So we took her back this morning. It was hard, but they were really nice and not at all surprised. They knew she had issues. Shelter director said they knew someone with an indoor/outdoor facility they could place her at. She is not a good people cat, and I think she will thrive with being able to be outside and run around. Going to miss her, though, but I need my eyes. Oh, well. Did a lot of swearing. 🙂


I have decided to take her back to the shelter. She keeps slapping me for no reason I can determine, and has just missed my eye four times. Tonight was the fourth, and she caught me hard on the side of my nose just below my eye. It hurt, and bled a lot. I do not want to lose an eye, and since I can’t figure out what her problem is, I have to look out for myself. This is very hard, because I’m really attached to her, she is so cute and affectionate most of the time, but I want to keep both my eyes. Life sucks sometimes. What will happen to her? She is dangerous and unpredictable. Who would take her, knowing that, and I will impress the dangerous factor on them at the shelter. Rats.

Snowstorm Not

Got some snow, most didn’t even stick.  Pretty cold and windy, though.  Saw the dentist, he filled the tooth instead of removing it.  Yay.  I was soooo tired all day, too.  Had to have blood drawn at my doctor’s after the dentist.  Then to the store for soft food and yogurt.  Came home, ate and took pain meds, changed, read email, clunked on the couch. Was in so much all over pain and so exhausted, I could barely walk.  Kept falling alseep off and on the rest of the day, then slept pretty well last night.  Better today.  I think part of it was the infection, the getting up at 7:30 am, and the going down to 2mg prednisone.  This is the lowest I’ve been on in years.  Hope my body kicks in and does what it’s supposed to when you’re NOT on prednisone.  I plan to stay on 2mg for a month, then 1mg for a month, then I have a couple of halves to finish off with.  I want to be done with this.  The things it does to your body are not good.  On the good side of it all, the lower the dose, the more weight I am losing.  Hooray.

I’m puzzled.  How do you ask for help when everyone else has their own issues to deal with, and not wanting to be too needy.  I was dumped by a friend once for being ‘too needy’ when the situation that caused this was brought on by the friend, not me, so I am very wary of asking for anything from anybody.  My wonderful friend Tess, who drives me everywhere, thinks this is silly, but I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  For her to get sick of having to be the giver all the time.  I can’t and would not ever ask her to do more than she already does, anyway.  So what do you do when you can’t manage things and there is no one to help.  Hire people?  Do I look like Ms Gotrocks?  My bedroom is unusable, because thinks have been dumped in there by me and various homemakers, and everything is out of the closet because of the water heater, and I do not have energy to organize it.  I need help with that, and there is no one to help.  So what do you do?  Any ideas?  Anyone?  Please?

2a (3)

I have decided to call the cat CeeCee, for Crazy Cat, since she so is that.  Poor thing.  Her shelter name is Luna, which I just could not wrap my head around calling her that.  So it was’ Lunatic’, and ‘Gertrude, I mean Luna’, and then just ‘Gertrude’.  But she’s NOT Gertrude.  I still miss Gertrude.  She was so sweet.  CeeCee I can do, so hope she isn’t too confused.  She still slaps me now and then, but hasn’t really bitten or scratched me in a while.  She does grab my ankle as I walk by sometimes, and I finally realized that she want to play when she does that.  She loves the laser light thingy, and gallops around after it, sounding like an elephant. She is so darn cute.

Oh, well,  Tired again.  Hoping to Get Something Done today, but we’ll see how that goes.  Gave all the veggies I was going to use in soup, etc., to Tess, because cooking is just not on right now.  There are some pretty good frozen dinner things in the stores, much better than the tv dinners of old.  Yesterday I had butternut squash and sage ravioli, organic, and very, very tasty.  That’s enough for today, I think. 

Another Storm

tomorrow.  Sunny early, clouded up in prep for tomorrow.  Not sure how bad it’s going to be this time.   I have the dentist at NINE. A. M.  9am.  I don’t get to sleep til 4 or 5am.  It was the only opening they had, though.  Have to take the cracked tooth out,  maybe surgically.  Good thing I am not afraid of the dentist, and this guy is really great.  I had the dentist from hell when I was a small child, and nothing else has ever been that bad.  So no fear.

Saw an article about a new service where they condense non-fiction books so they can be read in fifteen minutes.  Apparently, the pleasures of reading are losing to our need to be constantly on the go.  Also, being on line greatly reduces your attention span anyway.

Here’s Crazy Cat earlier.  Who needs expensive toys, right?


Was looking for something in it. Didn’t find it, but lots of other good stuff. And this:
I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.
— Flannery O’Connor
Only I would have to say I talk because I don’t know what I think until I say it. Discovered this in therapy. Would say something, then ‘Whoa. Didn’t know that was in there.’ Interesting.

Maintenance came and glued down the cracked bit of kitchen flooring and pulled up the rug in the closet. No mold. I was worried, because it was saturated after the water heater debacle. Have had a fan blowing into it ever since. Peter the Maintenance 🙂 said I could probably turn it off now, as the rug is dry, dry, dry. I like Peter, but he is so overworked it is not funny.

Very windy, very cold, mostly gray, and has been so for days on end.  not spring

Something to cheer me upMIL60024//1


Actually, I’m thinking of the song from White Christmas.  ‘Snow, snow, snow snow, snoooow.’  You know the one.  I love that movie. 

Here’s a headline from CNET.
“Alexa lives in this light switch….”
Am I the only one that finds listening devices in everything in your home just a bit creepy?

Here’s some pics I just took a bit ago, and also with a neat filter from Photo on Win10. If you click on one, it enlarges, I hope. LOL


Another one

Seems we may be having our third Nor’easter.  Lots of people are still without power from the first one, says the online news.  It is March, Mother Nature.  Springtime and all that.  Weather people have now started posting maps with highest/lowest amounts expected, so we can either have 8-12 inches of snow, or none at all.  Forecasting at it’s best, folks.

Illness related, if any cares.  Pain, pain, pain, and then more pain.  I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I have gone from doing pretty well to barely functional.  Can’t sleep. Well, sleep half an hour, pain wakes me up, awake for however long, doze a bit, more pain wakening.  Only half awake most of the time, and pain.  Fun, fun, fun.  Am getting a lot of reading done, however, so there’s a good side there.  b19cd0_853775cbc887421c9d271861f2b09e34

Another Nor’easter

I love New England. Started out just a rainy day, but snowing like crazy now. So far no big wind, but that might come later. Winter has moved to March.

Saw doctor today. Boy, they do not do physicals like they used to. Did not even need to take off any clothes. Ins won’t pay for anything more than cursory exam unless you already have an illness you are being treated for. I have said they want us all to die off so they can keep everything that exists for themselves. Rich old white men. NOT a good thing.

Talked mostly. About meds and things. She wanted me to try gabapentin for the fibro, and get a pneumonia shot. Had to get the shot at the drugstore, because ins pays for it there, but not if you get it at the doctor’s office. America. You might want to stay away, because we have gone completely bonkers here. Greed does that to you, it seems.

So at the drugstore, got the shot while discussing gabapentin with pharmacist. Opted not to take it, because the side-effects are ridiculous. May or may not get any, some, all if them, but I’m the ‘one in a million’ who got hallucinations from Tramadol, so I am cautious. Pharmacist kind of agreed with my choice, because I live alone, and double-vision, loss of coordination, tremors, among other things are just no. And if you get any of them, they do not go away as long as you are taking the med. Always ask the pharmacist. It’s their business to know these things.

Oh, and there are other meds, but ins won’t pay for them until you’ve tried the gabapentin and it didn’t work.

So still with the pain, fatigue, and insomnia. But at least I’m used to that. Trying melatonin. We’ll see how that goes. Fun times, people. Fun times.


We had the most glorious Nor’Easter yesterday.  I can say it was glorious, because I live on the second floor in a brick building with foot-thick walls, in an area which has, to my knowledge anyway, never flooded.  Many were not as fortunate, however.  My friend Tess, who lives maybe a mile from me, lost power for 9 1/2 hours.  Got pretty chill in her house, she says.  Am adding some  links to view.  My new homemaker slogged his way through to get to me and did the laundry across the street AND went to the grocery store.  He did say his car was buffeted severely as he was driving.  I’ve driven in storms like that.  Fun times.  The wind blew the rain so hard, it came in in puddles between one window and the ledge it sits on.  Needs a bit of caulking, I think.  When the wind is right, it slams into my north-facing windows.  Later, after dark, the wind changed and it snowed some, blowing the opposite direction from the earlier rain.  I love weather.  It wound down around 8pm, but didn’t stop until sometime in the night. The wind is still on, but not as fierce, and we have some sun here and there.  I was thinking, OMG if this was snow, and there’s an article on that subject as well.  We have had blizzards since I’ve lived here, but they kind of stopped several years ago.  The climate really is changing, people.  I can see it from my windows.

Here’s a picture from a Globe video.

Screenshot 2018-03-03 16.02.16

The wave is going over the top of the house.  You can see it in the video.  Neat.

Here’s a picture of my downtown taken by Bob McKeon, as was the one I posted in August 2017. He posts a lot of his pictures and town memorabilia on the ‘You Know You’re From North, If…’ facebook page.  Check it out.  Small town New England.

Downtown NA 22818

The links I promised: (Edit:  I must be tired than I thought, cause I messed up the links.  Sorry.  The live blog is better with the sound off.  Trust me.)

If It Was Snow?

Live Blog of Storm


Good Comes Out of Everything

It’s printing another page in there.


Had a bit of a disaster yesterday.  Actually, the night before.  The water heater broke and was flooding the downstairs.  Maintenance came at nine to see what was going on.  Shut off hot water.  Next morning, landlord comes by and says plumber will be here later.  Hooray.  Plumber comes.  Looks familiar, but???  Ask him to look at bathroom sink while he’s here.  ‘I’m a plumber.  I’m here.  Tell me everything you are having plumbing issues with.’  So my bathroom sink got unclogged.  You can no longer remove the center thingy to clean it out, you have to take it apart underneath and THEN take the center thingy out. Remember when you could take your car engine apart and put it back together again, then they made cars so you had to take them to be serviced with the computer stuff.  They really, really want your money, people.  Anyway, I just happened to mention the kitchen sink.  New sprayer barely works, faucet drips.  You need a new faucet.  I have one in the truck.


It’s so purty.  And separate hot/cold handles.  I like separate hot/cold handles.

‘You’ve been here before’, say I, ‘but I don’t remember why’.  ‘I thought that too.’ says he.  Mentioned closet looked neat empty.  Water heater lives in the closet, btw.  Got a nice new one with a better drain in case it breaks.  Old one (ten years old or less, I forget) cracked straight down the back.  He said they are now built to last six to ten years.  Did I mention they really want your money?  I said the landlord doesn’t really fix things unless it’s a disaster like this.  He is supposed to fix/replace the kitchen floor.  Not done.  And change the central air filters. It’s been years.  YEARS!   ‘Oh,’ says Neil/Neal? the Plumber, ‘that’s why I was here.  It was me who changed them last time.’  Can you change it now?  Yep, has a filter in truck.

I don’t know what plumbers get paid, but he earned every penny.  Up and down stairs, in and out to the truck.  Hauling out the old water heater, hauling in the new one.  At least we have an elevator in the building.  Lots of work, and it was about six hours altogether.  He said he likes being a plumber because today nothing wanted to work and yet he managed to overcome all the obstacles and fix everything and was happy.  I, too, love a challenge and like to make things work.  I do not want to be a plumber, however.  🙂

Point being, what started out as a disaster, with a soaking wet closet carpet (I hate wall to wall), got me a new heater that will drain down and out if it breaks, an unclogged sink, a new faucet, and a clean central-air filter.  Good comes out of everything.  Yep, it really does.  🙂


Gave up watching it.  Started out so cool, I loved the character and the snark and the sarcasm, and just the whole premise was intriguing.  But it has turned stupid.  Lucifer has become a super-whiny, self-absorbed idiot, the female lead’s acting is getting worse and worse, and I cannot bear the pathologist.  What an annoying and unnecessary character.  So goodbye Lucifer, it was fun while it lasted.  Been binging for a couple of weeks, but done, done, done.

I have started binging ‘The Good Place’ because Kristin Bell, but even it is getting dumber as it goes along.  Whatever happened to good and clever writing?  Maybe I’m just jaded, who knows.

Illness wise, things are just going from bad to worse.  I am so over pain and exhaustion, but they are not over me by a long shot.  Well, crap.


Woo and Hoo

my kindlec790bc43

FYI, I replaced the battery in my Kindle keyboard.  My newer, refurbished one, just in case it didn’t work.  It worked.  It works.  My older keyboard was my first ever Kindle, and it has been used almost daily for years.  Since September 25, 2011.  I love it so much.  I tried the paperwhite, and gave it to DD.  I have a newer gen with the touch screen, and I hate it, too.  I have an older no-keyboard one which makes my hands hurt to hold it.  So when my both keyboards started rebooting every other page, I finally decided to retire them. Broken-heartedly. I originally bought the refurbished one in case the original died, since it was having slooooow issues.   Stupid Amazon for stopping making them.

Anyway, it occurred to me:  if you can buy refurbished Kindles, why can’t _I_ refurbish mine?  Googled, googled some more, and low and behold, success.  Contains link to buy new battery, and I’ve ordered another to fix my old and beloved first keyboard, the one with the decal girl van Gogh’s almond tree cover.  Be still my heart.  You do need a precision screwdriver, which a friend had one, but I have since ordered my own Precision Screwdriver Set by Katzco

Here’s the directions:

I am my own tech support.  LOLOL

Decided to Make a Little Post Again

Got a new homemaker today.  Raquel.  People want to call her Rachel because Raquel is too hard.  Seriously, people?  How rude can you be, and how hard is to say Raquel?  Not hard at all.  Jeez.  She’s young and bubbly and very fun to talk to, so I am hoping she stays a while. Nice to have someone to talk to again.


went off last night.  This happens every winter.  The units on the roof are ten bazillion years old, and the landlord has not interest in doing anything about anything, so a valve sticks and cold air just blows in constantly.   Fun times.  So I turned it off, after which it took several minutes to actually shut off.  I was getting nervous that it wouldn’t.  Turned on my fireplace, Lunatic and I got under our two blankets combined, and had a nice night.  It was 50 in here when I got up.  Turned off the fireplace, turned on the emergency heat, and warmed up to 55.  Yay.  Turned on the heat, and it’s working again.  Every other time, some poor guy has had to go up on the roof and manually unstick the valve.  Very relieved not to have to call, more relieved that heat is working.  I have my fireplace and a little heater fan, so even if the emergency heat did not work, I’d be fine.  Cold, but fine.  🙂  It’s winter.  I do like winter.


Today Is

twelve drummers drumming day, also known as take down the tree day.  I slept really poorly, and so am in a mass of pain today, so I have decided to rename my tree The Winter Tree, and leave it up for a while longer.  Because I can.  It’s my tree, and no needles fall off cause it’s fake. Also, I love the lights.   🙂

It’s 2 degrees, at 5:15pm Eastern.  You really have to feel bad and be worried about people who have to be outside in this kind of weather.  So glad I am not one of them.  Stay warm, people.  Watch out for you neighbors and friends, make sure they are warm and okay.  And give coffee and blankets and whatever else might help to those forced to be outside for any reason. ANY reason.  No judgemental, blame the victim crap here, please.  I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t be doing that shit.

12 drummers drumming

The Sun Has Come Out

It stopped snowing last evening, then we had some serious wind going on.  It is now 7 degrees Fahrenheit, at 9am Eastern.  Move Your Car So We Can Plow guy came around at 8, but fortunately for me, I do not have a car to move.  No going out in the cold for me.  Did go out Wednesday in the cold, but it wasn’t that bad at all.  I do love winter.  Of course, I don’t live where the flooding was.  Freezing cold blizzard, topped by floods.  Fun times for the lucky ones in those areas.  Boston, Scituate, Hull, and more.  It’s salt water, so don’t know if it will freeze in place now or not.  Welcome to our restaurant.  Please bring ice skates. Hope you all are having a great start to the new year, floods or not.  Tomorrow is take down the Christmas tree day.  Easy job.  Fold up the branches and put it back into the box.  🙂2013-12-24 17.50.34

Bit of a storm update.

From the Boston Globe:
epstein5_010118Still snowing like crazy, but apparently it is flooding in many areas, which is not the winter storm norm.  Ha Ha.  I see lot of people dissing global warming, but this is caused by global warming.  The ice is melting at the poles, the oceans are rising, thus flooding.  Thus extremes of temperature. We are having a record long cold stretch here, below freezing since December 24th.  Stronger storms.  It’s not good news, people.     NECN flooding post

Brief aside, saw Urgent Care doctor yesterday as mine was not in.  Nothing serious, not really that urgent, but as he’s reading my chart (I did NOT have blood work done) he said it shows that I have not been eating enough.  I was too surprised to ask how he got that from my chart, but have to call my regular doctor tomorrow and will ask.  That’s puzzling, don’t you think?  Besides, after being on Prednisone for five years, there is no way you could call me underweight.  Anyone who tells you that Prednisone does not cause weight gain has never been on it. Trust me.  I know whereof I speak.  🙂


theskyisfallingWe’re having a snowstorm here in New England. Like the many, many, many snowstorms just like this one (and worse) that we’ve had here in New England. One would think that it’s the Apocalypse from all the hype. News is not about telling you the facts, it’s all about how to get more ratings. How to get more ratings? Try to scare you to death about every little thing that happens, or even might possibly odds are a million to one but still someday maybe could happen. Responsible reporting has gone the way of the passenger pigeon. I love a good snowstorm, and it’s been a few years of really lame ones recently, but they were a regular occurrence for most of the seventeen years I’ve lived here. It’s not like it’s been a hundred years since we had a good storm. Good grief. I don’t even have tv, and I am still just fed up with the irrational hype. Once in New Hampshire, my husband worked three miles from our home, and it took him four hours to get home.  That was snow.  Stay home if you can, having stocked up on no-heat or extra water-needed edibles and bottled or jugged water (if you have lots of jugs hanging around) in case the power goes out, make sure to clear your roof if it starts to get deep up there, and have some sort of emergency heating available, and candles and matches. People survived big storms before we even had stores to buy these things and alarmist reporters and weathermen to make it all seem like the worst thing that ever happened anywhere anytime. So glad I don’t have tv, and an added bonus is I don’t have Trump in my face at every opportunity. I’ve had this laptop on for less than half an hour, and I am already saturated with the hype. It’s everywhere. Chicken Little, anyone? I loved that story when I was a kid.chicken little


A friend’s house, less than a mile from me.100_0922

This below was my first winter in New England.  It snowed for days.  It was glorious.  Started out with these huge flakes just slowly floating down from the sky, and it never stopped.  Or it seemed so, anyway.  It was truly beautiful.  This picture is Peabody, MA. after the storm.  Can’t find any of my town.  Not great at Search, maybe?

feb 27 1969 peabody ma

Out my window right now, holding up the curtain, followed by a link to snowstorm article, if you’re interested.


It’s New Year’s Eve

My advice for the new year, don’t do resolutions. You’re just setting yourself up for failure from the start. I do hope 2018 is better than 2017. I hope we take back our country from the greed-driven, money obsessed people who have lied and cheated their way to the top. Vote this year. In every election. Vote. Get them out of office, even if their office is dog catcher. Happy New Year, everybody.