It. Is. All. Good

Sooo. Saw the rheumatologist nurse practitioner yesterday. Did no one ever give you cortisone shots for you knees? No one even suggested it. Ever. Had shots. Today I can do squats. Squats. Also, I was awake til 7 am and slept for four hours, after only sleeping two or three the night before. I am so hyper it is not even funny. Well, it is, kind of. Did not know cortisone shots had those side effects, insomnia and hyper hyper. 🙂 Saw the opthamologist today. Really liking him. Very laid back and confidence inspiring. Apparently I have weird eyes, to go along with the rest of weird me.

I have five more appointments this month. Doctor, rhuemy, colonoscopy, eye surgery, and one more I forget. That is 25 appointments since march 18th. I’ve gone years with one appointment, only one, not one a year, and now they are all happening at once. But it’s all good. Getting eyes fixed, teeth and gums are in good shape, can do squats, and there is colon cancer in my family, so it’s time for my ten-year test. Before Prednisone, I could not have done any of this. I have three more months before I have to taper again. Joy. Not.

not hot and stickyAlso, I was freezing the other night and had an extra blanket on the bed. The dew point is in the 40s, not the 70s, the temps are almost down to fifty at night, and in the mid 70s during the day. And today is the equinox. Did I mention that it is all good?

Viola-Davis-Emmys-2015-1 Also, again, How to Get Away With Murder is back, and I can watch it on Hulu Plus with minimal commercials. I am a happy camper. And Viola Davis WON. I have followed her for years, since Jesse Stone, I think. One of my favorite actresses. She grew up a few miles from where I live, too. Love that dress, btw.

Binged watched the new season of Longmire, and there were only ten eps up, and it ended in a cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers, especially if the show is cancelled and you are left hanging. But I do love Longmire, even if it isn’t filmed in Wyoming, the dirty liars.

So, after hyper-ing out my friend Tess today, and now my dear readers (are you really out there, people?), I think I am done for right now. Enjoy the autumn. Cozy, blankets, tea, fireplaces, what’s not to love? And then comes snow. I love snow.

My New Brick

Also known as my Nexus.  After trying numerous times to get it to boot, following loads of googled directions, came across some things telling me what the problem is.  The last update.  There is a petition – a petition! – to get Google to take responsibility and do something for the thousands of people whose nexuses are now bricks.  Seriously, Google?


What has happened to Snicker’s bars? I don’t eat candy much, and haven’t had one for several years, but recently had a fun-sized bar. Snicker’s used to have peanuts and caramel and a tiny bit of nougat, if I remember correctly. They were pushed as energy-giving snacks. Now they are over-sweet, mostly nougat, with a really, really thin layer of caramel and very few crunchy bits that I hope are peanuts. Really disgusting. Cheaper is not better, people. Especially when it’s only cheaper to maximize your profits. Like Cadbury Eggs. I read that Kraft bought them and are going to be using cheaper chocolate. Bet they won’t cost any less. Or taste the same. I don’t actually like Cadbury Eggs, but it’s the principle of the thing.. 🙂

It’s cool and a bit humid, but not hot and sticky. Maybe Autumn has beaten summer back with a gust of wind and a splash of rain. I hope I love Autumn. It’s my favorite time of year. It seems to be energizing, so I am trying to implement some sort of schedule, but it’s not easy. I can never get to sleep when I want to, so getting up at a certain time is always iffy. If I can sleep, I’m going to, even if it means I get up at 2pm, usually because I didn’t get to sleep until 10 am. This is one of the hardest parts of my life. Trying to maintain some normalcy, so I can be up when I need to be. Cannot tell you how many things I missed before I started insisting that I DON’T DO MORNINGS. Sorry, but I”m tired of trying to manage my life according to your schedule. Manage yours according to mine, which does NOT include appointments in the morning. I am the one who’s ill, after all. Yeah. But it’s Autumn, so it’s all good right now. Blue skies, puffy clouds, what’s not to love?

A Good Post

about food and chronic illness and being ‘normal’. Wish I was. Really, really do. Anyway:


I’ve come to realize, after being alone for four days in a row and only speaking on the phone to anybody once during that time, and just reading and not caring about anything, that being alone too much is really unhealthy for me. As soon as I begin anticipating someone actually turning up here, like my homemaker, I am all, ‘Oh, I want to…I can…I could…’. Being alone too much really sucks. I can’t even go outside without getting ‘in public’ presentable, cause my outside is the main street in the middle of down town.

It’s been really hot and icky again for several days. We had an orange alert the other day, first this summer, I think. There’s green, yellow, orange, and red, the latter of which means ‘don’t go out without a gas mask on or you will die’, I think. Yellow means I cough a lot, so orange is definitely a ‘close those windows and turn on the a/c, even if it doesn’t work well cause they won’t change the filter’ kind of day. I think I’m having grammar fail today, but I don’t care. So there.

but it’s 6pm and I don’t want to be up all night. Life is hard.

It was a good day, one more time

My friend Beth came over after work, and we went to an orchard store, rode around, got lost, used the map thingy on her 4G iPhone.  Map thingy is sooooo cool.  Then went to dinner.  Lots of fun and laughing.  Low pain day, so I could really enjoy it all.

Earlier, I took the unofficial Meyers Briggs Personality Test, to see if I have one.  No, because everyone on Tumblr keeps identifying themselves by their letters, and I didn’t know what they meant.  Now I kind of but not really do.  Here’s my results.  meyer's briggs unofficial

Well, Hello There

I’ve been kind of busy when I haven’t been recovering from being busy. Lots of appointments this fall, and eye surgery in October. Yay. Or not.

My Nexus has frozen and won’t boot past the GOOGLE at the beginning. I had to remove the battery from my new and really slow laptop to get it to start up. I am never going to get the sim card out of my not-a-phone, unless I try to take the actual phone apart. I love it anyway, because it’s like a mini-nexus that fits into my pocket and I can have all my useful-when-I’m-out apps on it. And it has a camera. I put Dropbox on it and have the send-pictures-to-Dropbox enabled so any pics are accessible anywhere I have Dropbox, or can sign into it on someone else’s computer. I do love and highly, highly recommend Dropbox. I’ve been using it practically since it came out. I have the free version which is plenty for me, but at one time, when I was using a pc and a laptop, I had the paid version so I could mess about with more files between them.

I’m missing my cyber-friends who used to email me more, but since typing on this laptop is not my best trick (flat keyboard, ew.), I guess it’s okay. Still miss them though.

Have had the a/c on for a few days again. Yellow air days, which aren’t horrible, but seem to affect my asthma more than they used to. The sky is really yucky-looking today. Grunge-color, I have decided. At least it finally is September, so am hoping to have the windows open soon. I start to feel suffocated after a couple of days with just the a/c on. Fresh air! I need fresh air! If I had my own outdoors, it wouldn’t be so bad, cause I could just step out once in a while, but here I have to be dressed in outside clothes and presentable. No going out in my pj’s with my coffee. Nope.

I have spent years not eating beef, except steak-on-the grill cooked by my friend John once or twice a year if I’m lucky, and I had a burger from Papa Gino’s yesterday. Best burger I have ever had. Oh, my, was it good. I think I have stopped caring about all the things I used to care about. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Guess that’s all I have to ramble on about today. Not getting into the whole Trump crap, or the idiot stuff that’s going on every day, and the really stupid, stupid people who sometimes turn up on Tumblr. Just going with the flow. It’s a good thing. Yes, I stole that from Martha, and I don’t care. So!