Good Comes Out of Everything

It’s printing another page in there.


Had a bit of a disaster yesterday.  Actually, the night before.  The water heater broke and was flooding the downstairs.  Maintenance came at nine to see what was going on.  Shut off hot water.  Next morning, landlord comes by and says plumber will be here later.  Hooray.  Plumber comes.  Looks familiar, but???  Ask him to look at bathroom sink while he’s here.  ‘I’m a plumber.  I’m here.  Tell me everything you are having plumbing issues with.’  So my bathroom sink got unclogged.  You can no longer remove the center thingy to clean it out, you have to take it apart underneath and THEN take the center thingy out. Remember when you could take your car engine apart and put it back together again, then they made cars so you had to take them to be serviced with the computer stuff.  They really, really want your money, people.  Anyway, I just happened to mention the kitchen sink.  New sprayer barely works, faucet drips.  You need a new faucet.  I have one in the truck.


It’s so purty.  And separate hot/cold handles.  I like separate hot/cold handles.

‘You’ve been here before’, say I, ‘but I don’t remember why’.  ‘I thought that too.’ says he.  Mentioned closet looked neat empty.  Water heater lives in the closet, btw.  Got a nice new one with a better drain in case it breaks.  Old one (ten years old or less, I forget) cracked straight down the back.  He said they are now built to last six to ten years.  Did I mention they really want your money?  I said the landlord doesn’t really fix things unless it’s a disaster like this.  He is supposed to fix/replace the kitchen floor.  Not done.  And change the central air filters. It’s been years.  YEARS!   ‘Oh,’ says Neil/Neal? the Plumber, ‘that’s why I was here.  It was me who changed them last time.’  Can you change it now?  Yep, has a filter in truck.

I don’t know what plumbers get paid, but he earned every penny.  Up and down stairs, in and out to the truck.  Hauling out the old water heater, hauling in the new one.  At least we have an elevator in the building.  Lots of work, and it was about six hours altogether.  He said he likes being a plumber because today nothing wanted to work and yet he managed to overcome all the obstacles and fix everything and was happy.  I, too, love a challenge and like to make things work.  I do not want to be a plumber, however.  🙂

Point being, what started out as a disaster, with a soaking wet closet carpet (I hate wall to wall), got me a new heater that will drain down and out if it breaks, an unclogged sink, a new faucet, and a clean central-air filter.  Good comes out of everything.  Yep, it really does.  🙂


Gave up watching it.  Started out so cool, I loved the character and the snark and the sarcasm, and just the whole premise was intriguing.  But it has turned stupid.  Lucifer has become a super-whiny, self-absorbed idiot, the female lead’s acting is getting worse and worse, and I cannot bear the pathologist.  What an annoying and unnecessary character.  So goodbye Lucifer, it was fun while it lasted.  Been binging for a couple of weeks, but done, done, done.

I have started binging ‘The Good Place’ because Kristin Bell, but even it is getting dumber as it goes along.  Whatever happened to good and clever writing?  Maybe I’m just jaded, who knows.

Illness wise, things are just going from bad to worse.  I am so over pain and exhaustion, but they are not over me by a long shot.  Well, crap.


Woo and Hoo

my kindlec790bc43

FYI, I replaced the battery in my Kindle keyboard.  My newer, refurbished one, just in case it didn’t work.  It worked.  It works.  My older keyboard was my first ever Kindle, and it has been used almost daily for years.  Since September 25, 2011.  I love it so much.  I tried the paperwhite, and gave it to DD.  I have a newer gen with the touch screen, and I hate it, too.  I have an older no-keyboard one which makes my hands hurt to hold it.  So when my both keyboards started rebooting every other page, I finally decided to retire them. Broken-heartedly. I originally bought the refurbished one in case the original died, since it was having slooooow issues.   Stupid Amazon for stopping making them.

Anyway, it occurred to me:  if you can buy refurbished Kindles, why can’t _I_ refurbish mine?  Googled, googled some more, and low and behold, success.  Contains link to buy new battery, and I’ve ordered another to fix my old and beloved first keyboard, the one with the decal girl van Gogh’s almond tree cover.  Be still my heart.  You do need a precision screwdriver, which a friend had one, but I have since ordered my own Precision Screwdriver Set by Katzco

Here’s the directions:

I am my own tech support.  LOLOL

Decided to Make a Little Post Again

Got a new homemaker today.  Raquel.  People want to call her Rachel because Raquel is too hard.  Seriously, people?  How rude can you be, and how hard is to say Raquel?  Not hard at all.  Jeez.  She’s young and bubbly and very fun to talk to, so I am hoping she stays a while. Nice to have someone to talk to again.