>EDIT: Found the missing post. Scroll down a bit.

But first, that sinkhole is still darned scary. If you click on the picture, you know, it goes full size. What is that when the sides end? That is freaking me out.

I mentioned the insomnia. I was up almost two days before I finally fell asleep this time. Got up at 3pm today. Sitting here, I realized, I feel sort of disconnected from things. Like I am here and the rest of the world is moving around and past in another time frame. It’s a strange feeling. Like I am not part of the world. Or maybe it’s just too much fan fiction affecting my sense of reality. The Doctor Who universe is all about time travel, isn’t it?

Less pain today. It’s a good thing. A really good thing. That was getting me very grouchy. It’s gray, and hot, and humid, and even though I’m indoors with the a/c on, it is still unpleasant. So I’m still a little grouchy. LOL

EDIT: I keep forgetting to tag my posts. OH, well. But here’s another article about the (not really a..) sinkhole. http://geotripper.blogspot.com/2010/06/piping-structure-at-guatemala-city-dont.html

I only recently discovered geology blogs, and I am addicted.

Another EDIT: Here’s a great blog to keep up on consumer issues. http://consumerist.com/

Here’s another oil-spill article:


You may think you don’t need to worry about things like an oil spill in the Gulf, because it’s was far away from where you live. But believe me, this is going to affect your life in ways you cannot even imagine right now. Greed is NOT good, Gordon Gekko. Sorry about that.


>Guess it’s been awhile. Thought I’d posted somewhere in there, but it has apparently flown off into the ether. The ether is getting pretty darn crowded, folks, just from my computer alone.

I’ve been dealing with pain and insomnia, with the odd good day here and there, and I’ve been completely immersed in reading Torchwood fan fiction most of the time. Takes my mind off things that hurt. I went out yesterday with a friend to do some shopping and last night and today I am barely mobile, even with the pain pills. Not complaining, just saying. I’ve been avoiding the news, what with the oil, and the dead and oil-coated creatures all over the gulf, the volcanoes, the storms, and the giant sink hole in Guatemala. I’ll post a picture here if I can find it. What is down there?! That’s just darn freaking scary, if you ask me. Oh, and they had a really massive and unusual hail storm in Denver. I grew up in Colorado, and we used to get hail storms, then we didn’t, but they were never like this one. Oh, climate change, you may not exist, but you are certainly having an effect anyway.

Here is my new favorite quote from here:


“Build yourself a bridge and get the fuck over it!”

My favorite scene. I could almost taste the peanut butter. Great acting, Charlie…er, Dominic.

Here is the sinkhole:


>The West Wing

You know, or maybe you don’t, about the whole Newsweek controversy over gay actors playing straight characters. My goodness, we are so backward, people. Anyway…here is an relevant article by the truly magnificent Aaron Sorkin whose West Wing was the best thing on television. I hope you read this.


Aaron Sorkin

On the illness front, I started taking my vitamins and supplements again on Friday, and am already feeling much, much better. I just kept putting off parsing them out into the pill holder for a couple of weeks. Duh! I don’t know if it’s one, all, or some in combination that works, but here’s what I take. Three times a day.

400 mg magnesium with 15 mg zinc
500 mg calcium with 400 1U vitamin D
l000 mcg B12
500 mg vitamin C
1000 IU Vitamin D

Yes, I know that’s D twice, but I don’t get outside much, and here in New England we don’t get enough direct sun to keep levels good anyway. I think I need that much D. Anyway, there it is.

>It was a good day

>I finally was more pain-free than not, with the help of Excedrin, so I cleared out the frig and cooked some sausage, mashed some avocado with lemon juice for tomorrow, ate a mango, got the kitchen arranged to my liking, had a lovely chat with my friend John, and talked to the cat. So now I’m reading some more Torchwood fan fiction. Why do I keep doing this to myself? It breaks my heart every time. I wish I’d just get over it sometimes. But not all the stories are sad, some are fun and funny and uplifting. I guess that’s why I keep on. I’ve never been as affected by a tv show as I was by Torchwood, and maybe if I hadn’t discovered fan fiction, I would have just let it go. That’s not what’s happened though. Not sure if I’m sorry or not. LOL

>A Lesson in Illness

>Yesterday was a busy day. My homemaker came, the guys came to change the filter and check out the heat/air-conditioning system, and my friend Tess came over. It was a fun day. After my homemaker and the maintenance guys left, Tess and I went out shopping at Lowe’s and Staples. I wasn’t planning on going out, and with it being a busy day, I didn’t even think of taking my pain pills. Normally, I take Excedrin or ibuprofen. Big mistake, forgetting. Walking was difficult and painful, although I do better when I have a store carriage to push. Walking on my own, though, really hard. After we came back here, we played Big Kahuna on the computer, laughing hysterically as usual. I made up a new word: carpentriage: where to start when your building needs renovating, I think it means. LOL Time for Tess to leave, I stand up. Oi! Can barely move. Only got worse during the evening, and spent the night and today til around 2pm dozing and trying to find a less painful position. Took three extra-strength excendrin when I got up, still barely able to move. So today was a wash, and I watched a Bollywood movie On Demand. May is Bollywood month on Comcast, and last year I discovered ‘Om Shanti Om’. If you’ve never seen a Bollywood film, it is quite an experience. Today’s was good, but the lead wasn’t quite up to Shah Rukh Khan, who it seems is one of India’s biggest stars, and very good. So that’s my illness lesson for today: play Big Kahuna and laugh, watch Bollywood movies, and TAKE YOUR PILLS BEFORE YOU GO OUT!!!


>It’s been gray for a few days, but some sun today. The leaves are coming out on the trees across the street, so the flowers don’t have long to go. But they have been a joy every day for a week.

Watched the new Doctor Who last night. I’m pleased to say I really like Matt Smith as the new Doctor, and I was overjoyed to notice the complete lack of angst and ‘life sucks, then you die’ attitude that had taken over Who. So very glad to see the last of RTD. I will not watch an Americanized Torchwood, if only because he is associated with it. The man almost makes life seem not worth living. Not my favorite person.

I am reading more and more on the computer. I didn’t think I would, but it really is not unpleasant, just not the same as holding a book. I like books, but since I’ve read and reread mine and I don’t get to the library much, this is an easy way to get my word fix. There are a lot of good fan fiction writers out there, and I am reading mostly that along wil the blogs I follow. I really need to update my blog roll, since I’ve added/deleted several times over.

Illness update: I’ve been doing well, but last weekend and this I’ve had at least one day with more pain and feeling worse in general. I’m wondering if I’m psyched for the week but seeing the weekend as time to crash. Or maybe five days of functioning reasonably well needs one or two of recovery. Anyway, it’s a heck of a lot better than just feeling crappy all the time. I can’t state as fact that DD’s ‘light treatments’ are helping, but I have been feeling better since she started. If it works or it’s all in my head doesn’t matter, feeling better is great.

>Strange Things

>Well, one strange thing, anyway. I think I mentioned my DD and her ‘light’ treatments. Well, Friday, she did one for me….long distance. Called to tell me. I hung up the phone and proceeded to become engrossed in reading something on here. Suddenly, I became self-aware again (i.e. NOT engrossed in what I was reading) and realized I felt better. Seriously. My shoulders and arms (and the rest of me, for that matter) are always tense. Now they were loose and floppy. And didn’t have that background always-present ache. So I called her to tell her, even though the fifteen minute treatment wasn’t done. I am truly amazed that I actually felt something, especially when I wasn’t thinking about it or waiting for something. My focus was totally on what I was reading. My DD says I put Scully to shame as a skeptic, which is true, but I’m telling you, something actually happened. My arms and shoulders felt loose and pain-free for several hours. Interesting, to say the least. I was seriously expecting to have to tell her nothing happened.

Saturday, Gertrude and I participated in Earth Hour for the second year in a row. We did the same thing as last year, played ‘bird’ with her feathers-on-a-stick toy. It was nice. I wonder how many people participate in this, and how much energy is actually saved. Every bit helps, I think.

It’s another rainy day here in New England. I am so glad I don’t have a home with a basement. There have been lots of problems with flooded cellars, among other things. According to the local station, this has been the wettest March on record.

I can hear Gertrude snoring in her spot under the end table. Cute kitty.


>If you read them, you know that my friend Jukka wasn’t lost after all, and that my cable company is kind of creepy. Like how did they know I have a blog, and how did they know I posted about them. Nice people, it seems, but still………..

Added another vid in place of ‘Eleanor’, because I could.

I am tired today. I have not been sleeping well for awhile (for ‘awhile’ read ‘ever’) and not taking knock-out pills that don’t work anyway. I am not sleepy, but I have the ‘fatigue’ that comes with ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’. I’ve been lowering my Zoloft over several months, and more of the old when-I-first-got-sick symptoms seem to be getting stronger, but others are lessening. Interesting. I know if I get the dose too low I will be in constant pain. This happened before. I keep trying to get off the meds, but it apparently can’t happen without being even more incapacitated than I already am. The joys of illness, people, are greatly over-rated.

It snowed night before last, melted yesterday, snowed again last night, and there is a bit left here and there. Strange winter here in New England. Whether we are causing global warming or it’s happening naturally, something is definitely going on. Doesn’t it make sense to do what we can to not contribute, even if it is a natural occurrence?

Who watches LOST? It is getting really interesting again, after so long with me just wondering if the writers had a clue what they were doing, and was it ever going to just be over. Guess the answer to both is ‘yes’. No whiny Jack and annoying Kate this time was a good thing, too, although I’m kind of liking Jack more now. I was happy with AU Locke, too, coming to terms with his disability and being happy. Man, is Terry O’Quinn a good actor. He just dominates the screen whenever he is in a scene.

Time for lunch. Leftover pizza, one of my favs. Think I will watch a movie. “Into The Wild” is next in my netflix pile. Last one was “Lars and the Real Girl”, totally not what I thought it was going to be, strangely though-provoking, and really, just weird. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It was interesting, and the video extras were pretty darn funny. The end. *grin*

>Snow (still)

>It’s been snowing now for 24 hours. Very pretty. It’s piled up a bit on the ledges outside my windows. I think we’ve gotten about 8 or 9 inches so far. It’s only 19 degrees, too. I love winter.

After a really good day yesterday, I did not sleep very well and woke up with a sinus headache. So I am dragging today. But that’s okay. I had a good week and I loved it. Going to make some cheese balls for the freezer later, and someone posted a good pork loin crockpot recipe I am going to try in the next few days. I don’t use my crockpot enough. Hoping there is something on tv that’s watchable this afternoon, even old Lifetime Christmas movies I’ve seen would be better than all the reality drek and infomercials that seem to glut the digital…….what’s digital? Regular tv you can say ‘the airwaves’, but digital? Oh, well.

>It’s still not spring yet

But it will be, sooner or later. We had rain today, and most of the leftover snow is gone. I am feeling very non-productive. I have things that have a deadline that I haven’t even begun to work on. And the deadline is before the end of the week.

Cannot seem to get myself together. Yesterday I was up til 5am messing about on the old pc. So today I got up at noon. My coffee stuff came from Green Mountain, so I called a friend to come over and see my prezzy. I got a little something for her, too, so it was worth the trip. I hope.

I got a new grinder, among other things. My old one is thirty years old. Still works, but I’m going to reserve it for spices, which I don’t grind that often, so it should last a few more years. Part of it disintegrated several years ago, but it still grinds.

Been having a lot of walking problems lately. Really hurts a few hours after I’ve walked, and the walking itself is kind of wobbly. Good thing I don’t have to go out much. Yesterday we went to Walmart (yes, I know, I hate it, too, but I’m poor) and Christmas Tree Shop where I bought nothing. Hooray for me. On the other hand, I stocked up on some things at Walmart, so money was still spent.

I finally got the room plan worked out, but now I will need a new table or computer desk or something similar. I think I’ll check out Freecycle. Off to find some food. Oh, and my new homemaker volunteered to move furniture for me. For free.