My New Favorite Quote

Don’t know where I’ve been this month. My brain is on summer holiday, I think. Anyway, this is from a retweet on Twitter:

My 14yo watched someone on the news saying we’re all in the same boat, and he sat bolt upright and said “No we’re not! We’re all in the same storm but we have different boats and some of them are crap.”


is here. Yay. So far, not hot and sticky. It’s 74, and the dew point is 57, so not too bad.

This is a free calendar. I think it’s pretty. 🙂 From here:

Tired today. Been tired lately. Tomorrow I see the ENT guy, and then PT. Nooooo. ENT is at 11:30, which means I have to be copacetic by 11 at least. Dreading it already. But lunch out, so that’s something to look forward too. Hoping to go back to the Mexican restaurant and have almost real tacos again. I could eat real tacos every day, I think. Grain, veg, dairy, and meat or beans. All in one. What’s not to love? The restaurant ones are not real because the corn tortilla is deep fried. NOOOOOOO!

Trying to figure out how to get pictures from phone to laptop easily for my friend Tess, and cannot come up with an easy solution. I’m sure they’re on Google Pictures, so she could just back that up on the laptop, or download each one she wants to keep individually, but I really thought I had hooked up my phone to the laptop before and just transferred them. Anybody?

Anyway, brain is on a break, so later. Get vaccinated. Wear you mask. Use your brain, that’s what it’s for.