>Climate Change

MY climate has certainly changed. Went to bed in warm weather, woke up to fall. Finally. It’s downright chilly in here. I was beginning to wonder if it was going to cool off at all, and then it did overnight. It is almost November. A lot of trees haven’t even turned yet, partly because of the drought, I think, but also because it’s been more like summer than autumn. So I’m off to close the window, cause I’m freezing here.


It is mid-October, I believe. Windows are open, humidity is high, and it’s raining off and on. Not hard, but wet. Windows open all night, too. Guess I’ll be happy it’s not snow, but I have had enough of sticky for this year.

Didn’t do much at all today. Messed around on computer, that’s about it. Washed a few things in the sink, did a few dishes, tossed an old magazine. I’m really working on my pile of magazines. I don’t HAVE to read them, but hey, I want to. So they are getting decluttered very slowly, but decluttered none-the-less.

My friend gets back from vacation tonight. Hope she had a good time and a safe trip hope.

>I’m Cooking

I don’t cook much anymore, because I get nervous and shaky and make a mess of things, but today I am being slow and careful and am baking turkey pie, and about to finish mixing up a Torta (bread pud). Having a rest break. Then later, there will be dishes. Worst part of cooking is the clean-up. But I will have good, homemade food to eat for a few days, so that’s a good thing.

>It’s Been Awhile

It really has been a while since I last posted. Life has been just moving right along in the meantime. I have been trying to get my place in order, but it is of course very slow with more tired or pain days than not, but my biggest hurdle has been my homemaker service. It’s been really terrible, with so many no-shows that I’ve been lucky to have someone come in once a month over the summer. I can’t vacuum, and laundry is difficult due to carrying it to laundry room and back, and there are other issues. I’ve been working on doing something every day, like washing a few things by hand, but I am sooooooo far behind with everything.

I really hate being dependant on someone else, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. At least I have a friend who takes me shopping occasionally, so I don’t run out of food.

I’m trying to declutter. I have too much stuff for this tiny apartment. Besides just the regular dross, there is an extra table, a loveseat that’s not really extra but I hate, and some kitchen stuff I never use. Baby steps, as Flylady says. But my steps are still in the crawling stage. 🙂

The weather has finally turned to autumn temperatures over the past few days. Down in the 40’s at night. The colors arent’ good this year due to the drought we’ve been having, and the trees across the street aren’t even turning yet. But cooler is better than sticky, any day. The sky is lovely, with puffy white clouds floating across from west to east. A good sign. It’s that darn south wind that brings the stickies.

I’m wishing for a good rain soon. We really need it, and I do like rain.