Yes, I am one. I got up at 8am. Yay, me. I was going to get myself together enough to go downstairs and get the mail I haven’t gotten since sometime last week. Instead, I made coffee and fired up the old pc. Checked out some blogs, decided to try to add the youtube side thingies that are on the Moonlit blog, tried and tried and could not succeed. Gave up. Decided to put labels on my blog posts. Just finished. Still in pajamas, still haven’t had any food, still haven’t gotten the mail. It’s like I’m glued to the computer. LOLOL Oh, well. I have fun and meet new people and see and read so many things I would never even know about without my little desktop. Today I’m googling Finland. Life is good. But if my new friend (I hope) from the Moonlit blog reads this, maybe he can tell me how to add those sidebar widgets. *smile*

3 thoughts on “>Loser

  1. >Well, join the club…I can hardly see anything anymore…I just don´t know when to stop…I discover new things all the time and get new ideas…I´ll try to help you tomorrow, friend.

  2. >LOL Thank you, friend. I'm enjoying our back and forth comments. The internet is a wonderful thing. You can meet all sorts of people and dispense with the judgments that are made consciously or sub-consciously in person, skip the inane small-talk and just talk about what interests you. I like it.

  3. >Yes,it´s wonderful! Usually the first thing I do when I turn on my pc is to check out whether I´ve received any comments from you! I´ll e-mail you how I add my youtube stuff. It may take a while.

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