Gertrude and I observed Earth Hour last night. We played ‘bird’ for about 40 minutes, then sat quietly til the hour was up. It’s never truly dark in here since I live directly across from a convenience store, but it was peaceful and she enjoyed the game. She likes to play, that cat. She’s much more out-going now that Simon is gone, but still reacts badly to almost anything unusual. Under the bed she goes. Poor baby.

I was up late again, after sleeping yesterday, so didn’t get up til 3:30 today. I would so like to be ‘normal’ and sleep at night. It only ever lasts for a day or two in a row, then my inner clock goes haywire again.

It’s very gray and a bit foggy today, but still not too cold. It’s only in the low forties now, at 7pm. Green things are popping up here and there, too. Spring is sprung. I won’t bore you with the rest of that little ditty. *smile*

>Not my best day. Didn’t sleep well, woken up early by phone call from my old friend Private Name, Private Number, dozed, up at 9:30, zoned in front of computer, back to bed at 1:30, up at 5:30. Fun day. Later a scan found a trojan on here and deleted it, but I need to be more careful. I usually scan everything before I install, but clearly I missed something.

It’s been beautiful spring weather the past couple of days. In the fifties. Yesterday and the day before I went out with a friend to Joanne’s and the Christmas Tree Shop. I got a nice 4 inch thick round cushion for Gertrude to veg on, a watering can at CTS for a dollar that was 7.99 in Joanne’s the day before. I also got some new dish cloths and dish towels at CST. Nice and nice and cheap, too.

There is so much that needs doing, it is not a good idea to use my energy running around and shopping, but who wouldn’t choose fun over cooking and decluttering? When you only have so many spoons, you HAVE to choose, and I usually choose getting out of here. I’m lucky I am able to. For a long time, I had no way to get anywhere and no one to go there with anyway. So I enjoy it a lot now that I can.

Sometimes I envy those of you with partners. Someone to lean on, to go places with, to take over when you are non-functional, but sometimes I think it’s much easier to be alone and not have to feel guilty all the time for not being able to do what’s needed. Sometimes, though, it would be heaven to have someone who would just make me a cup of tea. Happy Spring everyone.


>I fix-ed my blog. I had help from the blogger group. An old post in not great english explained what to do. Happy Days.

I’m sorry Live Journal, but I just don’t love you like I do Blogger.

Update on my little old self. I think the combo of fibro, which doesn’t want me to sleep at night, and chronic fatigue, which wants me to sleep for ages, is really fighting with each other. I don’t think that’s good grammer, but I’ve been up all night. After several days of maybe sleeping three or four hours at a go, I slept all day one day then Monday night I went to sleep about 12:30am and woke up at 5:30 pm Tuesday, was up til 8:30 and had to go back to bed. Slept four more hours. Been up ever since. It is 10:30 Wednesday morning. My life is such fun. At least I am awake during daylight today. How refreshing. I cannot get this sleep thing under control, no matter how I try or what I do or what I take.

This evening I am going to a resident’s board meeting. It’s housing, because I get section 8 rental assistance from the housing department, and I am friends with the director and she asked me. Yay, me. Get to pretend to be a real person for a half hour or so. LOL

Spring is springing, although it’s still been pretty cold. There were one or two days where open windows were possible, and looking forward to more.

I cut my Zoloft down to 75 mls about a week ago, and my pain level has increased, but I am going to wait it out. I think the brain has to readjust itself whenever there is an increase/decrease in the meds, and that takes time. Hope it doesn’t take too long.

>I keep having problems with this blog. It won’t let me add things, or change the background. I may wind up moving it. Meanwhile, here’s a few things I’ve found today:

About Chronic Fatigue


Have you forgotten the fires in Australia?


Do your part. It’s easy. Just click.


>I lost my latest homemaker due to agency reshuffling of staff, and I am seriously considering going it alone for awhile. I worked out a schedule of what absolutely needs doing with rest time in between things, and spread out over the week. Case worker is supposed to come tomorrow, but since we are due to have a major snowstorm, it may not happen.

Had a good day yesterday. Was invited to a friend’s for dinner and conversation, and then I slept most of today. Right now I am cooking a pork loin in the crockpot with apple cider. Hope it turns out well.

I’m thinking about adding things that might be interesting to someone besides myself to this blog. Maybe links to articles, or other blogs, or whatever.