Why Life Is Frustrating

frustrated-catAND SO AM I

Comcast version. I wanted to post screencaps from my chat with Comcast today, but not worth the effort. Could not find an easy way to do it. Suffice it to say that OMG, could someone just fix the mess that cable is? Please?

Health version. OMG, after the renovations that exacerbated the asthma so I had to go on a stronger med, they are working in the storefront right below me, and something is making my allergies go insane. Have the windows open today and much better, but if they don’t finish up soon, I will have to get out seven more blankets or freeze, cause I’m not closing them again for awhile. I’ve spent two days and most of a night just sneezing, dripping nose, stuffed up feeling, like the worst hay fever you can imagine. Oi. My expensive new allergy pills did not help. Thanks for nothing, generic Allegra. I need to move. Seriously.

Also, I think the Prednisone has finally kicked back in. This is the first day I have not been in full-body, every little move really, really hurts, mode. So yay. I’m sure my bones are swiss cheese by now, but pain. Really, pain sucks, if you didn’t know. Constant pain sucks constantly, exhausts you, and severely limits your ability to do ANYthing.


I have been pretty miserable for a couple of weeks. Had to go back on Prednisone, and still having quite a lot of pain. Wasn’t on line at all for several days, except for checking mail and weather on my Nexus. So here I am, reading the blogs, and came across this. I love this guy anyway, but this is just really funny and why I don’t watch the news.


Been off it for a couple of weeks now. Been mostly miserable the whole time. Seriously hoping that my body will adjust soon, but going to doctor this week just in case something else is making me feel this terrible. Still, I managed to actually cook something yesterday. A lovely red pepper, garlic, and a chopped up tomato with egg scrambled in. Tasty. I’ve been making a sort of smoothie thing, too, with either fruit and cream, or tomato, pepper, cucumbers with lemon/lime juice. The first one of those I made was with produce straight from a friend’s garden and it was like drinking summer. Lovely.

It has been the most gorgeous summer and autumn I can remember. Probably less than a week of yellow (not that unhealthy, but still…) air days. I get an email, that’s how I know these things. LOL Probably less than two weeks worth of having the central air on. Both of these things are unprecedented, as far as I can remember. I know other parts of the country, and the world, have not fared as well, so I have made an effort to appreciate and be grateful for each lovely, lovely day. Besides, any day that is not hot and sticky is a fabulous day, in my book.

Came across this bit today. True. Very true. One thing you learn in meditation is to not focus on thoughts, but let them just sort of float on by. It really, truly makes a huge difference. Anyway, here it is:


It’s Gray

and has been for several days. I like rain, but still….

I forgot to show you my teapot, the one I’ve had for a few years, and that coincidentally goes with my new dishes. So here it is:

2014-09-18 12.28.57

I have a few other things that go with, as well. It’s a cheery pattern, and I need all the cheery I can get.

Discovered that my new glasses have a small problem. One lens is not right. Didn’t even realize til I was having the glaucoma tests. Had to look through something with them on and left eye was totally blurry. When I was home, I checked and could not read the closed captioning on the tv, or the vcr clock (yes, I still have a vcr, to watch old tapes from when I used to tape things). So I guess I have to go back and have them corrected. Which means figuring out how to get there, or bothering my friend to drive me again, which sort of takes the ‘friend’ out of the equation and makes it ‘chauffeur’ instead. I do not like that. I can’t return the favor, so it’s very one-sided, and that bothers me a lot. Anyway, I thought I could take a taxi, but it seems the taxi company I’ve used before is no longer in business, and I couldn’t find another one in the phone book. Too much dependence on individuals having cars is not a good thing. Mass transportation was a good idea, and I’ve read that way back when you could mail something from Vermont in the morning and get a reply from Boston in the afternoon. That could never happen now, so thank goodness for email, but that’s a whole different issue. I haven’t ridden the bus in a long time, and mobility issues make it difficult anyway. Sometimes you have to walk quite a way from the bus stop to your destination, and I am not really great at walking any distance. Pain is debilitating in that way. So one more stressful thing down to crappy illness that I would have not given a second thought to before. You really don’t know what you take for granted until you don’t have it or can’t do it any more. The simplest thing, like preparing something to eat, becomes this monumental task that you may or may not be able to succeed at. Sometimes I just don’t eat, because I am in too much pain or have too little energy to make a sandwich or whatever. Boy, you’d think I’d be thin as a rail, but nooooo. LOLAbout the vcr. I am a total electronics geek, it seems. I have a flat-screen tv, a radio/cd/cassette player, a vcr, a dvd player, a Roku, three Kindle readers, a Kindle Fire, a Nexus, a laptop and a desktop computer. Hey, I don’t get out much, so I need to be connected. The only one I really regret buying is the Fire. I wish I’d started with the Nexus, because it is just much nicer and easier to use than the Fire, and you can do a lot more with it, too. Lighter, also. I don’t have a smart phone, but my daughter, who gave me the one I have, says it’s ‘almost smart’, whatever that means. LOLOL I love it, even if it doesn’t stand on it’s head and do tricks. I can make phone calls on it. Duh!!

It’s autumn. I love autumn. Even when it’s gray for days on end.