has been long. This has become my day to go out, only this week not so much, so I guess I am missing the human interaction. Have not spoken to another person in person since Friday. Ah, the lonely life. On the other hand, it is 1pm, and I am still in my pajamas, so life is good. 🙂 Took me half an hour to find a stupid picture, so now it’s 1:30 and I’m still in my pajamas.

I am amazed how different I am when whatever I have that Prednisone helps with is helped. I like it. Can’t wait for the doctor to tell me to cut the dose. you will listen

Me and Facebook:2a (5)

Brain Games

Reading an article. Accidentally jostled. This is what I was reading, set up like this on the page:
“something was evidently
amiss. … was employed by the National Institute of Mental

My jostled brain put together what it though it saw and read “was employed by the National Institute of Mentally amiss”

Aha, I thought. That describes me perfectly. Made my day. 2a (3)

Parks And Recreation

image from HuffingtonPost.com from huffington postSo I want to talk about this show. I never watched it on regular tv, but now I am doing mini-marathons on Netflix. I thought it was kind of lame at first, but I am into the third season and I am loving it. It occurs to me that if I had watched it on regular tv, with waiting and waiting and waiting through innumerable commercial breaks, and waiting for a week to go by for the next episode, or months for the next season, I would never have stuck with it. You can only really appreciate it when you see it as one entity, I think. This has nothing to do with anything, but it came to me while I’m sitting here pretending to myself that yes, I am awake after being up all night and then sleeping for about three hours this morning. Feel free to ignore this post. 🙂

This: 2 percent milk

is from here:
Andy Dwyer Quotes

I don’t either, Andy.


Midnight-Oil-Credit-Andrej-LugezSo I’m listening to Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil, Beds Are Burning
whose lead singer I’ve read is now the Environmental Minister in Australia, well done you.  Anyone, they sing, “Let’s give it back.” and I’m thinking, “Like that would ever happen.”  Angry, cynical me.  I don’t really have a personal reason.  I mean, I have a really good life, in spite of my illness. I have a decent place to live, enough food, medical care.  Everything I need.  I just keep reading about all the shit humans do to one another, and the crap corporations pull, and the morons in Congress, and it just makes me furious.  Not sure what to do about that, except never go on line, and “Like that would ever happen.”  😉  So sorry, people.  Don’t mean to be a dick.  It’s just frustrating.

On a bright side, I downloaded iTunes on my pc, since I never use my macbook, and I don’t have an ipod or anything.  Great sound, and you can set it so things play at the same sound level so there’s no turning the sound up and down continuously, which drives me crazy.  Er.  Crazier.  It’s a joke.  Duh!

I am making lovely chicken stuff for dinner.  Thighs, carrots, potatoes, wine, chicken broth, rosemary.  It is smelling heavenly.  I’m cooking.  Yay, me.

A Couple of Things

On here: thebacklot meme

Not a big fan of some things that have gone on in Ireland, but the anti-marriage equality people demonstrated some real class in their loss. Then there is quite a bit about the Duggars, and the way we do things in America if you have connections or are a celebrity. It does disgust. Seriously.

Update:  Another side to the Duggar business.  I am torn, because the people surrounding the first bit I posted are scum, but this person puts out a logical argument for consideration regarding Josh Duggar.  Not Christian, not religious, but I kind of agree with her on this.  At what age do you become mature enough to understand the true consequences of your actions?  It seems they did the right things by reporting it, etc., what else could they have done besides not be complete hypocrites later on?  Opinions, anyone?



imagesI’ve been doing really well recently, thank you 5 mg Prednisone, but then last night I kept waking up in pain, and I’ve been in more than usual pain all day. Why? I had a cup of cold (not iced, I haven’t made ice yet) coffee last night, which I never do. I expected to be awake all night, not asleep but in pain. Coincidence? Only the Shadow knows, apparently. lt has gotten really cold, too. I had to close the windows and turn on the electric fireplace. Could this be a factor? The cold, not the fireplace. Duh! It’s supposed to be (oh, the horrors!!!) hot and sticky next week. Anyway…. Yeah, I don’t expect anyone to know the answer. 🙂

Oh, Man


Trying to figure out how many posts show on a page, and can’t find it. Where is it? Meanwhile, found a thing that said I have 73 spam replies. Good grief! So how do you tell if it’s really spam or a legit comment? Some are obvious:

“What i do not realize is in truth how you are now not actually a lot more
neatly-preferred than you may be now. You are very intelligent.
You know thus considerably in relation to this topic, made
me in my view consider it from so many numerous angles.
Its like women and men are not interested unless it is one thing to accomplish with Woman gaga!
Your own stuffs nice. All the time deal with it up!”

Yeah, I think that’s spam. LOL

Something Pretty

to take your minds off the fact that yesterday I shopped at





Needed a new phone, couldn’t find a decent, not too expensive one elsewhere. Really, really hated myself for shopping there. I noticed that the employees I saw did not smile and were not at all friendly, either. Can’t imagine why not. “Yeah, you’re here buying all kinds of cool things (I didn’t), and I’m living on food stamps.” (Punctuation Patrol, I really wanted to put a comma after ‘expensive’ but couldn’t make up my mind if it is correct or not. Anyone? Beuller?)

Anyway, here’s the ‘take your mind off the horror’ thing:

And The Wind Does Blow

This is in drafts?!!?I love the sound.  The wind blew quite a lot in Colorado.  When I was a child there.  It’s a very comforting sound to me.  We used to visit my great-uncle up in the mountains.  He lived in a cabin in the woods, and kept wolves.  He was actually from Maine, originally, and had been a trapper, I think.  There were tall pines all around, and the wind sounded like a train coming through.  The smell of the pines was wonderful, too.  And wood smoke.  There was a river quite a distance from the cabin, and I would go there with my mom to pick watercress.  Fond memories. 

It was the cottonwoods that made the soothing rustling sound around our house.  I remember long evenings at my grandparent’s house, sitting on the porch swing and just listening.  I lived with them, right across the alley from my parent’s house, til I started school.  There was a huge old cottonwood in their front yard, and I could walk around it, feet and hands clinging to the rough bark, never touching the ground.   Hearing the wind blow always brings those days back to mind.

I miss that, sometimes.  My grandfather killing a chicken for tomorrow night’s chicken and dumplings, my mom and my gramma baking bread and making apple butter.  Fresh from the oven bread, with butter and still warm apple butter.  God, I grew up in the Walton’s.  We even had a little store us kids would walk to.  Once a month, my gramma would send me down to pay the store bill, and the man would let me pick  a
small  bagful of penny candy. 

Reminiscing.  It’s a good thing.


I have got myself slightly crocked.  Almost talked myself into going across the street for more wine and chips\crisps, depending on your local.  Then I reminded myself that there is still plenty of wine in the bottle, and chips are only on my radar because dental tech told me what to if I
ate some and started bleeding.  So I did not go out.  Drat!