>Holy Crap

>Who IS this ‘average American’?


This just seems unbelievable to me. I personally eat probably about a pound of red meat a year, yes, a year, for one thing. No artificial sweeteners if I know about it. I avoid things with corn syrup, I seldom eat fish, I only use olive oil and real butter. Gee, what do I eat? Meusli with whole milk, those ‘healthy’ frozen dinners, Indian food that comes in boil it packets (with added couscous), pizza now and then, hummus and pita bread. I’m sure there’s more. There must be more, right? LOL

>Another Meme

>Type your name into the search at urbandictionary.com.

Mine resulted in this:

Fun, sympathetic, and charming. Witty, brilliant, and an excellent friend. Unless you want your friends to call you. Ever.

That’s so true. The not calling, I mean. I always just assume that if someone wants to talk to me, they’ll call me. Plus, I hate to be a bother to people who all have much busier lives than I do. On the other hand, I am witty and brilliant. And loads of fun. Yes. Yes, I am.

>It’s Hot

>Did I say it’s HOT?

I know, I’ve been quiet for awhile. It’s hot, I’ve been alone most of the time, and I get used to not communicating. Also, I’ve been alone most of the time, so there really isn’t a lot going on to blog about. Been doing okay with the illness. Still having the up all day and all night, sleep all day and all night thing off and on. Not much I can do about it. I’ve been kind of bummed, too. Being alone all the time does that, I guess.

I did manage to go through all of my music and video files and do a good clear out of duplicates and things I ask myself, “Why am I saving this?”. Backed them all up to sticks, too, as well as the usual Mozy backup. I am going to see if I can put my vids on DVD to watch on tv. I assume I can do that, but haven’t ever tried it. Research time, it seems.

Here’s an extended video of “Where in the World is Matt?”, from today’s Astronomy of the Day picture. I like this vid.


>I LOVE my a/c

>It is 95 degrees Fahrenheit, with a dew point of 72. I love central air. Love it.

Bit of a debacle yesterday. I was up for a couple of days, and when I finally slept, I really slept….right through several phone calls, the door buzzer, knocking on my door, all to the concern of my poor homemaker, who has to work on holidays. All sorted, with calls to the home office (homemaker’s work place), and calls from the home office, and calls from the elder services. Good to know there are people out there who care. They even involved my friend Tess, who is my emergency contact. She thought it was funny, cause she knows I have the ‘awake a long time, sleep like a rock a long time’ thing that happens periodically.

Here’s a quote I came across:

All that happens is that the destruction of human beings (unless they’re Americans) is called collateral damage. Harold Pinter

It kind of makes me sad how poorly the rest of the world thinks of us, but we do deserve it sometimes. I’ve always voted for the people I thought shared my ideals and would make good leaders, but they haven’t always won. The majority of Americans seem to have gone off the rails since 9/11, and lost their ability to think for themselves and have become reliant of anyone who makes them feel safe and right. Right in their ignorance, their prejudice, their bigotry, (prejudice/bigotry, bigotry/prejudice, same things said differently?)their need to feel better than. Better than almost everyone who isn’t them. I’m sorry world, that my country has come to this. It’s not the country I was raised to believe it was. Not anymore, anyway. Maybe it never was, and I was just too young and naive to realize. That’s it for now. Gertrude needs to sit on my lap, apparently, and typing isn’t easy in that situation. LOL


>Discussing Tastespotting.com with my friend Tess awhile ago, I sort of figured out why I don’t cook anymore. Besides the energy each individual step takes, I have to think about each individual step…focus on each step. All the things I used to just do automatically are now individual obstacles to overcome on the way to the completed dish. Getting out each pan/utensil/ingredient. Prepping each pan/ingredient. Washing each veg, peeling each veg, chopping/slicing each veg, getting out the oil, putting the oil in the pan, turning on the burner/oven, remembering to turn OFF the burner/oven. Each step takes energy, thought, focus, concentration, dealing with pain caused by standing, chopping, whatever. Having to take rest breaks in the middle of chopping or stirring or whatever. All the things we take for granted and just DO when we are healthy become monumental hurdles to overcome. Even making toast requires remembering to take the toast out of the toaster when it is ready and not just sitting down at the computer and finding cold toast or tea or whatever next time you go into the kitchen for a drink of water. I eat a lot of yogurt and cereal and frozen dinners.