>Sleep..it’s not on the agenda

>I’ve been up since 7am yesterday. It’s 8:30 am now. Was very tired and ready for sleep at 11 last night, but once in bed I was wide awake. I hate when that happens, and it happens a lot. I wish someone would come up with a cure for at least the sleep issues that accompany fibro/cfs. Anyway, I am expecting to be quite foggy today, and will probably fall asleep in time to miss Galactica. Fortunately, it’s replayed in the On Demand free section. Or I can watch it online, I think, but it’s more comfortable to watch from the recliner than from the desk chair. Gertrude thinks so, too, cause she sits on my lap when I’m in the recliner, but not when I’m using the desk chair. Off to have my coffee. Caffeine….it’s a good thing. Before I forget, here’s the White House blog site, if anyone is interested.



>Been trying to reply to a comment on here, but it won’t show up. ???

Today the sun is shining. Yes! After snow, rain, sleet, whatever, yesterday, it is cold and slippery out, but the sun is shining. Hooray.

I am trying to do some rearranging in the kitchen today, but of course get sidetracked playing on here, and my brain is kind of foggy so having trouble deciding where to put what. But I’ll get it done. Maybe not today, but………

>My Quiet Day

>Having a quiet day reading blogs and cooking Oven Stew, which I figured out I haven’t made in about fifteen years. Time does fly, whether you’re having fun or not. I did go out today, to the post office and across the street for wine and cash. Yes, they sell cash at Tedeschi’s. No they don’t. But they do have an ATM.

Another great Galactica last night. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t followed this show. It is not only dark and intense, it is topical. Lots of comparisons to the world we have been living in for the past eight years. But Felix. Is he angry because of being put off from seeing the doctor, or is that just a last straw due to what happened in the webisodes? What if you didn’t see the webisodes? What if you didn’t know there were webisodes? Is that fair? I love a show that makes you think, though. How would you react in these or those circumstances? Why didn’t we do something about

UPDATE: I WAS having a quiet day, and then my computer went haywire. Lots of those beeps that never tell you why they are beeping or what to do about it, so hard shutdown and unplug were the order of the day. Working fine now, but this blog is a little screwed up. I was typing the first section when the beeps went off, so do I know what the problem was/is? Well, of course not. Will try to fix it, though. I am a good fixer. My point above, before I was so rudely cut off, was why didn’t we do something about what was going on during the last admin? Why did we let them get away with torture? Kara seemed to really enjoy torturing Leoben in Galactica. Why did we allow them to take away our freedoms in the name of fear? Are we really a nation of sheep, as a famous book once posited? Maybe we are. It’s a shame, really.

MORE UPDATE: I fixed it. Yay, me.


>What a speech! What.A.Speech!
It was so inspirational, and at the same time touched on everything that was wrong with the previous administration. Much more politely than I could/would have. But he really told it like it is, I thought. I hope everyone either saw it or gets to see it. I am so proud to be a part of this America.

>It’s Here

>(Click picture to Enlarge)

Inauguration Day! History in progress, and we are all part of it. I am so proud to be an American today. I am proud of Massachusetts for having had an African-American senator, for having it’s first ever African-American governor, and for being part of electing the first ever African-American president. I’m thinking that this bodes well for our country, that this has happened in spite of things like the woman not even taking McCain’s word for it that Obama is not a Muslim, like that’s the worst thing that could happen. In spite of all the hatred that was spewed during the campaign, besides all the prejudice fomented over the last…forever, we did it. I am so proud, and so happy to have been a part of this by voting. I helped create an historical event. So did all of you who voted, as well. “It’s a good day for America” Craig Ferguson. I do like Craig Ferguson, and Obama, and America on this day. We did it. I am also infinitely grateful to my mother for teaching me from the first moment I ever saw an African-American, that it’s not what is on the outside that matters. Inside, we are all one people. I had a good mother.


>It’s not too cold to snow, apparently, since we had quite a bit. Trees and power lines are coated. Very pretty.

I’m still mulling over Friday’s Battlestar Galactica. So many happenings that were completely unexpected. This show is so intense and well-written and riveting, I hate that there are only nine more episodes. I am onto the third disc of the first season from Netflix, so I get to see it all over again. Lovely.

I’ve gone through my recipe box and made a list of things I’d like to cook while I’m still well enough to do it. I planned an entire meals’ menu for next week, which would serve four, but I’ll be eating it for awhile. Or maybe freeze some of it. The lasagna I froze a few weeks ago is great. Pop it out of the container into a bowl, put a saucer on top, and nuke it for a few minutes. Dinner is served. There are still three servings in the freezer.

I’m still sleeping odd hours, but not really caring, since I don’t have any activities for awhile that require me to be up and presentable by a certain hour. Very relaxing not to feel pressured. Finding lots to read on the web, and since I like reading, I’m enjoying myself. There is so much info about so many things. Things I would never even know existed without my computer. I don’t feel isolated at all. Kind of nice. That’s it for now.

>I’m baaaack

>Definitely cold out there. I walked to the post office and then stood outside for a bit, so I was outside for about ten minutes all together. It was icy in a couple of spots, and I was nervous about falling, but did okay. I wore my special shoes whose brand I cannot think of at the moment, but they have bumps on the bottoms to help when it’s slippery. Youngest DD gave them to me. They’re very comfortable, too.

Today I am going to fold and put away the laundry, and make something with ground turkey. Not sure what yet. I also have some papers to sort, but I get on here and time just goes by. It’s more fun on here. Off to get some coffee and warm up the innards.


>It’s 12 degrees outside at 8:22am. Yes, I’m up this early, only because I’ve been up all night. I am about to go outside. Yes, I am crazy, but I need to get some daylight, and I took an SAD test which said the optimum time for me to get some daylight begins at 8:15am for me. I’m already late. Be back later, if I don’t freeze in place on the sidewalk.


>Gertrude is sleeping in her chair and making strangely peculiar noises. Not exactly snoring, but sort of. Hard to explain. I need to get a picture of her in that chair, since she has given up her box and blanket and claimed the chair as her own.

I went outside again today, briefly. Again with the briefly. But I got some fresh air, even if I didn’t walk anywhere. It’s icy out. Going to get really, really cold in the next day or so, too. Standing outside the front door on the sidewalk is about all I can hope for.

Part of the computer is frozen AGAIN, so I will have to do a hard shutdown later. Most of what I need is working, though, so I can still use it. I am enjoying all this alone time. I go to bed when I’m tired, and get up when I get up. 3pm today. Every night I seem to stay up later. I like night. No one bothers me. Not that anyone bothers me during the day either, but the possibility is there.

Got another book to read when I do go to bed. Fiction, this time. I like to read. Yes, I do. I am happy to be feeling pretty well lately, too. Happy is good. So say we all. GALACTICA starts Friday. Wooo Hooo!

>Monday (repost)

>Okay, that’s so not me, but it is cold and sunny today. After many days of not sleeping at night and getting up in the afternoon, today I actually made it up at 1pm. So I went outside…….briefly. But I got some daylight, and that’s the goal.

Since I’ve been alone so much lately, I have really been having fun on my computer. I’ve found a lot of new sites with lots to read. Have I mentioned?…I have over 7,000 bookmarks. Oh, do I need to weed them out. But there’s a lot of good stuff in there I’ve saved to reread, or to help when there’s a problem with this machine. I really love my computer.

>Recovery Day

>I tend to forget that I need recovery days. It was cold, wet and slippery earlier, but I really wanted to go out, even if just to stand on the sidewalk outside the door for a bit. But I was just too tired. I had a nap instead. I will do better. I just have to remember pacing and recovery. Pacing and recovery. Two very important aspects of fibro/chronic fatigue.

I got a really interesting book at the library yesterday: Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin. She is an autistic woman who works with cattle for the government, and she talks about how both animals and autistic people think visually instead of with words. It is a good insight into how brains can work differently but still work efficiently and cleverly. She works with cattle, so that’s her focus, but she touches on dogs and cats and how you can interpret their behaviour by understanding what they see. I think it’s also very illuminating into how the autistic mind works. So if you know someone who is autistic, this book is a valuable resource, in my opinion.

I was really happy to have a book when I went to bed last night. I have always been a reader, and always had a book to read before I went to sleep, until I got really sick. Even when I was still able to work, I would read several books a week. I’ve missed books, even though I’ve had some here and there over the years. I’ve read my own books many times, as well. I love books. I love the feel of the book in my hands, the smell, turning the pages, the whole reading experience of books. I read online, too, but it is a completely different experience. I much prefer books. Real, printed word, bound pages, nicely covered books.

I don’t have nearly as many books as I used to have. For a time, when I was really sick and very isolated, I thought my life was over and I was just waiting to die. I started divesting myself of things, and began with books. I gave away all of my Agatha Christies, my Rex Stouts, my Robert B. Parkers, among others. I kept only my non-fiction, and not all of that. I was in the library one day and saw a book on the shelf. “I have that book” says I to myself. Picked it up, opened it, and saw it WAS my book. I had given it to the library a few years earlier. I used to keep lists of what I’ve read and what I wanted to read, favorite authors, books I’d read or hear about. Who knows, I may still have them stashed away somewhere.

I just bought a copy of “The Magic Apple Tree”, a favorite book I used to read seasonally. I’d get my copy from the library. Saw it mentioned on a blog, and just had to order it from Amazon. It was only a few dollars, but so much enjoyment packed into those pages. Books are my friends.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow I will have enough energy to go out. If I don’t walk, I will ellipse. I will.

>Success on Day One

>Well, I did it. I went out. Twice! Snow is coming in very soon, so I kind of had to go to the post office again to pick up a package the mailman didn’t deliver yesterday. My ibuprofen had not kicked in yet and walking was very painful and swervy. LOL Brought the package home, rested and stretched a bit, then back out. I ordered a book from the library this morning, so I wanted to walk up and get it while the sidewalks are still negotiable. So I did. Stopped across the street on the way back for a bottle of wine and some English Muffins, then home. The picture is pretty much what I looked like on the way back from the library. Only I do NOT carry a purse. Ever. Well, almost never. If it doesn’t fit in my pockets, it doesn’t go out with me. I was very tired and still in pain, though not as bad as earlier. But I did it. I went out—–twice. I am proud of me. Tomorrow I will probably be hobbling around here holding onto walls, but today….I went out twice. This is big for me, ever since I had that really bad year a while back. I got really de-conditioned and now I have to try and re-condition me. Let’s hope.

Been finding some really good recipes on other blogs and on Tastespotting. Too bad I don’t cook much. Some of the recipes are even healthy. I keep finding more blogs on all sorts of subjects. I should add them to my blog roll here, I guess. At least they are something to read when I don’t have a book. I learn a lot, find a lot of interesting and/or helpful information, and some good ideas for the pc, or for life in general. I do wish I could write as well as some (most) of the bloggers I read, and had things to say that were even half as interesting.

Whatever the failings of computers, and the web, and the internet, it is a connection to a world most of us would never have even been aware of. People from all over the world blog. Any subject you can imagine has a site somewhere. You can find anything and everything to buy, you can even sell your own stuff. I love my computer. It is my window on the world.

>Proud and Appalled

>I am both right now. Proud because even though I’ve been up all night, I got dressed and went out. I walked the half block to the post office and back. I sat on a bench for a few minutes on the way back. It’s chilly and the wind has a little bite, but it was great to be outside at 9am. I’m usually asleep at that time.

Appalled because it took me a while to convince myself to go out, and before I even got my coat on my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding. Mind you, I don’t usually go out alone anyway, and since my friend Tess has been under the weather for about a month, I haven’t been out at all. I have issues. What can I say? The worst part is, however, that I have been inactive for so long, that not only was walking very painful, I was huffing and puffing and am close to exhausted now that I’m back home.

So. I hereby declare that I am going to go out when walking is possible (no ice), and use my ellipse when I can’t go out. I will post here daily to brag about my success. How’s that for positive thinking?

Usually what happens when I resolve to do something, I seem to go into a flare and am incapacited for a long period of time. But barring that, I AM going to follow through. Watch me.

>It’s Happened

>Hi. My name is Jean, and I’m a webaholic. It’s true. Since there’s no good way of getting out of the house lately, and there is so very, very little that is watchable on the telly, I have been spending more time each day on my little desktop. I am now at the point where I turn it on when I get up, eat my meals in front of it, and stay up way later than normal because I can’t convince myself to turn it off. I’ve read all my books several times each, and there’s not a lot else going on. So here I am. Now, where’s the coffee and donuts?