>It’s not too cold to snow, apparently, since we had quite a bit. Trees and power lines are coated. Very pretty.

I’m still mulling over Friday’s Battlestar Galactica. So many happenings that were completely unexpected. This show is so intense and well-written and riveting, I hate that there are only nine more episodes. I am onto the third disc of the first season from Netflix, so I get to see it all over again. Lovely.

I’ve gone through my recipe box and made a list of things I’d like to cook while I’m still well enough to do it. I planned an entire meals’ menu for next week, which would serve four, but I’ll be eating it for awhile. Or maybe freeze some of it. The lasagna I froze a few weeks ago is great. Pop it out of the container into a bowl, put a saucer on top, and nuke it for a few minutes. Dinner is served. There are still three servings in the freezer.

I’m still sleeping odd hours, but not really caring, since I don’t have any activities for awhile that require me to be up and presentable by a certain hour. Very relaxing not to feel pressured. Finding lots to read on the web, and since I like reading, I’m enjoying myself. There is so much info about so many things. Things I would never even know existed without my computer. I don’t feel isolated at all. Kind of nice. That’s it for now.

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