>One Day Later

>It went okay. I stayed up later than I should have, so when the alarm went off at 9, I stayed in bed and slept til 11:15 or so. But then I had a very good day. My friend came over and we went to Walmart and Shaw’s, back here, then to her house so I could help her with her laptop. It has gotten very slow and needed some serious tweaking. Then I stayed for dinner, did the dishes, gave her husband a hard time for watching Bill O’Rellly, and came back home where we played games on my pc for a couple of hours. Now I’m tired, but still feeling good. Very little pain today, for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Already took my pills tonight, and have the alarm set for 9am tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a warmer day tomorrow, but today was quite nice with light rain and coolish winds. I do love rain.

The picture is out my living room windows, taken in April of 2005. I hope the flowering pear trees are as nice this year. Some years they are amazing, and other years, not so much. The pansies were a birthday gift from friends. I love pansies, especially yellow ones. It was a good day, both the day I took the picture, and today. Tomorrow is April. I like April. *smile*

>Just Thinking

>This is a beautiful picture from my favorite Korean tv show, Winter Sonata. It was shown on AZN tv with subtitles, a real bonus since I speak no Korean. I came across it while surfing channels, and before I knew it, I was hooked by the music and then by the story itself. It did seem that everyone was always crying, and always wearing their coats, but it was winter, so……. I liked it so much I bought the DVD set on Amazon. Guilty pleasure, I think.

Haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Been struggling with sleep issues again, and ever since I did the very short walk in the park a few weeks ago, my legs have been really painful and twitchy and uncomfortable. But I still think it was worth it. Being out, being in the park I seldom get to go to, spending time with my friend and the lovely little West Highland Terrier Misty. It was a good day. I even took some pictures of a tree top and some bark as well as the puppy.

I did cook yesterday, and the day before I had those fresh steam-in-bag veggies with ham. Those veggies are very nice. It takes more energy than I can spare to peel carrots and wash and cut up broccoli, or any veg for that matter, so having them ready to go in a bag you just nuke for a few minutes is a very good thing. I think you can just use them raw, too, for dipping or whatever, but I decided to go with the steaming.

I am trying, trying, to get organized. I did get the kitchen pretty well done finally, but now I have about four days worth of dishes waiting to be washed. I have to move a cart on wheels to get to the dishwasher, and there are too many to do by hand except in batches, which is how I got into this mess in the first place. Those darn dishes. Eating only finger foods would be nice, but boring.

I am stating here for all to see that I am going to follow a schedule. Take my pills at 11pm and set the alarm for 9am. And GET UP at nine, even if I didn’t sleep. Not sure how this will work, cause if I don’t sleep enough, I am pretty non-functional the next day, but I really want to have a normal sleep-wake pattern and I’ve tried everything else I can think of.

I had a compliment (I think) the other day. My homemaker came in from shopping and picking up a prescription for me, and as she came in the door she said, “You’re 64!”. “I will be next month”, I said. “I thought you were no more than 55”, she said, “but I just figured out your age”. Gee, I filmed myself for a couple of minutes with my new dinosaur webcam the other day, and I think I look like I’m 90. Or maybe I just feel like I’m 90. Being ill takes it out of you and ages you.

I read somewhere that I should have a post about myself, and a way for readers to contact me if I want to be a successful blogger. Thinking about it. That’s all for now.

>It’s Time

> I like clock-changing time in the autumn. Get up, change clock, it’s an hour earlier. But now, in spring, I change them before bed. It’s a really hard adjustment either way for people with illness-related sleep problems. I’ve tried all sorts of adjustments, none of which work even a little bit. Oh, well.

It’s been a lovely week, weather-wise. Rainy some days, but not too cold and very pleasant to be outside. Went out a little Tuesday and Friday afternoon. I really would like to get out more, but it’s hard to motivate myself when I don’t have enough energy to get dressed. *smile* I got some books from the library, too. Real books. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been to the library, and it was a lovely feeling to bring home a handful of books. I do like to read, and I’ve read all of my own books so many times I can probably read them with my eyes closed.

I was watching Torchwood earlier and started feeling achy. Thought to self, “I must be coming down with something. Rats.” Then remembered that I feel like that every day. Torchwood can make you forget. It’s a good thing.

I also got a little cute webcam yesterday. It looks like a dinosaur. I wasn’t going to ever get one, but…..Anyway, cammed the cats to a friend last night, and today just turned it on myself, for myself, not broadcast. Oh, pretty depressing. I look so old, and fat, and sad. I’m not sad, generally, but old and fat? There’s just no getting around it. That does make me sad. Guess I’ll take my old, fat, sad self to bed. It’s an hour later than it is, at least until 2 am. Happy spring, everyone.