>Guess it’s been awhile. Thought I’d posted somewhere in there, but it has apparently flown off into the ether. The ether is getting pretty darn crowded, folks, just from my computer alone.

I’ve been dealing with pain and insomnia, with the odd good day here and there, and I’ve been completely immersed in reading Torchwood fan fiction most of the time. Takes my mind off things that hurt. I went out yesterday with a friend to do some shopping and last night and today I am barely mobile, even with the pain pills. Not complaining, just saying. I’ve been avoiding the news, what with the oil, and the dead and oil-coated creatures all over the gulf, the volcanoes, the storms, and the giant sink hole in Guatemala. I’ll post a picture here if I can find it. What is down there?! That’s just darn freaking scary, if you ask me. Oh, and they had a really massive and unusual hail storm in Denver. I grew up in Colorado, and we used to get hail storms, then we didn’t, but they were never like this one. Oh, climate change, you may not exist, but you are certainly having an effect anyway.

Here is my new favorite quote from here:


“Build yourself a bridge and get the fuck over it!”

My favorite scene. I could almost taste the peanut butter. Great acting, Charlie…er, Dominic.

Here is the sinkhole:

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