Okay, Now I’m Just Bragging

Four good days IN A ROW! Got my kitchen drawers organized, made the world’s best pizza, organized my desk, unloaded the dishwasher. I am on a roll. Won’t say I hope it lasts, but I hope it lasts.

DD sent light this am, and I woke up in less pain and feeling better than I have in a long time. DD is a healer. Seriously, I am a skeptic, but it really does seem to help. Here is her site:

As You Wish

We are bracing for Hurricane Irene, which I really don’t think is going to have much effect where I am, but making sure to have water, etc., just in case. Enough meds for a week, also. When we first moved here, way back in the paleolithic era, a hurricane just skirted New England, and I remember the sky went this really eerie greenish color for awhile. Spooky. Never seen anything like it before. We never had a hurricane in Colorado, to my knowledge. Hailstorms, yes, but no hurricanes. 🙂

I hope everyone has taken precautions if they live in a danger zone. Pick up loose items in your yard. Very important. Flying objects can kill people. Be safe, people.

Not Sure

But I am brave, so I will just say it. I am feeling better. This is my THIRD good day in a row. Third! Usually what happens now is I crash and don’t have any more good days for a loooooong time. Just because I opened my big mouth. But hey. Tuesday was homemaker day, then I went out with Tess for some shopping. Much pain after, but I had fun. Yesterday, less pain, felt okay, got things done. Today, even less pain, feeling good, getting things done. Getting things done. Three little words that represent so much. Getting things done in the physical world is major for someone with chronic, debilitating illness. It feels good. It gives me hope. Then, as I said, I usually crash and back to the same old same old. But I enjoy the getting things done phase while it’s here. Yes. Yes I do!


Yes. Yes I am. Somewhat. Actually got things done today. More than one. Yay, me. Stopped the yogurt, and it seems that was killing my stomach, not the meds. Interesting. Cabot Greek Style. I should have stuck with Fage. Costs more, but worth it. It’s very muggy again, but gray and looks like rain. I like rain. Changed the bed, new cover, too. Pretty. It’s not NEW, it’s new to the bed. LOL Okay, better, but still crazy. You lucky readers, you.

Well, Crap!

I’m just a big ball of whine lately. I hate whine. I can’t sleep again, the antibiotics have caused a big pit of acid in my stomach, my head still feels like it did before I started taking the antibiotic, and no explanatory phone call from my ex-doctor about how they could just abandon me with an infection and no meds. Crap, crap, crap. Also, crap. So skipped the antibiotic last night and stomach is not well, but better today. Got up late after not sleeping much at all, so missed the morning dose as well, but am going to take it late. Any minute now. As soon as I can tear myself away from the computer. I’m a mess, my house (for ‘house’ read ‘teeny tiny apartment’) is a mess, and I not only don’t have enough energy to do anything about it, I barely have enough energy to care. Being sick wears you down, especially when added on to the permanent being sick that is fibro/CFS, which wears you down quite enough on it’s own. So whine, whine, whine. And crap!

Just Came Across This Quote

“The moral test of a society is how that society treats those who are in the dawn of life . . . the children; those who are in the twilight of life . . . the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life . . . the sick, the needy, and the handicapped.”

—Hubert Humphrey

Our society protects the wealthiest, at the expense of the rest of us. My friend Tess and I frequently puzzle over what has happened to people. The ability to think, reason, understand, seems to have transmogrified into mindless belief of whatever they are told, regardless of science, what their eyes can see in front of them, regardless of proof of the opposite. It is rather frightening, when you think about it. We joke that it is cyclamates. Neither of us ever drank soda that contained cyclamates. Cyclamates were banned as being detrimental to health. We have decided that brain health was the biggest victim, thus we are the only two people left who have critical thinking, reasoning abilities. We blame cyclamates for the state of the country. It’s funny, except that it isn’t. But too much thinking about it is just terrifying. When the citizenry has lost the ability to reason and think for themselves, is there any hope left? I’m afraid not, people. Seriously.

On the illness front, I have had to pass up another weekend with friends due to still having this crappy infection and feeling like…well, not feeling great. I’m not even half way through the antibiotics, though, so there is still hope that I will get better. I will be looking for a new doctor this week, however. You can’t go on vacation and leave me with an infection in my head and no meds and expect to keep me as a patient. No, you really can’t.

On the life in general front, is it autumn yet? I am really not in love with humidity, and this has been a particular humid summer. And hot. And icky. I do try to appreciate each season for what it has to offer, but summer is the hardest one for me to love. I do not like being sticky. I don’t like messy food, either. Except mangoes and watermelon. They can be as messy as they want, cause they are just good. Oh, yeah.

Well, at least it’s interesting

To me, anyway. I think I’ve had a low-grade infection for some considerable time.
A while back, I had a brief episode of vertigo. Virus, doctor said.
Then in June, I had a sinus infection. Even my palate (roof of mouth) hurt. Five days of super-anitbiotic. Worked.
Then the sinus problem gradually came back. Off to the doctor on Friday. Prescribed two weeks of antibiotics. Computer slow, but he will get it there. Probably won’t be ready for an hour and a half. Out to dinner with mah friends. Three hours later, go to drugstore, no scrip. They call doctor. Doctor gone on vacation. NO SCRIP! Have to wait til Monday when back-up doctor will be available. Drugstore will call him and hope he can get into my records to find what was prescribed and call it in. Time for a new doctor. Went on vacation and left me with an infection and no meds. Meanwhile, had to cancel weekend with other friends because of having a temperature and feeling lousy from infection, and now feeling even worse today.

At least it’s raining. Rain is always nice, so long as it behaves and doesn’t come down in buckets like it’s done in some parts of the country/world.

Why can’t I win? It all just seems to be conspiring against me. I want my life back, please.

What else is good? Let’s see. Ate some bing cherries yesterday that were out-of-this-world perfect and delicious. Have some left to eat today, too. Have ripe mangoes in frig, always a good thing. Also bacon. I have bacon. Everything goes with bacon, right? I just have to cook some, and voila! Happy mouth. Happy tummy. Bacon!! I only buy it once or twice a year, because I love bacon! And it’s supposedly not that good for you. Ha! Like I care at this point. Since nothing I do makes any difference to how I feel or whether or not I sleep, I’ve even started having coffee whenever I darn well feel like it, instead of only once a day when I get up. And the other day, I ate a protein bar, a small bag of kettle chips, and a carton of maple-walnut ice cream. And nothing ese. If you do all (some?) of the right things (for ‘right’ read ‘things that are supposed to make life better), and they don’t make life better, why bother? That’s my new motto. I don’t give a fuck*, I’m doing what I want when I want, cause nothing works anyway. I like it. 🙂 *Yes, my children, yomama swears. A lot, actually. Get over it. LOLOL

Now I Am REALLY Not Happy

I hope all those who voted these people into office are enjoying themselves about now. I know I’m not. ALL of my income comes from Social Security. I have nothing else, and nothing to fall back on. Thank you, Republicans. Click the link to see what I’m on about.

Social Security and ‘our’ government