Been reading a lot and watched this crazy horror show on Amazon Prime, Fortitude. Ewwwwww. But good.

Still hobbling, still waiting for the surgery in March. Meanwhile, loving having my Traci bring me a coffee five days a week. Makes getting up actually not awful. Today, though, she didn’t come til one. Looong wait for coffee. LOL

Here’s my new favorite quote:

“But at the point where your actions intentionally harm innocent people, you’re not fighting for freedom. You’re a terrorist.”

Armstrong Dent and the Edge of Earth

Well, Shit!

Practically the first thing I read this morning is that Alan Rickman has died. One of my favorite ever actors, three days after I learn Bowie has died. This has to stop! You can’t keep killing off my idols. You just can’t. I am heartbroken. Galaxy Quest, Harry Potter. Truly, Madly, Deeply, one of my favorite movies. Shit, shit, shit. My day had started off well, but now I am just crushed. Shit! rickman

State of the Union

Just watched it here:

State of the Union Address

He doesn’t start talking til around 18 minutes, and if you don’t want to sit through the whole thing, I recommend 1:01:30 to about 1:13:00.

Two things:
1. Michelle Obama is a beautiful womanMichelle Obama

2. At some point, you can almost hear some of those Republicans thinking, “Must not clap. Must not clap.”


Saw surgeon today. Liking him. Very nice, very confidence-inspiring. He is very busy, but is going to try to get me in sooner than the scheduled date, which is March 8. March. I know. But in the meantime, Traci will come in for an hour Tues, Wed, and Thurs, in addition to her usual Monday and Friday stints. Just to do washing up, making some food, things I can’t do right now.

Doctor told me to try using a bike. I have a recumbent bike/ellipse machine, so will use that. Wasn’t sure if I should be doing anything or not. The only pain med that will help is Tramadol, and I had hallucinations last time I tried that, so he thinks the biking will help somehow. We’ll see how it goes. I may not even need to go to rehab after, if I do well, and the Visiting Nurse will come every day because lots of physical therapy is required after surgery.

I am looking forward to being mobile again. Got the walker, got a tray for the walker (neat), but actually walking hurts like heck. So want this done, please. I am happy.

A Good January Day

Had the window open a bit yesterday. It was a warm and very rainy day. I love rain,but it’ January. Should have been snow. Today it is sunny and freezing cold. I love New England. LOL

My Traci came today, and over and above the things she normally does, she helped me get better sorted for immobility and moving around using a walker. She always does more than required, doing the extra things that really make a difference. She really is a genuinely good person, and we always laugh and have fun as well. Fun is good.

I am very fortunate to have her, and to have my friend Tess, who also does more than required. Driving me to appointments, keeping me company, just being there when I need anything. Unfortunately for her, I don’t have anyone else to share the burden of being friends with a chronically ill person who lives alone, but she is always willing to help, and always cheerful about it.

I don’t think I’m the easiest person, so am doubly grateful for both of these people who seem to like me anyway, and are so willing to help. I hope someday I can repay them, somehow. friends 1

friends 2

So, enough of the sappy-do. I am going to see if I can get someone to come in for an hour a day just to do things I can’t, like maybe heat up some soup, wash up the few dishes, niggly things that are just too painful right now. Just til I have the surgery. We’ll see if it’s possible. I’ve contacted my case worker, but she is out today so left a message. Fingers crossed. It’s always difficult to have a stranger come in and do things that you’re meant to do for yourself, but needs must, as they say. Needy is not a state I am happy being in, but what can you do, right?

David Bowie

I just read on another blog that David Bowie died. David Bowie. It’s like when Freddie Mercury died. One day, I heard he had AIDS, the next day he was dead. It’s very disconcerting to lose your idols. This makes me unbelievably sad. Major Tom, Fashion, so many great songs. He was such a character. Seemed to keep reinventing himself over time. Ziggie Stardust, remember? He did the intro for the movie “The Snowman” from the book by Richard Briggs. I love that movie, and I loved his intro. Well, crap. Bowie is gone and that really sucks. Feeling a bit shocked.Bowie

So. It Was A Day.

A bright sunshiny one and not too cold. Went to see the ortho’s PA. Usually try to buy lunch for my friend Tess when she gives up her time to drive me places. We were going to do Mexican, but today was the worst pain yet for my knee, and I wasn’t really able to be very mobile. So we opted for Colonel Sanders, eating in the car. I have not eaten KFC for years, and was really looking forward to it. I haven’t had mashed potatoes and gravy for years either, and was REALLY looking forward to that. Well, it turns out the potatoes were instant, the gravy tasted like it came from a packet, and the chicken tasted nothing like KFC used to taste. Even the biscuit was crap. What has happened to food? It was so disappointing.We got popcorn chicken. The mashers barely filled half the bowl, either. kfc

Got to use a wheelchair at the appointment, because major pain. bad kneeTurns out the knee is so bad, I am going to get it replaced. A new knee. Yay. I think. They were really, really nice, and even though the actual Doctor is very busy, he decided to squeeze me in next week to get started on the getting fixed train. Disruption of life, being in hospital and then rehab, but living on the couch is not really living.

march2013 055I’m pretty sure my friend Tess (how did I get so lucky?) will come and feed/water Gertrude and clean out the litter box, although I haven’t asked her yet. She’s good like that. I just want this done since I am feeling much better in general now that I’ve got the Prednisone dose correct again. I want to be able to do things, and right now pain rules. Only when I stand and walk, though, thank goodness. Sitting is fine, lying down is fine. I am doing a lot of both. I have my bottled water, and my snacks and my open box eat contents food around me, along with my phone, my Kindles, my laptop. It’s all good. So long as I don’t get up. LOL

Fenway_Park01Yesterday, I ordered a burger and salad from Papa Gino’s. Talking to delivery guy, I asked about the Fenway Pasta. He said it’s only on during baseball season, and they are currently featuring pulled pork on everything. Oh, well. Baseball season starts in April, so I’m told. I can wait.


Have an appointment tomorrow about the knee, which is much worse today. happy dance catMy friend Tess came over, and coincidentally, the Peapod order I put in yesterday was delivered early, while she was here, and she put everything away for me. Very grateful. I will never be able to repay her for all she does for me, not the least of which is making me laugh a lot. Good friends are good. Keep them.

I bought ingredients for my ‘even in pain, I can make this’ soup. Bring chicken broth to a boil, add stuff, cook til done. Eat for a few meals. I started with just chicken and prosciutto tortellini, which I love, then branched out by adding a package of fresh cauliflower, broccoli florets and baby carrots. So good and easy. Nothing to chop, peel, or anything else. Open package, dump into pot. Almost as easy as ‘open box, eat contents’ which is what I do a lot of when pain is ruling my life. This time I am doing the broth and tortellini, and am going to use cubed butternut squash and a small bag of collard greens. Bet I could add a can of beans, too. Thinking about it. No end to already prepped things you could add. Wish I had thought of this years ago. Real food, that tastes delicious, is easy, variable, and gives me several meals. What’s not to love?

Now I am listening to Songs From The Wood, by Jethro Tull. I love Jethro Tull. Not everything, but this one especially. Good times.Screenshot 2016-01-06 16.54.10





WgirlsnowingYay!! I shouldn’t be this excited, but there was no snow in the forecast yesterday, and when I woke up…snow. There’s a thin covering on the ground. Don’t know if it will last, but snow. I do like snow. Just watched The Snowman a couple of days ago. I feel like the little boy in it, except I won’t be running out to make a snowman. I love that movie. 220px-The_SnowmanThe SnowmanI have a couple of figures of The Snowman.march2013 049
And it stopped snowing.


Hopping, kept me hopping. Not hoping. Grrrr.

Checking my folder for cat pics, I realized I must have ten times more pics of Gertrude than of Simon, but I only had an actual camera when he was alive. Now I use my cell phone which is always handy, so Gertrude gets the gold as far as picture-taking goes. She’s cute, too, but so was he. 🙂

Another Day On The Couch


It’s getting to me, the not being able to do much of anything. I’m feeling relatively good otherwise, and being forced into inactivity when I want to do things is very frustrating. Going to call Rheumy tomorrow and hopefully get MRI and get this sorted soon. It’s been three weeks of doing nothing that isn’t reading or using laptop, and taking pain meds. Fun stuff. The more inactive you are, the harder it becomes to be active. Learned that after the whole pleurisy thing. I’ve never really recovered from that forced inactivity debacle.

Thank the universe for the internet. At least I have a connection to the world. I read a variety of blogs, and comment sometimes, and sometimes people even comment back to me. So I don’t feel completely isolated. I don’t know why only one person ever comments here. I have followers and lots of hits, but no comments. Am I just too dull and boring, or what? The blogs I read have loads of comments. I could get a complex here, people.

As I mentioned, my friend Tess took me to lunch the other day, and then for a ride, since I couldn’t walk much at all and that was very painful, even after taking six, yes six, pain pills. Three ibuprofen, and then three Tylenol a couple hours later when it became evident that the ibu was not helping. Neither did the combo, really, although I can’t imagine the pain level without them. Oh, I just want my life back. I’ve been ill for so long, and gradually getting worse, mainly due to the inactivity caused by the miserableness of fibromyalgia.

Oh, when DD was here last weekend, we were discussing this, and Prednisone and all, and in the course of googling some things, discovered another frustrating thing. Rheumy told me, when I got better after starting Prednisone, that Pred does not affect fibro, so maybe I don’t have it after all. But googling several medical sites, like Mayo Clinic, WebMD, etc, we found other articles saying that it does help. Some were yes, some were no. Nobody knows for sure, I guess. I still think fibro is the diagnosis they give you when they don’t have a clue what is wrong. That way they can give you pills and send you on your way and not feel like failures. I guess. Yes, really not happy with modern medicine and the really horrific health-care system that HMOs and lobbyists have created for us here in the US. I can’t fix it, though. Until enough people get brains and vote the morons in Congress and the Senate out of office, nothing can change anyway.

Gertrude is snoring next to me. LOL She is such a cute cat, and good company when she is not hiding somewhere. She’ll never be as in-your-face as my Simon was, but she’s still a great cat.

This is my Simon. I still miss him. I think I always will. He was my first ‘just mine’ animal, and was such a good companion. Kept me hoping, and owned me. My DD came up with my ‘slave to simon’ email because I really was. Simon 2004

Sorry about the having to correct things after I’ve posted. My brain is on vacation, or just totally fed up with the whole thing.


If’s cold, and going to get much colder, if the weather people are correct. Came across this post in a favorite blog just now, speaking about the possible effects on plants of the record warm December we had (and wasn’t that a terrible sentence?):

Growing With Plants

The house and gardens are in Worcester, about 40 miles Northwest of me. Anyway, it reminded me that Thursday, when my friend Tess took me to lunch, I had noticed that the trees were looking ‘spring-ish’. They sort of look fuller. Hard to describe, so took a couple pics just now. Not sure if you can see what I mean, though. Since my Nexus died, I only have my cell phone camera, which isn’t bad, but not as good as the Nexus was. Stupid Nexus.010216


This one was taken New Year’s Eve. There was quite a bit of fog, and it was swirling beautifully under the light. Doesn’t show well here, but you maybe get the idea. IMG_20151231_011037

Last night, I saw a few snowflakes under that same light. I don’t like the light, it makes it too bright in here at night unless I close the curtains, but I can see the weather very well in it. There’s a plus to most things, it seems. Even the irritating ones.

And here’s Gertrude, just because.
2015-12-29 15.47.44