>A Lesson in Illness

>Yesterday was a busy day. My homemaker came, the guys came to change the filter and check out the heat/air-conditioning system, and my friend Tess came over. It was a fun day. After my homemaker and the maintenance guys left, Tess and I went out shopping at Lowe’s and Staples. I wasn’t planning on going out, and with it being a busy day, I didn’t even think of taking my pain pills. Normally, I take Excedrin or ibuprofen. Big mistake, forgetting. Walking was difficult and painful, although I do better when I have a store carriage to push. Walking on my own, though, really hard. After we came back here, we played Big Kahuna on the computer, laughing hysterically as usual. I made up a new word: carpentriage: where to start when your building needs renovating, I think it means. LOL Time for Tess to leave, I stand up. Oi! Can barely move. Only got worse during the evening, and spent the night and today til around 2pm dozing and trying to find a less painful position. Took three extra-strength excendrin when I got up, still barely able to move. So today was a wash, and I watched a Bollywood movie On Demand. May is Bollywood month on Comcast, and last year I discovered ‘Om Shanti Om’. If you’ve never seen a Bollywood film, it is quite an experience. Today’s was good, but the lead wasn’t quite up to Shah Rukh Khan, who it seems is one of India’s biggest stars, and very good. So that’s my illness lesson for today: play Big Kahuna and laugh, watch Bollywood movies, and TAKE YOUR PILLS BEFORE YOU GO OUT!!!

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