Oh, the poor trees. We didn’t get a lot of snow, an inch or so maybe. But it was wet and heavy and the wind was wild. The snow was blowing up, down, left, right, swirling, all seemingly at the same time. It was gorgeous. But the poor trees. The one that lost a branch to the big rain/wind storm a few weeks ago, lost another huge branch to the snow. All of the trees were mashed down, like a big hand was pressing on them. They were a bit raggedy before, but now they just look shredded. There is a big gap where the branch used to be, and I can see more of Tedeschi’s than I ever wanted to, thank you very much. If the tree devastation keeps up, pretty soon I will ONLY see Tedeschi’s. All those beautiful flowers in the spring will be gone. Breaks my heart even to think about it. I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow.

Here’s a vid I came across about Occupy Wall Street, sort of. I like this guy. “Just because you’re immoral doesn’t mean you’re infertile”. Made me laugh. Check it out.


It didn’t snow much, but we’re supposed to have a Nor’easter tomorrow and Sunday, where we may or may not get more. We’re right on the line. It’s early for snow here.

I started with the all-over fibro pain last night before I went to bed, and since my body seems to deal with that by sleeping, I slept til 8pm tonight. 8pm. Nobody needs that much sleep. Better now, but the leg/walking pain is worse again. Pain is my life. It sure gets in the way of things I want to do. Play the hand you’re dealt, with as much grace as you can, I guess. I whine, I know I do, but I pretty much accept my life and am grateful for what I can do. I also make sure to have something to laugh about every day. Usually my friend Tess takes care of that, cause we get hysterically laughing over absolutely nothing at all. ‘Hello’ when answering the phone can get it started. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Why hello there. Hiiiiiii. And before you know it, we’re cracking up laughing. Crazy can be fun, people, I’m telling you.

My new printer came yesterday, but I haven’t opened the box yet. Too much pain. My old printer still works fine, but not with Windows 7. I’ve had the old one several years, and bought it refurbished, so I know it’s a good one. HP. I bought a Canon this time, cause it was on sale cheap and I got free shipping. I never buy anything without free shipping if I can help it. Sometimes shipping can be as much as twice the cost of the actual item. Please! Anyway, I’m hoping this one is good and lasts as well as the old one. Seems like I’ve had to buy a lot of things lately. Everything goes at the same time, it seems, although the printer didn’t actually ‘go’, it still works, except that it doesn’t. If you know what I mean. *smile* Good thing I have a credit card, or I’d never be able to replace anything. Debt, it’s a good thing, except that it’s not. If you know what I mean. LOLOL *LOL*?…I am so behind the times, aren’t I? Oh, well.

Puzzling Illness is Puzzling

After being up a few hours today, and still in as much pain as I have been, barely able to walk, I suddenly got very tired and could not stay awake. Fell asleep on the couch and slept about four hours. When I woke up, pain much less. I can walk without even using the cane now. What changed? I have no idea. I’m happy to have less pain and be pretty mobile, but still it’s puzzling how this illness works.

What Can *I* Do?

Not a lot, but I can sign petitions and try to make my readers aware of the issues I think matter. Here is one:

Stand Up For Your Freedom

I hope you read, watch, sign, do what’s right.

I’ve long been anti-deregulation, blaming Reagan for a huge chunk of the problems we all face today. It was down to him that we have so many homeless people, people who should be in long-term care, or getting needed help from resources funded by our taxes. By ‘our’ I mean all of us, including that wealthy 1 percent who’ve had their taxes cut, and can afford expensive lawyers to find loopholes so they don’t have to pay taxes at all. Remember, they got rich on the backs of the rest of us. The people who do the actual work in this country. The other 99 percent. Please participate in democracy, people. It’s the opportunity thousands of men and women have died in war to give us. Use it.


Have I mentioned how much I love Amazon? I love Amazon a lot. A real lot.

The pain has been winning lately, and I upped my Zoloft by 25 mils two nights ago. Feeling better in general, less negative than I had been, but so far it hasn’t helped the pain at all. I can barely walk a lot of the time, even with the cane. And tonight, I almost fell down. Tripped on my own feet, fell against the desk and onto the desk chair. Lucky I was close to them. That hasn’t happened before, the falling. A bit upset about it, mainly because the people who keep tabs on me so I get to have a homemaker always ask me that. Have you fallen? No. Well, almost. God, I hate being sick.

Gertrude and I are just vegging on the couch. I made pizza for dinner and it’s almost time for bed if I expect to get up at a decent hour. Ha. Like that ever happens.

My friend Tess is back from vacation and came over today. We played Big Kahuna, that crazy word game that always leaves us laughing like idiots. We’re hoping I will be ambulatory on Thursday so we can go to lunch. We haven’t gone to lunch in a long time. Now that her husband is retired and home all day, we don’t do nearly as many things as we used to. Neither of us have been all that well, anyway. Oh, well.

It seems we are finally done with hot and sticky. Took long enough. It’s windows closed time, as it gets pretty chilly at night, and not that much warmer during the day in here. Guess that’s all.

This is Good

You could watch the vid and read the comments.  I did.

Lies-The Video

It got me thinking, and that can never be good.  I often wonder why the right-wing tea-partiers and their ilk cannot seem to get that allowing religion to dominate government is exactly what has resulted in the Taliban and the fanatics here and in the Middle East.  I just don’t understand.

The comments with the vid above got me wondering if I am the only one who sees a similarity in Germany blaming the Jews for all their problems and certain factions in my country blaming poor and disabled people for all of their problems, and their inability to see that the rich one-percent are behind the teaparty et al, and they are not doing it for our benefit.  I just don’t understand.

We used to be proud that we were not like ‘them’, now we seem to revel in the same ideas we once condemned.  I just don’t understand.

Can anyone enlighten me?

The Occupy Wall Street movement spreads – The Big Picture –

Signed petitions today.  Here is one issue.  I know.  When I use the ‘press this’ bookmarklet, it makes the whole post clickable, ot just the address of the page I am posting.  Annoying.  If anyone knows how the fix this, please let me know.  Thank you.


The Occupy Wall Street movement spreads – The Big Picture –

Freezing Jean is Freezing

Woke up freezing this morning.  Yes, I said morning.  Sleep is getting back to a more livable schedule, for however long it lasts.  Closed the windows and fired up the electric fireplace.  We’ve been having rain every day for several days now, but this is the first really cold night and day.

I am feeling relatively well, too.  Not so much pain, although brain fog has made itself known the past three days.  Okay so far today.  I think it’s allergies.  I hope.  I’ve been enjoying not being foggy since I started the new med last….wow, last October, I think  it was.  A whole year of no brain fog.  Yay, me.

I am planning to cook again.  Chili, this time.  Haven’t made chili in years.  I am using ground turkey, since I don’t eat beef.  Looking forward to it.  It’s good weather for hot and comforting food.  Brrrr.  Still freezing, even with the fireplace and a sweater.

Has anyone really noticed a difference in the normal weather?  Here in New England it felt for a bit like we’d moved down south with all the heat and humidity in September.  September is not for heat and humidity.  Then day after day of off and on rain.  Also not normal.  It will be interesting to see what the winter brings.