>The sleep thing is acting up again. I didn’t sleep well most of last week, then Thursday slept very late and since I had to be up and dressed by noon Friday, it was easier to just stay up all night. Last night, I went to bed about 2am and slept til 5pm. This is the sometimes pattern. Up all one night, sleep way too many hours next night. I’m having a lot of pain again, too. I think it’s the result of moving things around and going out a couple of times, so maybe it will get better again.

I am kind of discouraged by all the negative reporting and comment about Obama. He’s only been in for a month, I think people could hold off calling him a failed president just a tad longer. It also irks me that the people who stood by and let us get into this mess are now criticizing him for trying to fix it. Partisanship lives, to the detriment of all of us. It’s too bad.

Days are longer and brighter now, but it’s still pretty chilly, and I think we’re in for some more snow today. Everyone keeps saying it’s been such a long winter, but it’s only February, and winter is as long or short as it ever was. It snows in winter. It’s cold in winter. That’s what winter is. Get over it. Besides, I like snow. So there.

Gertrude the Timid has gotten a lot more playful lately. She loves the fish on a pole that I dangle for her to bat. Where Simon would play for ten minutes or so, she can play with that for an hour or more, depending on how long it takes for my arm to fall off. I can type with one hand and dangle with the other, so computing and playtime coincide well. She is a good cat, but I still miss my Simon. One thing she does that seems weird to me is she’ll look directly into my eyes for quite a long period. Usually I’m the one who looks away first, because I’ve read that animals don’t like you to look into their eyes, but I’m not sure that’s the case. At least not with her.

I like my new homemaker. She is funny and seems to do a good job cleaning, even doing a little extra that isn’t on her job description. I hope it works out. Sometimes they start out well and then gradually start slacking off over time.

I’ve forgotten how many eps are left of Galactica. I want it to be over, so I know the outcome, but I don’t want it not to be on anymore. It’s such a good show.
I’ve read books like that. I can’t wait to finish so I know what happens, but then when I’m done, I wish there was more of it to read.

I’ve been up since 5 yesterday evening, and now it’s nearly 7am and I think I could go to sleep but then I’d sleep all day again and be up all night again. I wish I could get in sync with Mother Nature. I don’t think people are meant to be nocturnal animals. *smile*


>It is a warm summer day. You lie on the cool grass, the earthy scent of the just-watered lawn next door drifting past on the soft breeze. There is shade nearby; a beautiful, wide, drooping canopy, but you lie in the sunlight, watching the white puffy clouds changing shape as they make their way across the blue sky. Every now and then a bird flies overhead, or you catch the sound of one twittering in the trees. You breathe slowly and deeply, inhaling summer. Butterflies flit around in their cheery up-down helter skelter sort of way. As you lie there, you watch your thoughts come, and you watch them go. You recognize that you are not your thoughts. You are at peace with yourself. You are happy. Life is good.

I wrote this in my head during yesterday’s twenty-minute lie down.

>Been having some blog issues recently, but I’m hoping all is sorted out.

I’ve been having some pain and lots of fatigue for the past week. I’ve been well enough to do some cooking, but not much else. I’ve made easy lasagna and sausage cornbread. Ate all the cornbread over two days, but have five meals of lasagna in the freezer. I’m also making pesto every time my herbs have grown enough.

I’m trying to do something in the living room that will make it look like a living room and not a conglomeration of stuff and more stuff. I can only work one day in a row and then have several recovery days, so it is very slow going. I wanted to get it done before the new homemaker comes on Friday, but it’s not looking good.

I got some extra-strength Excedrin without caffeine, since I have all these sleep problems, but it does not seem to work nearly as well for the pain. Everything is a trade-off with illness. Less pain=less sleep, more sleep=more pain. Is this fair? I think not.

Cannot wait for Fridays anymore. I want to know what happens in Galactica. What great writing in this show. It is so dark and intense and riveting. I am so not an ‘amazing runway idol Kardashian funniest video’ watcher, so anything that has some real intelligence behind it is gold. Oh, and I bought a nine dollar antenna to see what I get without cable. Haven’t hooked it up yet, though. Maybe there will be some channels out there I am not familiar with, and that actually have something I’d want to watch. We’ll see.