>ANother Official Announcement


Yes, I officially give up, yet again, the whole ‘but I don’t want to be a vampire’ struggle.  I have gone to bed at various times, with various or no sleep aids, and still have woken up around 3:30pm every day for a week or more.  So instead of berating myself and being depressed because I missed the day, I am just starting it when I get up as though it were 8am.  Today is the first day.  So far, it’s helping, except that I am so addicted to this darn internet that most of my time is still spent on here.  But……I have cleaned part of the frig, and am working on the rest.  Progress.  Life is too short to beat myself up over things which I definitely see to have no control.  So I choose to just be happy with whatever. And tonight is ‘Chuck’, so I’m just naturally happy anyway.

>It’s Autumn


My favorite season.  Cool crisp days, chilly nights, an extra blanket, and no hot and sticky.  I don’t love hot and sticky.  The trees across the street always turn late, because the big parking lot light shines on them all night.  It used to shine on me all night, too, but they moved it. 

I am having such trouble with the darn sleep thing.  Took a Benadryl last night and slept very well.  Even woke up just before 9am.  Did the morning routines, tidied up the bathroom, washed and filled some soap containers, and realized I needed to go back to bed around 9:30.  Okay, a little extra snoozing.  Ha!  Woke up at 3:30pm.  I was very unhappy, because now I can’t sleep tonight.  This is starting to really get me down.  I don’t want to be a vampire, thank you very much.  I like sunshine and  daylight.  Really, I do.  To quote one of my favorite songs, “Just can’t seem to get it right today.  Guess I’m gonna give up.”  Drat.

The last Eureka was on tonight.  I do love that show.  I’m hoping “House” and “The Mentalist” will be on On Demand or on-line.  I did see “NCIS” another favorite.  Finally, some decent tv more than once or twice a week.  I  am almost never out at night, and I like to watch tv. 

I’m trying hard not to see any new stories about the economy, the election, or just about anything else Washington-related.  It ain’t easy, but I’m trying.  I can’t fix anything, and since no one bothered to ask my opinion anyway, I just want to avoid the whole mess.  I have done a lot of organizing of bookmarks and files and such.  Something I can do something about.  🙂



Yes, it was a sneezy, allergyific day today.  Slept through most of it, but the awake part wasn’t fun.  Otherwise, it was a lovely day.  Sunny and cool.  I didn’t do much, since I was mostly asleep, but I had leftovers from the nice dinner I made yesterday, so I did eat well. 

Talked to my friend Tess on the phone.  She is almost finished with the table runner she is quilting for a gift.  It’s really pretty, and the book she got the pattern from was all about the Underground Railroad, and how the slaves used quilt patterns to pass messages to those escaping.  Fascinating, and so very clever. 

Kind of given up on the sleep thing and just going to bed when I’m sleepy, and not when I’m not.  Oh, well.


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>Well, it’s not THAT cold, but it’s pretty chilly. Had to close the living room window almost all the way. It’s windy, and it was coming right in. Brrrr! Not a great week. Really tired, and yesterday felt unwell with stomach and headaches. Better today.

Gettig excited about the new tv season, which is finally about to start. All my favorite summer shows are either over or were cancelled and not even on this summer. The 4400 comes to mind. Burn Notice, The Closer, not sure if Eureka has one more episode or not. But now comes Chuck The Big Bang, Betty and Grey’s. I love tv.

>A Disappointing Day

>Been having some sleep issues still. My body wants to sleep between 5 or 6 am and noon or later. I want it to sleep fro midnight to 8am or some other ‘Look, it’s mornig and I’m up!’ hours. I did manage to get up at 10 this morning, but then fell asleep on the recliner later. I am NOT a daytime nap person, so this irritates me.

It’s voting day, but I did not make it. The friend I was going with isn’t feeling well, and the voting place is much too far to walk. I hate to think that all the Republicans will be out in force, and I didn’t contribute any to getting their party out of office. Does this mean I can’t vote in November? I never quite understand the ‘you’re registered, you’re not registered’ qualifications. I was getting absentee ballots for a while, but they stopped coming.

Very slumpy today. Not enough sleep or hangover from the Benadryl I took last night. How DOES one change their body clock? I’ve tried just about everything I can think of or have read about, including staying up for 36 hours. Didn’t work.

It’s a gray and coolish day. You can really feel Autumn now, especially in the evenings. It’s my favorite time of the year.

I can’t find the link to post a picture. It vanished. So that’s the name of that tune. My keyboard has some issues with N, M and on to the right, so if letters are missing, that’s why.

>What I did Today

>I had a very good day. That’s Gertrude, by the way. She’s not fat, but she sure is furry. Anyway, I got up at 11 or so, did my morning routine, got ready for my homemaker, and turned on the pc, of course. Homemaker came, homemaked, left, and my friend Tess came over. I took three extra-strength Excedrin, which I do when I will be walking at all. We went to Christmas Tree Shop, where I got a little bottle of citrus flavored mustard for a dollar, then to Walmart where I bought some cereal and things, a new trash bucket for the kitchen, and some filters for my Pur faucet attachment. Those things are expensive!! Then we bought Coolattas and went to her house, watched a movie, had dinner, gave her hubbies a hard time, and played on the computer. Came back here, played on the pc some more, she left, and now I am still on here at 1:20 am, when I should be in bed pretending that I can actually sleep at night. My life is so very exciting, but I do get to laugh an awful lot. Think I actually will go to bed now. I am having a good spell, without much pain and with a little bit of actual energy, so I am enjoying it as much as possible. And that’s all for today.

>Thinking, Just Thinking

>I know, I know.  Posting these things isn’t the same as blogging, ut I’ve been kind of busy.  I’m thinking about changing my focus on here, or maybe changing to more focused about living with fibro.  I thought I might just write down what I did each day, and how I felt.  Get some accountability, and get back to why I started this in the first place.  We’ll see how it goes. 

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