Evolutionary Dead End

“the evolutionary dead end that is homo sapien.” From a comment on a blog I read.

I like that. We are not the sharpest tacks in the box, for sure. We’ve been conditioned to think we are the top of the ladder, but in reality, we are parasites on the planet. So easily manipulated, deceived, will believe almost anything without proof. We destroy anything and everything if we think it will benefit us in the short-term, and never, ever think about the long-term consequences of what we do. I’m not sure if we are ever going to evolve into enlightened beings, or if we’ll even last long enough to try. We are self-destructing at an alarming rate, in the name of greed, profit, power. We talk about saving the planet, but it’s ourselves that need the saving. The planet will go on and flourish after we are gone. Nature will reclaim what we have destroyed. I wish I didn’t believe all of this, I wish I had faith in humanity, but I don’t. I once believed there would be a tipping point where enough of us realized what we are doing wrong and change it. After the past four years, and especially January of this year and it’s aftermath, I have come to believe we are tipping in the wrong direction and I have no idea how to fix that. It saddens me to see what we have become.


Came across an article about this tv show that I actually paid for Starz to watch. It is amazingly clever and complicated and J.K.Simmons is absolutely brilliant in it. He was already a favorite, but this just cemented that forever. If you want something to take your mind off the crap that is going on, this will do it. And since you can stream it on Prime, there is no waiting till next week for the next episode. I have found that binge-watching shows lets you notice things you might have missed when there is some time between episodes, and lets you better understand subtle plot points. I love binge-watching. 🙂 Here’s the article:

An Elegy for the Quiet Genius of Counterpart

Now I want to watch it again.


Reagan was against government regulation; you know, the regs that give us clean air and water and keep places like Amazon from buying up every single competitor on the planet and taking over the entire market place. Yeah, we used to have those. Now we have Texas, a huge argument FOR regulation. Here’s a bit from the New York Times, my capitalization:

“…Jesse Jenkins, an assistant professor and energy systems engineer at Princeton University, explains in The Times, Texas has a unique electric grid that operates independently from the rest of the country TO AVOID FEDERAL REGULATION, so it has a very limited ability to draw power from other regions. And unlike the rest of the United States and Canada, Texas doesn’t pay electricity producers to hold reserves of at least 15 percent beyond typical daily demand.”

Why Voting Matters


Who you vote for makes a difference in your daily life, whether you realize it or not, and if you don’t even bother to vote, the ones who support people like this, do. The Trump supporters vote, the haters vote, the insurrectionists vote. To avoid the last four years and now this year as well doing a repeat performance, your vote is necessary. You have to vote in every election, too, not just the big ones, because that’s how they weasel their way in, they start small and work their way up until they are in the highest offices of government. You’ve seen the results of that. We need to fight to dismantle the Electoral College, we need to fight for mail-in-voting, we need to make election day a National Holiday to facilitate voting. Things need to change, and we are the ones who need to change it. This is what complacency has brought us. Thousands and thousands dying because of a mismanaged covid crises, Texans freezing and starving in their homes, people trying to overthrow the government because of so much false information they have been fed by Fox News and Facebook’s algorithms. We need to step up, and we need to do it now. Please. We forget that we have power. We leave it to those in Washington or state governments, and think we cannot change anything. We can. We just have to vote, for one thing. All of those senators who are aiding and abetting the insurrectionists and their ilk, who are keeping us from getting stimulus checks, who are blocking every thing that will help us and facilitating every thing that will benefit them, we put them there. We did. We can vote them out. We have the power. We just need to use it.

Keeping Warm

There are some good posts on Tumblr on how to keep warm with no heat, just in case anyone reading this needs them. @jenniferpovey and @biitumen have some good stuff.

This is the United States. It’s not supposed to be like this, which really points out that it matters that you vote, and it really matters who you vote for. There are elected official out there who clearly do not have your best interests at heart.


I am considering moving my blog, since I really cannot abide the new Block editor. It is confusing, unnecessarily complicated, and I can’t just do what I want or need to do with my posts without having to look up how to do whatever it is. Why fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place? Any suggestions for another host? Life is hard enough right now, without making simple things difficult on purpose. Thanks for nothing, WordPress.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Have to keep reminding myself. It’s hard not to just say to hell with it. What’s the point if nobody does the right thing? But then, a lot of Senators did do the right thing. Am hoping there is still a chance that things will turn around, and we can at least attempt to be a country of decent people. It’s hard not to just give up. But I won’t. I hope you won’t, either.

The State of the World Is Not Looking Good

I see that the traitor got cleared.  There is no justice, and I believe we are finished as a country.  Rome fell, so are we.  You cannot trust anybody anymore.  There are no morals, no ethics, just greed and grasping for power.  I truly believe we have failed.  Am going to do my best not to think about it, because I have no power to change anything.  But it’s sad.

It’s a little weird funny.  My fandom is Torchwood, and Captain Jack says the twentieth (EDIT: Twenty-FIRST) century is when everything changes.  The US no longer being ‘the light of the world’, a plague ravaging the planet, climate disaster, the second rise of fascism.  The fictional captain was right.  Everything is changing, not for the better, and I am a bit glad to be at the end of my life rather than the beginning.  If I was the proper age, I don’t think I would choose to bring children into this world.  Not at this point in time. The future is not looking bright for anyone right now. Oh, fuck.


We have had some. Two storms in three days, I think. Winter. Yes.

I am having canned chili with beans, seasoned more by me, over those thin saltines that come in the big green can. And Guiness Draft. Oh, yeah. Dinner. I got up at 2:30 since I cannot sleep at night for whatever weird reason my body is going with, so this is an early dinner. 🙂

Not watching anything trial-related, although it’s possible with the Fire Stick. I cannot even stay on twitter more than a scroll or two. Too disturbing to see how low our country has fallen. I cannot imagine how unbelievably corrupt the Republicans have become. If that party has not become a cult, then what would you call it? Worshiping to orange man instead of doing their duty to the country. For shame.

Signed up for CBS All-Access, free trial for 7 days. Dumped Hulu, because I realized I wasn’t really watching anything on it anymore. I thinking ditching cable was supposed to give us more opportunity to see various things, and what we got was seventy bazillion little streamers which costs just keep adding up. Like when they broke up Ma Bell. That did not turn out the way they said it would. Or Brexit. Bet those Brits are kicking themselves good for voting for that. Never believe politicians, they are only in it for themselves.

Just Thinking

I am seeing a lot of articles about how the traitors are being found, most because of their basic stupidity, like not wearing masks. But it occurs to me, aren’t we just helping the next lot avoid capture by giving them things to avoid doing?

Lots of things I don’t understand.

Business. How is it good business to foreclose on houses and buildings and then just let them sit and rot? How is eliminating workers to save money a good idea, when then less people have enough buying power to keep you in business anyway?

I never really understood the basic idea of capitalism, where you have to keep growing and growing and growing and can never be satisfied with your one little shop that makes you happy.

One thing I do know, greed is NOT good. We have really screwed ourselves, haven’t we?