>Bah! Humbug!

>Feeling awful. Sleep is messed up again, and I have an allergy headache that feels like my brain is stuffed with cotton…painful cotton. Woe is me, or some such drivel.

Been reading a lot, since tv is getting worse and worse. I don’t watch ‘reality’ shows, and there is very little else on, and what there is doesn’t merit watching anyway. Can’t wait for The Closer and Eureka to come back. LOST was a rerun, Barrowman has little to no screen time of Desperate Housewives so far, and since I don’t normally watch it, there’s no point to start now.

I appear to be in complaining mode tonight. Nasty headaches can do that. Later.

>Gray Days


Image from here: http://bountifulhealing.wordpress.com/

It’s been gray for several days now, and I can really feel the effects. I am more tired, less energy, less motivation, less enthusiasm for anything. I like rain, no, I love rain. I am quite fond of snow, too. But gray days with no water product are just dull and depressing to the psyche. When I lived in New Hampshire, there were a LOT of gray days. February was the grayest month, so after a time, I learned to have interesting projects to focus on that month, so the SAD* wouldn’t completely win out. The beautiful flowers that were guaranteed to bring cheerfulness are all gone from the flowering pear trees, too.

Less SAD here where I am further south, but too much gray still brings the “oh, why bother”s. I’m not liking this. I want that energy I had two weeks ago back. Please. It’s amazing how quickly things go down hill housekeeping-wise when there is little or no energy and enthusiasm about. I did unload, reload, and run the dishwasher last night. Big accomplishment. LOL

Oh, I meant to ‘turn on the sun’ when I got up, and I forgot. I have full-spectrum bulbs in the ceiling fixture in the main room, and it is like daylight in here all the time when they are on, even in the middle of the night. So I call them ‘the sun’. I know. I have a fondness for inanity and silliness, it seems. Making up little phrases to fit a certain situation or thing is fun. Anything that gets a laugh or even just a giggle is a good thing in my book.

I overslept today, since I stayed up way too late last night, and the buzzer woke me up. It was the mailman with a package from my Amazon grocery subscription. I like Amazon. Anyway, one time he left my package in the lobby and it was stolen. Amazon cheerfully refunded my money, but when I complained to the post office, their attitude to me was ‘tough luck’. Behind the scenes, however, I think they must have reamed out the mailman, because now he brings the packages up to me, always with a glare and never speaks a word. Oh, I feel so bad. NOT! You can’t just drop things in a public lobby and expect them to just remain there til the recipient happens to check on Amazon and see they are listed as ‘delivered’.

Off to turn on the sun. *SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder, in case you were wondering. I has it. I grew up in Colorado, where sun is the primary state of things, not gray and dour. No wonder New Englanders are noted for being taciturn and unfriendly. We are all miserable most of the time. LOL

>Earth Day

The image is from here:

Today, as I’m sure you know, is Earth Day. In honor of it, Mother Nature graced us with not one but two thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are for June, Mother, not April. I was not home for the first one. Went out with a friend. Storm started right after we went into a store. You could hear the thunder in the store, and it was pouring when we were ready to leave. We waited til it let up a bit, then had to wade through a couple of tiny rivers on the way to the car. Soaking shoes and pants legs are not fun.

The second storm was a bit later, and I could see lightning bolts from my window, so unplugged the electronics til it passed. Not as much rain this time, either. Flower petals are so over now. All in all it was a good day.

>It’s My Birthday

>It’s also a beautiful, sunny day. I, of course, am in a fog since allergy season is in full swing. But it’s my birthday! Yay, me.

Here’s another little left-wing video I’d like to share. We have to fight for the voice of reason wherever we can, folks. Personally, I think there must be something in the water that has caused a lot of Americans to lose their ability to actually think for themselves and apply logic, reason, research, and examination to all the drek they seem to take in without question. Yay, Keith, for telling it like it is.


If you made it through that, here’s a vid of the Iceland volcano, with some nice Sigur Ros music as a go-with. Couldn’t find the embed code.



>It’s been gray for a few days, but some sun today. The leaves are coming out on the trees across the street, so the flowers don’t have long to go. But they have been a joy every day for a week.

Watched the new Doctor Who last night. I’m pleased to say I really like Matt Smith as the new Doctor, and I was overjoyed to notice the complete lack of angst and ‘life sucks, then you die’ attitude that had taken over Who. So very glad to see the last of RTD. I will not watch an Americanized Torchwood, if only because he is associated with it. The man almost makes life seem not worth living. Not my favorite person.

I am reading more and more on the computer. I didn’t think I would, but it really is not unpleasant, just not the same as holding a book. I like books, but since I’ve read and reread mine and I don’t get to the library much, this is an easy way to get my word fix. There are a lot of good fan fiction writers out there, and I am reading mostly that along wil the blogs I follow. I really need to update my blog roll, since I’ve added/deleted several times over.

Illness update: I’ve been doing well, but last weekend and this I’ve had at least one day with more pain and feeling worse in general. I’m wondering if I’m psyched for the week but seeing the weekend as time to crash. Or maybe five days of functioning reasonably well needs one or two of recovery. Anyway, it’s a heck of a lot better than just feeling crappy all the time. I can’t state as fact that DD’s ‘light treatments’ are helping, but I have been feeling better since she started. If it works or it’s all in my head doesn’t matter, feeling better is great.

>Lovely Day

>Taken on Thursday

Taken Just Now 2pm April 10, 2010

It was rainy yesterday, and got really chilly last night. Finally had to close the windows and turn the heat on for about ten minutes to take the chill off before I went to bed. Gray this morning, but the sun came out and it is beautiful out now, but only 52 and windy. I’m a bit tired today, so just playing on here pretty much. Nothing exciting.

Got my phone and internet set up yesterday with Verizon. Easy and quick. I reran the speed tests, and Verizon is much slower than Comcast in all aspects, upload, download, and lag, but it’s so far not really noticeable in regular surfing. I haven’t tried watching a movie on Netflix yet, so that will be interesting.


>Out My Window

DD eldest has reminded me that I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been having a good spell with my illness, and have been more involved in real life than in online life. I haven’t felt this well in a very long time, so I am taking advantage of it. I’ve been decluttering more, went through my crafting supplies and gave away some things I no long have any use for. Been getting out and enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, although it is cooler and rainy today. That’s okay. I love rain. My windows have stayed open for about a week. Fresh air, only slightly tinged with the exhaust from all the cars that travel right underneath my windows. I live right next to a very busy street in the center of downtown.

Two days ago, the flowering pear trees suddenly popped out their flowers. Yesterday, they were in their full glory. I took several pictures. The flowers are right at eye level from my apartment, and it is such a pleasure to glance out the window and see masses of white blooms.

In spite of feeling so much better, I am still having lots of problem with my legs. They just seem to hurt almost all of the time, and walking is difficult and very painful. I’m not sure what to do about it.

Anyway, it’s really spring here in Massachusetts, and I am happy.