>Success on Day One

>Well, I did it. I went out. Twice! Snow is coming in very soon, so I kind of had to go to the post office again to pick up a package the mailman didn’t deliver yesterday. My ibuprofen had not kicked in yet and walking was very painful and swervy. LOL Brought the package home, rested and stretched a bit, then back out. I ordered a book from the library this morning, so I wanted to walk up and get it while the sidewalks are still negotiable. So I did. Stopped across the street on the way back for a bottle of wine and some English Muffins, then home. The picture is pretty much what I looked like on the way back from the library. Only I do NOT carry a purse. Ever. Well, almost never. If it doesn’t fit in my pockets, it doesn’t go out with me. I was very tired and still in pain, though not as bad as earlier. But I did it. I went out—–twice. I am proud of me. Tomorrow I will probably be hobbling around here holding onto walls, but today….I went out twice. This is big for me, ever since I had that really bad year a while back. I got really de-conditioned and now I have to try and re-condition me. Let’s hope.

Been finding some really good recipes on other blogs and on Tastespotting. Too bad I don’t cook much. Some of the recipes are even healthy. I keep finding more blogs on all sorts of subjects. I should add them to my blog roll here, I guess. At least they are something to read when I don’t have a book. I learn a lot, find a lot of interesting and/or helpful information, and some good ideas for the pc, or for life in general. I do wish I could write as well as some (most) of the bloggers I read, and had things to say that were even half as interesting.

Whatever the failings of computers, and the web, and the internet, it is a connection to a world most of us would never have even been aware of. People from all over the world blog. Any subject you can imagine has a site somewhere. You can find anything and everything to buy, you can even sell your own stuff. I love my computer. It is my window on the world.

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