>It’s feeling very autumnish. My favorite season. I am better today. Yesterday I was very, very tired and fell asleep on the couch in the afternoon. But my new homemaker came yesterday, and she is fantastic. I really like her and she does a very good job of cleaning.

Last night I had an ‘I need my tech person’ call from my friend Tess. She inadvertently downloaded a baaad fake Windows Defender look alike and it sort of high-jacked her pc. Couldn’t really help over the phone, so over to her house for awhile trying to fix it. She has AOL. NEVER use AOL. That is the true pc hijacker. It would not allow us to do anything. It just kept on popping up and getting in the way. What a nuisance that program is. Anyway, finally had her just shut it all down, disconnect from the modem and unplug. She is busy today and tomorrow, but Friday we will try to use the fix we found when we googled back here at my house. The moral is….never click on a popup unless you are absolutely positive you know what it is. It looked like Defender and she thought it was an update, so ran it. Oops.

I also am going to try using gmail to import her aol mail so she can then delete it forever…..AOL, not her mail. *grin*. I really enjoy fiddling with things on the pc and trying to fix, make it work, whatever. I like to download new things to try, too.

Did not sleep well because in spite of two ibuprofen, my legs hurt all night. Just a little fibro update here, folks.

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