>It’s still not spring yet

But it will be, sooner or later. We had rain today, and most of the leftover snow is gone. I am feeling very non-productive. I have things that have a deadline that I haven’t even begun to work on. And the deadline is before the end of the week.

Cannot seem to get myself together. Yesterday I was up til 5am messing about on the old pc. So today I got up at noon. My coffee stuff came from Green Mountain, so I called a friend to come over and see my prezzy. I got a little something for her, too, so it was worth the trip. I hope.

I got a new grinder, among other things. My old one is thirty years old. Still works, but I’m going to reserve it for spices, which I don’t grind that often, so it should last a few more years. Part of it disintegrated several years ago, but it still grinds.

Been having a lot of walking problems lately. Really hurts a few hours after I’ve walked, and the walking itself is kind of wobbly. Good thing I don’t have to go out much. Yesterday we went to Walmart (yes, I know, I hate it, too, but I’m poor) and Christmas Tree Shop where I bought nothing. Hooray for me. On the other hand, I stocked up on some things at Walmart, so money was still spent.

I finally got the room plan worked out, but now I will need a new table or computer desk or something similar. I think I’ll check out Freecycle. Off to find some food. Oh, and my new homemaker volunteered to move furniture for me. For free.

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