Kind of slept all day. Not sure what is wrong, but I seem to getting worse daily again. Anyway, did not get to take a daytime pic, but here is one I took earlier tonight. It is 9 degrees, too, and getting colder.

On the Spotify issue, CEO Daniel Ek said this: “…it is important to me that we don’t take on the position of being content censor…”. I am not sure that allowing someone a platform to deliberately disseminate false, deadly information that is endangering people’s lives for profit, is a ‘content issue’. I think it’s a moral issue.


In the vid in the last post, there is a main street and two sidewalks between my window and that tree, but it looks like I could reach out and touch it, doesn’t it? 🙂 As of 3:30, we had 15 inches of snow. My heat is not working yet again, but fortunately my heater fan really cranks out the heat. The only concession we have made is that Gertrude napped on the rocking chair instead of the hallway floor. She is a very strange kitty,. LOL

Here’s my window throughout the day.

8:30 am
10:30 am
1:30 pm
5:30 pm

My poor lavender plant is looking a bit poorly. Still smells lovely when you rub the leaves, though.

I see more people are leaving Spotify. Good. I’m not sure why deliberately spreading life-endangering false information isn’t some sort of crime, but apparently it’s not. The only real recourse we have is to hit them in their profit margins, it seems. If you don’t like or approve of something, don’t keep giving your money to the perpetrators. That’s my choice whenever possible. Yes, it’s not always possible, but I do my best.


Trying not to get too excited about it, because so often it just seems to go right around us, but it’s looking pretty good for it actually happening. Feel bad for those who will be impacted negatively, but at the same time, I love snow and we have not had a really big storm in a very long time. We are in for some high winds, too. Bring in the patio furniture, people. I’m in the red for snow, and the orange for high winds. Ooooo. These were tweeted by @harveyWCVB, Harvey Leonard, my all-time favorite weatherman.


They are now saying we could get 2 feet of snow Saturday. 24 inches of snow. I will believe it when I see it. Would be nice, though. I don’t have to shovel or drive in it, so I can just enjoy it.

The other thing, Neil Young challenged Spotify to get rid of Joe Rogan, prime misinformation spreader, or his own music. They chose to get rid of Neil, because profit matters more than lives to them. There are rumors of a boycott starting. I will join it. I always say, put your money where your mouth is. If you believe something, somebody, is wrong, do not support them with money or usage or patronage or whatever. It’s the only way they learn.

Just Stuff

So my homemaker finally came back today. Seems she had covid, Home test was positive. She became ill on New Year’s Eve, so hopefully is no longer contagious, but still not coming in. Shopping and trash, through the door. That is all.

Not been my best week. Vertigo, then just mild dizziness, off balance, sleeping all day, getting behind on every thing yet again. I can read even with vertigo, so hooray for that. Anyway last night was doing some HDPuzzles, and there are two, a day shot and a night shot of THIS place, which I just now came across this on Tumblr. Anyway, when I look at it, the clouds are moving to the right. Fun times, people, fun times.


Still here. Still just kind of vegging, although I did cook a bit here and there.

Corn chowder, anyone? Enough for about three or four bowls: cube two peeled or not potatoes, chop an onion, barely cover with water, cook til tender. Add 2 cans cream corn, simmer a bit, add one can evaporated (not condensed) milk, a spoon or so of bacon grease (or not) s&p, heat, don’t boil. Just reheat single bowlfuls as needed. Just add more potatoes if want a larger amount.

Party mix. Am having some right now. Put into small pan on very low 1 stick butter, 2 sloppy tablespoons worcestershire sauce, about a teaspoon each of celery salt, onion powder, and garlic powder. I like it well-seasoned. Leave on low heat for awhile so spices can soak up butter. Toss with 6 cups Chex, rice, corn and wheat, I like lots of wheat Chex. I do this in a large microwave safe bowl and nuke for 6 to 8 minutes, stirring well every two minutes. Can oven bake for an hour at 250, stirring every 15 minutes. 13 x 9 pan is good for this. Can also add nuts or pretzels or whatever.

Sleep, read, awake most of the night. It’s all getting very discombobulated. But someday spring and sun will be back and maybe I will get it together once again. Possibly. Could happen. Anyway, came across this today:


I am a bit appalled today. Finally, FINALLY, went down to get my mail. Trash in hallway. Trash and filth in elevator. Trash in lobby, trash in outer lobby. What has happened to my building? People stealing packages, trash everywhere. We used to have a cleaner who came in and vacc’d the halls and cleaned the glass, etc. My landlord has tried three, yes three, times to scam me into paying more rent. There used to be background checks before you were allowed to rent here. No more, it seems. Rents are high, I can barely manage daily life, how could I ever move, if I could even find someplace? Disturbing. So much crap is going on out there, we don’t need more of it in here. No idea what to do about it, either?


Yes, it actually did snow. We got more than six inches. It was lovely, too. I was, of course, awake all night and so got to watch it fall in between bouts of reading. Took some vids so I can remember what snow is like. The way things seem to be going, I kind of expect there will come a winter where we don’t get any at all. Global warming is real. Bein up all night when it’s snowing is nice, but being up all night means zombie Jean the next day. Not fun. Hope these don’t slow down the page load too much.

Miss G and Snow 3:30am

And around 7am.


Places are closing, things are being postponed, the daily count is sky-rocketing. Wear your damn masks, people. Get vaccinated. Or just stay the hell home and stew in your own stupid juices. Good grief. You are ruining life for the rest of us, and actually killing some of us. Are we collateral damage to your selfishness?