>New Toys

>Today I got a new stereo and a new wireless keyboard and mouse. I like them all. They don’t make things very well, however. I purchased a Sharp stereo, with tape player, five cd player, radio. It sounds really good, not as good as Bose, but I can’t afford Bose. However, the wires are thin, the plastic connections are flimsy, and the remote is………..well, it’s a remote. I’m hoping this will last me for awhile, but time will tell.

The keyboard and mouse are nice. It is a curved keyboard, but not much, and not huge and ungainly and hard to use, like my previous ergonomic keyboard. The mouse fits my hand, too. I think I’m going to like it. Some things are good, some things are not. We’ll see how my new toys stack up a few months down the line.