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Made your day, didn’t I?


I have stood on the edge of the cliff, and it is a looooong way down, people. There’s a train track down there, too.


The last sentence in this article bothers me.  I’m for greening, but not for turning natural wonders into pseudo theme-parks.  The fires in Colorado, where I grew up, informed me about amusement parks and such in Estes Park and at the Royal Gorge Bridge.  The Park is just lovely nature, and the bridge used to be the highest suspension bridge in the world (may still be. IDEK) and if you’ve ever stood on the edge of the Gorge and looked down, or been on the bridge, the ideal of needing an amusement part to attract people is ludicrous, and these things get in the way of just appreciating nature.  It’s about nature, people.  Otherwise, it’s just another way to make money out of something that should be open and available to all, unsullied by man and his greed.  /Rant.

Google Plus, An Opinion

Not that I AM opinionated, you understand, but…

So I never look at google plus, even though I have it.  Until yesterday.  Messing about, decided to check it out, started scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling ad infinitum.  This is an efficient use of my time and internet?  Who thought this was a good idea?  So I was thinking about it today and here what I came up:

It’s not my idea of a user-friendly interface for communication.  It’s like Tumblr, but Tumblr is just for seeing what other people post about Torchwood, Gareth David LLoyd, and John Barrowman mainly, not for socializing. (Little inside joke there, people) Google plus looks to me like a time sink, is all.  Hundreds of posts, saying almost nothing.  Not anybody in particular, just everything on there.  It’s like some people’s Twitters.  “I am off to the store.”  And you feel the need to share this with the world because??????   I guess I am a social site dinosaur.  They seem kind of stupid and self-promoting, is all.  Kind of like language-not-picture based selfies.  I don’t need to know what anybody anywhere is thinking, feeling, doing, every second of every day.  Blog if you have something to contribute, otherwise, keep it to yourself.  Like people did for all of human history.  Yeah, I think google + annoyed me, what do you think?   LOL  Let’s all be narcissist, and convince ourselves that the world really cares about the minutiae of our every moment.  I don’t think so.    Update:  My own blog posts show up in Google plus.  Did I do something to make that happen?  Does it invalidate my whole opinion post?  Do I need more coffee?narcissistic

At Least It’s Not About Politics

Just read a thing about people simplifying for one week, limiting themselves to only ten foods:

*Made a list of 10 foods that were the only things we could eat: cheese, frosted mini-wheats, potatoes, water, diet coke, bread, bananas, peanut butter, eggs, chicken

Diet Coke? Diet Coke is not even a food, let alone how bad it is for your body. IDEK

diet soda

It Matters Who You Vote For

You know how I’m always saying that? Here’s why:

(Copied from The Daily Kos)

“House Republicans just passed an outrageous bill cutting food stamps by $40 billion and kicking 3.8 million people out of the program by 2014.

The Senate already passed a bill cutting food stamps, but House Republicans just took it *ten times* further. Under their proposal, over 1.7 million people will lose food stamps this year, another 2.1 million next year, and even more in the following years.

House Republicans know these cuts aren’t going to become law—they are using their psychotic proposal to try and pressure the Senate into make even deeper cuts than the ones they already passed.”

There are more disgusting, reprehensible human beings, but still…. Did you vote these men into office? Are you ashamed of yourself yet? Do you plan to vote them out of office next time, or do you choose to align yourself with these horrific excuses for human beings? Yes, I am really, really angry. Starving children used as political weapons. Nothing new here, folks.

Update from The Washington Post:
Who Voted For and Against The Bill

Well, blah. Just noticed this didn’t have a title. Added one.

rainbow stepsI woke up depressed today. It is a beautiful day, cool and sunny and gorgeous, and I didn’t wake up til around noon because my nights keep bleeding into my days, and my days into my nights, and if left to my own normal rhythms, I’d probably never be up before 1pm. Missing half the day right there. And I’m just here. In my little prison-box of an apartment. No porch, no balcony, no deck, no access to the outside at all. I’ve only just found out that moving is probably not going to be an option, because thanks to the ‘I’ve got mine, so screw you’ government we now have in the US, there is very little money available for people like me to find a better apartment. One more suitable to my needs. I want to go out and be in the world and do things and garden and have fun and see new places, but I am just here. Alone. I really, really make a conscious effort to follow my belief that things are the way they are and if I can do something to change them, fine, but if not, learn to live with the way they are and make that the best it can be. Sometimes it’s just so hard, though. I guess I can’t always be the fighter, I can’t always keep the good attitude, sometimes I just have to say, “I want things in my life, and it’s very frustrating and it hurts that I can’t seem to make any kind of difference here.” So I stuff the feelings down and go on. Because what else can you do? Just every now and then I need to wallow, I guess. Today is the day.

On a brighter note, here’s an article about people really making a difference:

The Rainbow Steps

Of Course

I came across this in my readings. Just the headline here:

“Barack Obama Makes Case for Syria Strike: Celebrities React”

Because I always look to celebrities to tell me what to think about politics. Doesn’t everyone?

And….my new favorite quote (why, yes, this IS an all-inclusive post, why do you ask?)

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”
― Amit Ray”

Btw, I was looking for an appropriate image for this post, but when I saw this, how could I resist?

Who doesn’t love pie?


Rambly Stuff

minimumwageblack hawkI’ve been thinking about this minimum wage thing. People are demanding that it be higher. OMG, who do they think they are, those poor? Well, fifteen (yes, fifteen) years ago, I had a job that paid 7.50 an hour. I could not live on that. Me, single, no children at home, could not live on 7.50 an hour. Are the costs of living the same as they were fifteen years ago? I don’t think so. Why are we so reluctant to treat our fellow humans with the respect and dignity we demand for ourselves? Why is it so hard to give ALL of us a living wage, and decent health care? Someone said that the true measure of a society is how it treats its least fortunate members. How do you think we do, United States of America?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way things are going in the world today. So much hate and bigotry and homophobia and persecution and bullying and all the other horrible things I read about every day. I think people are scared. Back in the 70’s there was a book called ‘Future Shock’ in which the author theorizes that technological change will come so quickly that people will not be able to adapt. I think that is what is happening. Not just technological change, but that makes every thing seem more immediate and brings it right into your face, but societal change. Populations are moving to new countries, changing the balance of culture mores, things that were previously seen as unacceptable are becoming the norm, the belief in a particular religion and its High Priests has been seen to be ill-informed, as those very Priests are seen to be not so much in touch with their god as they are flawed and imperfect mere men. And it’s always men. How many female High Priests have YOU come across? Religion teaches you not to think for yourself, but to blindly follow what someone else has told you to follow and believe. Live according to someone else’s perception of the world. It’s kind of like ‘my country, right or wrong’ thinking. If my country is Nazi Germany, should I still follow that line of thinking?

Anyway, the world is changing, and that scares people, and what do humans do when they are scared? They lash out, they look for scapegoats (read your history), they persecute those they see as threats to their comfort zone and way of life, who they see as ‘different than’ their own insulated ideas of what the world should be, they use all the coping mechanisms that scared, uninformed, uneducated people use to attempt to keep their world as they know it. This scares me. Any ideas of how to fix the world would be extremely helpful, dear readers.

Ninja Warrior


I loved Ninja warrior, back when I had cable. Now I see that there is an American version. Srsly? Makes me wonder. Why can other countries see our shows, but we can only get American versions which in my opinion are never as good (see Life on Mars, people), but other countries get to watch our shows regularly? Even BBC America has American shows, like The Next Generation. Why? My friend in Finland used to watch Desperate Housewives. In Finland. We seem to just get more and more dreck, and 20 minutes of every hour spent trying to sell us stuff. Also known as ‘why I don’t pay for cable anymore’.