>Strange Things

>Well, one strange thing, anyway. I think I mentioned my DD and her ‘light’ treatments. Well, Friday, she did one for me….long distance. Called to tell me. I hung up the phone and proceeded to become engrossed in reading something on here. Suddenly, I became self-aware again (i.e. NOT engrossed in what I was reading) and realized I felt better. Seriously. My shoulders and arms (and the rest of me, for that matter) are always tense. Now they were loose and floppy. And didn’t have that background always-present ache. So I called her to tell her, even though the fifteen minute treatment wasn’t done. I am truly amazed that I actually felt something, especially when I wasn’t thinking about it or waiting for something. My focus was totally on what I was reading. My DD says I put Scully to shame as a skeptic, which is true, but I’m telling you, something actually happened. My arms and shoulders felt loose and pain-free for several hours. Interesting, to say the least. I was seriously expecting to have to tell her nothing happened.

Saturday, Gertrude and I participated in Earth Hour for the second year in a row. We did the same thing as last year, played ‘bird’ with her feathers-on-a-stick toy. It was nice. I wonder how many people participate in this, and how much energy is actually saved. Every bit helps, I think.

It’s another rainy day here in New England. I am so glad I don’t have a home with a basement. There have been lots of problems with flooded cellars, among other things. According to the local station, this has been the wettest March on record.

I can hear Gertrude snoring in her spot under the end table. Cute kitty.

2 thoughts on “>Strange Things

  1. >I've sent light to two others since your 'session', but haven't heard anything…I'm hoping those worked, too! I really felt it in my hands with both of them, as with you. :)I'll probably send more to you tomorrow.

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