What Ho?

I am making brownies, from a box.  A box.  And listening to this:

Have been having constant all-over pain for a while now.  With random acute pain randomly.  Makes life interesting.  And painful.  But I am still keeping up the attitude.  Will NOT give in or give up.  So brownies.  From a box.  Better than no brownies at all, right?

Feeling Better

Not every day, not all the time, but gradually improving.  Taking fewer pain meds, doing more things, not many, not big, but more than I was.  Mind over matter, or attitude is everything.  My attitude took a real hit after Thanksgiving, but I am making the effort to be aware and monitor my self-talk.  Seems to be helping.  I am a strong advocate of the ‘life is what you make it, you are what you think’ school of thought.  Some people think a rainy day is miserable, some think, “Rain.  Lovely!”  It’s the same rain, the attitude makes the day good or not.

Also, I have Pandora on my laptop.  Loving my music.  White Stripes. Mumford and Sons, AWOL Nation, among others.  Oh, and The Dropkick Murphys.  Go Boston!  Rusted Root.  Don’t want to forget Rusted Root.